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  1. In northwest Illinois the average time on the market is less than 30 days some as other places are sold the day they are listed 😎
  2. And it’s vegan so everybody should be happy😎
  3. Absolutely correct snake, a lot of people are looking for the easy way , the way of the the world is try to get all you can without putting forth any effort, let some one else do it for you or just ignore it and maybe the government will take of it ! We are seeing how well that is working😎
  4. Art and Iowaboy , you bring up very good arguments it very much like when Reagan won in 1980, you couldn’t find anybody that voted for him either! The USA was a much better and safer place than it is now😎
  5. Very good point but “them” convinced 81 million to see it their way 😎
  6. Didn’t some one also say “You can’t make this S@&$ up”😎
  7. Very much agree was having a conversation with a Viet nam veteran friend of mine last and he is very upset with the way things are “going down a slippery slope “ since the first of the year.He says the problem is “there are more of them , than there of are us”. His opinion !😎
  8. AMEN, I spend plenty of time on my knees asking for forgiveness 😎
  9. There was a post concerning rhetoric from the 80s by deiseldoctor that has become MIA😎
  10. I remember that, as I read my bible it says “In the end times men will be lovers of evil”, THAT is the truth, as far as what is political, I truly believe that the definition changes every day to fit certain agendas 😎
  11. That is true of a lot of people, they would rather justify their sins by calling them something else, they are called the Ten Commandments not the ten suggestions 😎
  12. I did not think telling the truth would be considered political 😎
  13. We took a different approach, bought a conversion van so the wife could rest while I hurried up to the next holiday inn express, always the right temperature and the breakfast isn’t bad lol 😎
  14. Prayers from northern Illinois 🙏
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