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  1. Prayers for you and your mother, 🙏 ,from northern Illinois, lost my mother a year ago, GOD will give you the strength you need to be strong for her!
  2. I would give some different opinions on EV, but it would turn political very fast, I can’t afford to be banned this is the last half ways sane thing going on the internet😎
  3. Not in my lifetime that I have left😎
  4. I agree I just couldn’t think of a catchy title to let him know my thoughts for him😎
  5. I missed responding to the post, Searcy farms , wish the best with where ever GOD is taking you😎
  6. I personally think that going to the local elevator in that IH is way cooler than driving a truck😎
  7. Prayers for your mother and your family from Northern Illinois 🙏
  8. Good luck in your search, the antique auto market is hot right now😎
  9. Not many things look meaner than an IH from the rear with duals on it
  10. First car was a 66 Ford Fairlane 500 GT , 289 hi performance auto , sure wish I had it now, I fortunately am able to own a 1960 Studebaket Lark 8 . The grandkids love going to cruise nights with it.
  11. Just read some encouraging words God says his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts, but he will do what is best for us,paraphrased from Isaiah 55
  12. Prayers from northern Illinois for God’s direction
  13. Craig61019


    After hay making l haven’t had a chance to get the farmall home .The youngest son and his family had some pictures taken with the H , this is true reason we continue to press forward😎
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