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  1. Prayers for the family for comfort and strength in their faith.
  2. I assisted the vet at a neighbors as he removed an eye from a cow due to cancer. That was last year and the cow is getting along just fine. I hope that I don’t have to deal with that on any of mine!
  3. I’ve had dreams of doing stuff like that but I always wake up before the landing part!
  4. Some pictures from the last few weeks.
  5. No experience with the 5500. I have a 605k that I bought used, first round baler I have ever used. The only problems that I have had with it were the belts, previous owner patched a couple of them. When starting a bale every so often one will twist and I have to feed the opposite side until it gets back in place. The other thing is it won’t start a bale if the hay isn’t dry enough. I had some third cutting one year, mostly grass, it didn’t want anything to do with it. I spread it back out and baled it later the next day. At least I ended up with some good hay! Any good Vermeer dealers aroun
  6. Amen to all of the above posts!
  7. Ok I’m going to highjack this thread, so what is the “correct” way to plow? I'm attaching a few pictures, one is of a small field that I would like to work up. How would you go about plowing it? If you want to get creative you can save the picture and edit it with arrows showing directions. The other two pictures are plows that I have been looking at. Is the IH plow worth the extra money?
  8. $7,900.00, there are pictures of it on the orange board also!
  9. There are a few tree identification apps if need be. I took this picture of a black locust but the bark on your tree is quite a bit coarser.
  10. I was thinking of you yesterday and had to search up the thread. Still only one? Had our fourth this morning, was supposed to be the last calf born another month from now.
  11. Interesting, I’ll have to check out some more videos. Looks like you have to have lots of patience!
  12. I’m in the learning stage myself, might always be! From what I have been told could get fourteen years out of a cow but be happy with ten and some good burger. Calves should gain 2lbs a day on good feed. Brood cows don’t need rich hay. Local extension office or university studies for information. I went with looks and temperament as far as breed, pretty tasty also!
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