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  1. Congrats to both of you, great to see good news about our future leaders in this country😎
  2. Just so you know Lorenzo, I think yours is one of the toughest looking 560s I have ever seen😎
  3. To all of you who have going through tough times remember GOD is good all the time , all the time GOD is good! ?
  4. Wow ! We are dry in northern Illinois so much so last weekend mowed hay on Saturday morning and baled just before dark on Sunday afternoon. Ground is so dry sucked the moisture right out of it . If you can arrange trucking we will take about 6-8” inches worth?
  5. this is the sons 706 in its work clothes 18.4 /38s on rear 8:16 on front .with a little work on the pump straight pipe sounds cool
  6. You are correct, they seem to be able to get top dollar at their auctions ?
  7. I’ve read through a couple of their sale bills it appears they will list anything for sale?
  8. Sending prayers for her from northern Illinois ?
  9. Remembered you in my devotions this morning?
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