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  1. CEH

    IH 574 Tach Gear

    Just to follow up and add some pictures in case anyone else ever needs a picture to reference, I got a drive coupling in and installed it. Fixed my tach problem. Now I just need to find a tach that reads right. Cheap one I bought is about 50% off.
  2. CEH

    IH 574 Tach Gear

    Thanks for the picture. None of my manuals show that. I found a coupling online and ordered it.
  3. I've replaced the tach and cable in my 574 (D239) because they were broken but it still won't work. I pulled the angle drive and it seems to work but I may be missing a piece. The picture below is all that came out. Is there another shaft that's supposed be in there? Seems to be from the parts diagram but it's not real clear.
  4. Thanks for the link. I did watch a few of his videos.
  5. Yes sir, I found a PDF of a manual that seems pretty good and also bought an I&T manual, although it leaves a bit to be desired.
  6. Just an update. After toying with it, I was able to reinstall the transmission cover while set for first gear. 1st and 2nd gear work in all ranges but I can't grab 3rd or 4th. When I pulled the cover, the cam roller for the 3/4 shift fork was missing and I found it in the bottom of the case. I'm guessing the previous owner dropped it during the cover installation and managed to partially engage 2 gears, chewing something up. I'd still be interested if anyone has any ideas short of splitting the tractor or a good resource for transmission parts if I do split it.
  7. I bought an IH 574 for a pretty good price with a transmission issue. It was stuck in 4th and would grind in you moved the range lever to any gear and let off the clutch. It's the standard 4 speed with high, low, and reverse range. The guy I bought it from said the shift forks in the speed transmission weren't assigned right and I needed to pull the transmission cover and realign. I pulled the cover and the shift fork pinned to the shaft moves easily back and forth but the other one won't move enough to get the top plate back on. Does anyone have any ideas what the issue may be
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