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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I'll be sure to keep you updated!
  2. He hasn't tried yet, bought it today just down the road from his house. The previous owner is going to tow it to him during the week. I will go down with a good battery at that point and check it out. He's about a hour south of me.
  3. A friend of mine bought this today thinking I would want it. I don't know a lot about it, it looks really nice but doesn't run. He got it for $1,000.00, any thoughts? I'd rather have a 560 or 656!
  4. I had mine rebuilt this spring. I was really happy with the service.ere
  5. I've been kicking around the idea of taking a Sunday School field trip to the Ark. I know a few people that have been there and thought it was awesome. I'm thankful for God, the church I attend, and the Sunday school class my dad and I attend together!
  6. Picture is from last winter. I keep the wood trailer hooked to the d17 all winter and have been using it for raking hay in the summer. Did the hand clutch just go out altogether or just high or low? Neutral doesn't always feel like neutral on mine!
  7. I have a lot of cow pictures! I use my phone and take pictures so I can go back later and see when a calf was born, when the bull arrived, when I let them out to pasture, etc. of course I love the cows also and they pose for some good pictures!
  8. I haven't had mine for a year yet. It might start at 50 without ether but I doubt it. I have had the original RD pump rebuilt, new batteries and recently had the starter rebuilt. I think it has around 6800 hours on it. I agree with the other guys that he should have let you know a lot sooner. Tell him you'll look into it for him but if you find other issues you will be charging him for your time!
  9. Awesome pictures everyone! I searched through the home computer and found some pictures from when we bought the farm.
  10. This is the barn that is on the property we bought a few years ago. It isn't the oldest or neatest around but it is cool. I am working at fixing it up. Please post some of your barn pictures!
  11. This is my Clayton. I've had it for about 18 years. As soon as the temps average 32 degrees I shut off my gas furnace and fire this up. I throw the wood in through a basement window and have a few racks that I stack in. I have a stairwell coming out of the garage into the basement that I leave the door open and let heat up into the garage. I've always wanted to keep track of how much wood I use in a winter but never have taken the time!Always love coals in the morning!
  12. My dogs and the farm cat that thinks it's a dog! My son named the dark brown one "Fruity" he's a boxer chocolate lab mix. He's a great dog and starts whining every time I mention going over to the farm. He loves all the snacks the cows leave around! The light brown dog is a lab mix of some kind, she's a good dog but is a little too much in your face sometimes. Cat showed up one day and after the dogs got used to it they hang out together.
  13. I have dealt with a lot of lower latches that get rusty and seize up but two things come to mind in your situation. Lower latch could have been latched when the door got shut hard and the top latch has too much pressure on it to open easily. Push in real hard on the top of the door while pulling on the door handle. Sometimes a door won't unlock fully when there is pressure on the operating rods/cables. You can almost always get the inner trim panel off with some work. It's been awhile since I had one of those panels off but I believe there are a few 10mm bolts holding the panel on along with some plastic clips. Bolts are under the silver peice on the pull handle and one by the inner door handle behind a little cover. Good luck!
  14. Those are really nice also. I like all the options on the three point spear!
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