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  1. I love my Polaris Switchbacks. I took a young kid from work riding this past winter. We put on just over 300 miles on a Saturday.
  2. Wow! If I could choose just one!
  3. I have no idea, saw it when I was cutting the tree off of the fence. I sent the picture to my wife to see if she knew what it was.
  4. I downloaded a photo compression app to reduce the picture size by about 60%. They load much easier and still look good.this one loaded within a few seconds. Amen to this being a great forum!
  5. I feel my 806d is smoking more while running the round baler. I took this picture of the smoke shadow last time I was using it. I'm going to check the air filter.
  6. Used motor oil sprayed through a garden sprayer. Get it in all the cracks and crevices. I know a guy here that owns a 71 chevy pickup that has survived Michigan since new by oiling it at least once a year.
  7. Gottlieb and Christina Krueger, their descendants are still in the area. We made it into Red Lodge Montana last night. I wanted to put something on here before we left home but unfortunately it seems anytime I go on vacation I have to do twice the work before we leave and when we get home!
  8. We went north of 94 at one point to visit/find the graves of my wife's great great grandparents, Fessenden, ND. Then went down to highway 200 and brought that across. Almost to Billings now. We've seen thousands of round bales and I was surprised to see sugar beets today.
  9. Sorry, should have posted in coffee shop!
  10. Third day into our trip out to Yellowstone. Came through the upper peninsula of Michigan, northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and now almost through North Dakota. Lots of beautiful farms! I took these pictures this morning by our campsite.
  11. Quoting an I&T manual, "tighten the stud nuts evenly and to a torque of 70 ft lbs." "tappet gap should be set to 0.017 hot". No sequence given on head! Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks guys! I'll call the dealer tomorrow and check on getting the parts. I didn't notice it was that bad until I greased it,
  13. any tips or tricks for this wore out pin? It's getting pretty bad! Thanks, Russell
  14. I have tri-ribs on a 4020 and they tear up the ground whenever I turn. I don't know if it could be an adjustment to the steering, nature of the tires, or just because they're on a John Deere!
  15. I had a local farm store make new cables for my 806, what a difference it made! Wish I had done it sooner!
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