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  1. I checked it out more and found several numbers but no id tag. Here are more pictures. Everything seems free on it. Thanks for your help!
  2. I have no idea, didn't see any identification on it.
  3. I have a guy interested in a couple old boat motors that I have, but I don't know anything about them. Anyone know what they might be worth?
  4. Feels like more of a sales tactic!
  5. The 806 I bought almost two years ago. Slowly fixing it up!
  6. These are pictures of the field where I dug the ditch. The first picture is from the top of the old silo. You can see some standing water to the left, that's pretty much where I dug the ditch. The ditch just cuts through the high spot out back and any runoff stays on my property. This was just an extraordinary amount of water, we got around three inches of rain that had filled the ditch to the point I dug to the previous weekend. Thanks for all the advice and concerns!
  7. Swale is exactly what I want to end up with. At some point I'll clean up the piles and widen it up. It's pasture so eventually a nice grassy swale would be ideal.
  8. When we bought the property five years ago the previous owner had started a pole barn behind the old barn. I added lean twos and finished it with the red steel. The bad thing about it is it's in a low spot, sandy soil though. Previous winters when the ground was frozen and we'd get rain or a quick thaw I'd have to deal with water in the barn. There's maybe a four foot rise through the pasture for a ways and then it drops down to lower land. I hope to just have a gradual ditch later on. There's a clay ridge to the back that blocked natural drainage. Between the already saturated ground and the rain we got Friday night and Saturday morning the part I dug last weekend was filled up. I left a few feet of ground and finished the ditch. I called the kids over to watch when I broke the "dam". They enjoyed it!
  9. Thankful I finally started digging a ditch last weekend. I was going to do it this past summer when things dried up but they never did!my sons boots stayed in the clay soup when he got down. I had a hard time pulling them free!
  10. I did get both tractors running yesterday, got up to around 40 degrees. I'll check fuel tanks for drains. Thanks again for all the advice!
  11. I first noticed the water in the sediment bowl of my case/ih dx40 in the fall. Tractor actually started sputtering so I shut it down. Emptied the bowl, got it home and changed the filter. I've been draining filter on the other tractor periodically, getting some water out. I used a 55 gallon drum to get fuel at one point this summer and feel I got the water from it. It had been a few years since I last used it. Thanks again, Russ
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