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  1. Sounds good, did you have reservations or are there plenty of places to stay?
  2. @ChrisNY how was your trip? We’re considering a family trip there before school starts up.
  3. I took these pictures a couple weeks ago here in Michigan
  4. I prefer a three step process, good wool pad on the buffing wheel with some 3M perfect it compound, same compound with a foam pad, filling glaze on a glazing foam pad. I have all the part #s at work if you really want them. 3M and Meguires both have foam backed 3000 grit paper for a da if needed.
  5. I saved them to my IPad, clicked on edit, flipped them, saved them and then uploaded them again.
  6. Unfortunately it furthers the media’s agenda.
  7. I don’t think one for the bigger tractors will pop up on Craigslist tomorrow morning!
  8. I saw those this morning on Craigslist, Michigan.
  9. That stinks! It must have split right at the pin?
  10. I sent the starter back to the shop that rebuilt it. Hopefully it’s something simple. I’ll post pictures of it going back in.
  11. Thanks for all the help guys!
  12. It does have a t/a, thanks! I did that when I had it out, just a couple sparks while attaching the cables. Works good, I know a guy that got ran over because he bypassed his. I did everything a couple years ago, new heavy cables, new batteries, and rebuilt starter. It has started great ever since until I tried it Sunday. I even pulled the cover and turned the motor over with a bar to make sure nothing was jammed up. I did tap it a bit but not while someone was trying to start it.
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