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  1. I got out last Saturday when the sun was shining. I usually don’t fill the trailer that full but I was having fun!
  2. I’ve hauled two 56 Chevys home from California. The first one I bought while visiting friends north of San Francisco. Wife and I drove out a few months later and trailered it home. Second one was an eBay purchase, two door wagon. My dad, cousin and I drove out to Sacramento and back in two and a half days. Had as much money in gas as I did in the car!
  3. My wife was really into seeing all the lighthouses in Michigan. I know we haven’t seen them all yet. The one year we took a cruise out of Charlevoix that took us by some not accessible by land. I’m about 20 miles from Saginaw bay but don’t venture out on the ice!
  4. No problem, I had to go back and look at the pictures! Tall girls need tall boots!
  5. My daughter wanted to get out of the house and do something, so we headed up north. East side of Michigan, Saginaw Bay up to Mackinaw, we didn’t plan on going that far but we were having fun. S Sturgeon Point light house The above picture is a trail on the north side of Presque Isle point heading down to the lake with pictures of the “new” lighthouse. The above picture and the two below it are the south side of Presque Isle point with the old light house. The three below are at 40 mile point light house. The rest of the pic
  6. Is it going to be a table or a wall sign?
  7. Wondering if it could be engine temperature related. When running “hot” fuel is being burned more efficiently. Is the temp gauge working? Possibly thermostat.
  8. Beautiful here in Michigan today also.
  9. Heating tubes in concrete just in case😉!
  10. Nice! New cables are just as important as the batteries!
  11. I posted pictures of one in coffee shop”856 pictures”, I keep checking on it. If someone else buys it I won’t have to think about it anymore! It’s on Craigslist.
  12. There’s a really nice 856D for sale in lower Michigan right now.
  13. I ran across this last night. I’d love to have it but don’t need it! Not trying to sell it for anyone but wanted to post the pictures.
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