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  1. I hope you are wrong, again I believe if we keep it simple it has a chance, just so you know it is 3 nays to 0 yeas😎
  2. I believe that the people can say what they believe yet if done properly and orderly😎
  3. This can be very simple if we just answer one of two ways with out adding anything to the answer , it will give all of us a chance to tell how we feel about the situation!
  4. Ok, let’s not make this political, simple yea or nay! Do you agree or disagree with the agenda of the new administration. 1: NAY
  5. Small amount of snow here in northern Illinois, about 2 inches, just enough to run the loboy to move it out of the way not much wind here😎
  6. We are all in agreement here that this situation is very bad, our prayers for you and your family , had a similar situation with our daughter , while it took close to two years finally saw the way things were going and got out, we will be praying for the same result for you😎
  7. Once again your dog proved he has your best interest in mind, that being said I remember as a kid on the dairy farm we grew up on was on a dead end road unfortunately had to shoot more than one dropped off dog that came to the barn, didn’t want them stirring up the milk cows😎
  8. I know everyone feels that their dog is very special and I agree but I can truly say he was the best dog I ever owned, great with kids and loved to ride and loved to meet people😎
  9. I know many of you have been through this also, had to put our 13 1/2 year old Black and Tan hound down today 😎
  10. My mother lost her left leg below the knee in 04 or 05 , but she got around great until about a year ago, you are all correct when you say it is about attitude, she drove until that same time frame she finally quit driving at 75 or 76 and just recently passed due to complications from kidney failure but she never let the loss of the leg slow her down😎
  11. Great photos from everyone, we were going good until the 10” snow fall about 3 weeks ago,, as soon as the weather breaks in northern Illinois we will be back at it😎
  12. As I said in another topic anything bill gates is into or endorsing should concern all of us😎
  13. I agree anything he is “into” should send shivers up our spines😎
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