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  1. rrr4quality

    Another bale mover

    Those are really nice also. I like all the options on the three point spear!
  2. rrr4quality

    Another bale mover

    Nice, did you buy the spears or fabricate them? I've been wanting to build a bale spear for a front end loader and thought about using heavy torsion bars for the spears,
  3. rrr4quality


    I'm assuming these are wedgelocks, but I've heard something about assuming stuff!
  4. rrr4quality


    I almost bought a mill a couple years ago, but decided to build one instead. Lots of different ideas on YouTube. I wanted to get some use out of all the dead ash trees!
  5. rrr4quality

    I like these retro paint look

    One of the "pop cans" I have repaired recently. Have another in the shop now. Aluminum body panels have been used by the big three since the late 90's. No rust but lots of corrosion that leads to pealing paint and holes. Only time will tell!
  6. rrr4quality

    1466 Blackstripe

  7. rrr4quality

    Best hay tractor?

    Long before I bought the small farm across the road I bought a Case/Ih Dx40 tractor (40hp hydro) to use for fire wood and brush hogging. After buying the farm that has a 18acre hay field I started collecting hay equipment that I could afford and the Dx40 became a farm tractor! It handled the 273 baler with kicker just fine until I aquired an Allis Challmers D17. The D17 is doing a good job and I don't bounce all over the field! My friend uses a 560 in front of his 273 baler with kicker.
  8. rrr4quality

    656 light switch

    Thanks for the responses. My friend is going to refrain from using the first position on the switch and try to keep the mice away!
  9. rrr4quality

    656 light switch

    I helped rewire a friends 656 farmall. We used all new harnesses and installed a new light switch. There were a few differences in the harness going to the fender and rear lights from the original harness but I figured this was probably due to model changes throughout the years. The concern is when the light switch gets turned on to the first "notch" the outer fender lights come on real dim, rear lights flash, but the light switch gets glowing hot! Is the light switch suppose to glow like this? It doesn't do it on the other light switch settings.
  10. rrr4quality

    Kansas autumn sunset

    Michigan sunset a week ago. I love checking on the cows around sunset!
  11. I purchased serial# 7343 S-Y Farmall 806D at an online auction this spring. I have since had the original RD pump rebuilt, fixed a few things, cut and baled hay with it. Going to try and adjust some linkages today! 

    Tractor should be with me in Caro, Mi for quite a while. Thanks for your contributions to this forum!

    1. 1967806


      Thanks for the number. Got it added to the list. Good thing you found someone to rebuild the RD. I hear its getting hard to find some parts for them.

  12. rrr4quality

    Good Gauges???

    I agree with VDO gauges. I have used them in my '56 chevy and other vehicles for over twenty five years. Lots of mail order places to buy them from and lots of different styles.
  13. rrr4quality

    Should have bid higher?

    Guess I should have done a little more research! Oh well at least I don't have to ask for forgiveness from my wife!
  14. rrr4quality

    Should have bid higher?

    This 656 Hydro was in an online auction this week. I did some research on here and then went and checked it out. Tractor was in decent shape. Owner had bought it at an estate sale and got it running. When I was looking at the serial tag it had H70 on it and you could tell the hydro unit was replaced at one time. He thought it might bring around $2,000. Well it stayed around that until the last few minutes when I started bidding! Wanted another loader tractor for loading/unloading hay bales. I had to turn off my phone before I got in over my head. Should I have gone higher?