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  1. Know nothing about flying but I've been told helicopters don't fly....they just beat the air into submission ?
  2. All the 8020s had the 8.1 engine. 9.0 was first used in the 8030 series.
  3. AJR

    IH Memes

    A matter of opinion, but I will try to respect that. I enjoy the forum, couldn't help having a bit of fun. Have a good evening
  4. AJR

    IH Memes

    For telling the truth ????
  5. AJR

    IH Memes

    A bit of reality boys?
  6. Try G D EQUIPMENT in Shippensburg Pa. Skidsteer parts yard Google should get you a phone number ,I wasn't able to put up a link
  7. AJR

    Bear problems

    As bitty said, not going to hurt any part of a chopper, bone is softer than rocks, stones are extremely hard on chopper knives We were more surprised that it didn't plug the machine, considering there was a header full of corn being fed into the machine at the time
  8. AJR

    Bear problems

    Botulism. Look it up We discarded the entire load with the farmers approval, said he wasn't taking any chances
  9. AJR

    Bear problems

    We do custom chopping, see bear damage in corn frequently. Last week we were on a farm that had heavy bear damage, was running them out of the corn on each field as we'd finish it up, last pass in the last field I was driving along the chopper watching as I wanted a picture, sure enough I could faintly make out a bear running ahead of the cutter I jumped out of tractor to grab a pic as he ran out, except when he got to the end he turned and ran straight into the chopper, claas 970 snorted a bit and it was over
  10. Spotted this on a farm we were working on last fall Owner said it was quite the pop when it went off... due to burning haylage
  11. AJR

    3588 ih

    Thanks guys for the input so far, basically what I'm thinking is if the loader valve could be plumbed into the existing lines feeding the remotes would be the easiest and most economical option, would still leave the rear remotes available for implements, ain't likely he will use the loader and rear remotes at the same time imo....
  12. AJR

    3588 ih

    Hello red power friends New member here from Virginia,got a small problem concerning a customer's 3588 tractor. Owner wants a 2350 loader mounted on the tractor, that part shouldn't be a problem, he wants the loader hydraulic functions to work separately from the rear remotes, wants the loader valve plumbed into the tractor hyd. system so its live without affecting rear remote functions. I've not seen the tractor yet so just doing a little homework before I look at it,wondering if anyone on here has any knowledge of these tractors hydraulic systems and whether there would be ports available to plumb the loader this way? Thanks guys
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