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  1. Sad deal. I have heard a lot of good things about hospice around here, very compassionate.
  2. Very nice job! I enjoyed reading through your thread.
  3. I’d go for the 1026 if it was in my neighborhood.
  4. Coming Monday in Nebraska, you still have time!
  5. I’m no expert but my understanding is to not breed them to their father. I bought a bull this year, but had leased him last year. I bred heifers from the bull I leased two years ago. I figure he should be able to stay for awhile and I’ll sell the heifer calves.
  6. It would be rusted away from the body side moldings down here in Michigan!
  7. Uncle is a big target shooter!
  8. Unfortunately I hear quite a few gun shots the evening before opening day!
  9. Patience has been my best help so far in dealing with the cattle! Thanks for all the advice, now I have some decisions to make!
  10. I will only load out a few times a year. The bull, a few calves, and a few steers heading to the packing house. This year I had a couple long gates set up to load up the bull, he would get up to the trailer but no way to stop him from backing up. @Lazy WPwith your trailer they can’t see the front and wonder what the new building is!
  11. Lots of good advice, thanks guys. Last year the two steers that I was loading wanted nothing to do with stepping up into the trailer. I used to load out of the barn but the barn yard is too much of a mess. This is the other design that I saved. Is it better?
  12. I really need to come up with a good way to load cattle. I found the attached picture online and like the idea. Any thoughts on what the dimensions should be? Knowing the size of the crowd gate would really help, I’d guess 8-10’. Any other ideas or advice are welcome!
  13. Prayers for strength and healing!
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