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  1. I have seen H’s sell for more than that a few times lately 😎
  2. Prayers from northern Illinois 🙏
  3. Prayers from northern Illinois
  4. Not to hog the thread, made 8 quarts of tomato juice this morning
  5. Mostly can 20 quarts of corn, 15-20 quarts of beans, 25 quarts of spaghetti sauce w/ meat in it, 10 pints of stewed tomatoes, 10 pints of chili base mixture, plenty of pickles from last year assorted amounts of beets, dill beans, and homemade jelly’s, some carrots😎
  6. Nice picture, I agree with the others ,bury it , shine up those shares😎
  7. Snake , in my humble opinion you told correctly, something not attractive about looking down at a corpse because he/she couldn’t get away from the attackers😎
  8. Craig61019


    Prayers from northern Illinois 🙏
  9. Rain on its way to northern Illinois, the hay and corn could use it , praying the rain gets here 😎
  10. Prayers from northern Illinois 🙏 sent for healing and strength
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