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  1. forum for 2390 case

    www.yesterdaystractors.com the case forum. Search out 1370rod
  2. That’s at the walworth county fair grounds.
  3. 3088 auction

    I didn’t see u. Where were u standing?
  4. 3088 auction

    #756 9400hrs dual hyd & pto. Bald 38” Goodyears. Overall not bad for the hours. Sold $9000
  5. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    I agree 💯 percent! Well said!
  6. 5088 shifting into reverse?

    X2 had the same thing on my 54. Pain to get to. Behind the side fuel tank.
  7. Injection pump identification

    MW pump with truck governer? Not particularly.
  8. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    30 minutes from Milwaukee, 45 from Chicago. isn’t exactly the middle of nowhere.
  9. Heritability of phenotype

    Read somewhere that “a good bull is half your herd” and “a bad bull is your whole herd” that is u will see all his shortcomings in the calves and replacement heifers.
  10. Need a good line drawing of a Farmall

    Like this one?
  11. Old rail passenger cars going through town

    Too bad it not still the Milwaukee Road. 😕
  12. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    Just like railroads, they like to drive away customers and keep the truckers working.
  13. CaseIH 7130 #2

    Sapko! That’s it!
  14. A Railroad Question

    Amen! To your post augercreek. I’ve got 21 years in. 20 more to go. It’s going to be a long up hill battle though. 😕
  15. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    Those cracklings are best eaten in pannhaas. I loved chewing on the cracklings in thick slice fried up for breakfast.