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  1. To secure the Supreme Court for the rest of my days on this earth is very satisfying hopefully upon re-election he can get one more!
  2. We see the same thing in northern Illinois when some one from the “city” buy land out here and don’t let any one hunt,the deer seem to learn fast where they can go to be safe.
  3. And you can bet they are really proud!
  4. Yea her what ever color bra distracted me!
  5. Yes have noticed that happening quite frequently lately and they do not seem to have any urgency to answer any emails or phone calls for information on the item.
  6. Have been following your thread on your M’s adventure in the pond, sorry for your misfortune, will keep an eye out for what you have and ask around here if any one knows, there are a couple of gentleman who parts out Farmall’s around here I will ask what they have or know of, good luck with your M
  7. Finally got to talk to the gentleman who has it for sale, he says it is for an H and did some modifications to make it fit an M, told when I come to look at it he will show what needs to be done to return to properly fit an H, so saying that going to look at it and hopefully bring it home to install on the tractor, appreciate all the info you have shared with me.
  8. I asked this question before and appreciate the responses I received, I have located a schwarz after market axle in Illinois and the seller says it fits both h and m, I thought the mounts were different from an h to an m, am I correct or is the seller correct, any responses will be appreciated
  9. If I remember right it sold to some about 4 hours away from here , we are near the cheddar curtain (only 5 miles away), it is the only one I have seen for sale this year, always liked the looks of a W , dad had 2 that he brought to the farm but never did any thing with them, got mad one day and hauled them for scrap, now wished I would have known what I know now.
  10. When I was a drinker(long time ago), never ruined good whiskey with sugary additives, just some ice, after a few drinks were haddidnt see much use for the ice taking up space in the glass!No regrets but glad those days are long behind me!
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