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  1. You are a great source for rare sight tractors and older pulling pictures. I appreciate you posting them
  2. 10,12,13,14,15,18000 lb farm stock 12&14 open mph also10000 lb hot farm
  3. Farm pulls in Hopkinsville ky at fairgrounds at 7 pm Friday sept 16
  4. What has happened to all the pro stock tractors.they are my favorites. The pulls I’ve watched on YouTube seems like a lot of them are missing
  5. Great job on both pulls, looks like your 450 gave the other tractor a handful
  6. This tractor is mfwd that’ll probably hurt me some.
  7. I think 9th gear is as low as I’ve shifted down to pulling.in this class you can only downshift once.I’ll be pulling in 18000&20000 lb classes.some of these guys are taking their pumps off having them built and advancing timing. I don’t want to do all that for $20 and trophies
  8. I have a hitch I had made for it. I’ve pulled it several times through the years.always does descent, seems powerful.it don’t smoke much on take off or when under a load, pulling against lots of deeres they seem to smoke a lot more,why is that. Thanks to all for your advice. I really like this forum and have learned a lot from y’all the past few years, finally decided to join so I could ask y’all questions when I needed to
  9. Thanks for the info; where do you put gauges to check transmission pressure.
  10. Does this pump have retard notches can you turn screw in too far
  11. I’ve turned fuel screw in all the way but not getting lots of smoke engine seems powerful doesn’t smoke much when I load test it. What could be wrong ?
  12. Injector pump adjustment for max power on case ih 7120
  13. I’d like to ask tractor pulling and injector questions
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