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  1. Measured the tractor last night. I can probably come up with something now.
  2. That's why I was asking, don't have one to measure. I think I can figure the lengths out based on a Cat 1 only pin but I would like to be sure.
  3. I searched and failed. Does anybody have dimensions for the Cat I/II Lower 3 PT pin for a 574?
  4. I'll turn the intake tube around. Its been like that since I bought the tractor, didn't realize it was backwards. It's a bypass filter with an orifice to control flow. The hose has no affect on the amount of coolant flowing through the filter.
  5. Whether its needed or not, I put in a Baldwin CFB5000 filter base on the ether bracket with a Baldwin B5134 filter which is claimed to be a 20 micron filter with no additive. I plumbed it into the areas I asked about and the flow is right. Filter in is out the block. Filter out is the water pump carrier housing. With the amount of rust I flushed out of the system, I feel better about it being on there. If I remember, I'll cut it open in the spring when I change oil and see if anything is in the filter. She also got a new radiator, hoses, clamps and fresh ELC. Plus a salvaged radiat
  6. Maybe not as drastic but one wrong move and the outcome is the same.
  7. I completely understand the mechanics specials. My 6 year old daughter asked me how come everything I buy, I have to work on to get it running. Looks like a good garden tractor. Sheet metal is straight. To me, that means it wasn't abused too bad.
  8. The thing about AC/DC is they don't do love songs... I mean ballads.😀 Song is good but definitely missing Malcolm's rythym.
  9. Glad I have and will never get rid of my 7.3 Powerstroke.
  10. I help a friend every year harvest cotton in Central TX and a lot of the farmers are on 30" rows. One that irrigates is on 40" beds and another has skip rows on dry land. Pickers are predominately used on irrigated fields and strippers on dry land in this area. The balers drop the bales off on the turns and another tractor lines them up in sets of 4 for the module trucks to haul them to the gin. For some of the longer trips, the gin has started to use trailers and haul 8 to 10 at a time but that requires a loader left in the field. A few guys around here have the new stripper balers and t
  11. I will be switching to ELC too. Maybe I'm paranoid or just OCD with wanting a coolant filter. I did add one to my 7.3L Excursion.
  12. I'm in the planning stages of completly rewiring my 784. Diagram seems easy and I've rewired a boat with no diagram and had to create one, so this seems like a cake walk. I have one working fender light, the rear work light, and alternator warning light. That's it, the gauges and other lights don't work and all the fuses are good. I'm thinking about replacing the oil pressure and hydraulic temp lights with gauges as I hate dummy lights. Has anybody else made a new dash panel to add gauges and/or get rid rid of the dummy lights? Just looking for ideas.
  13. I'm replacing the radiator in the 784 and was thinking about adding a coolant filter as well. From looking at the parts diagram, the factory option ran out of the water pump carrier to one of the block off plates under the exhaust manifold. I was wondering if the plug on the side of the block above the starter was a water plug and if so, could one plumb into this plug and the plug on the water pump carrier? I removed the ether start kit because there is no telling the last time it actually had a can installed, I was worried about dirty air being sucked in through the tube, and the tractor s
  14. I haven't ever seen steam.
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