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  1. A lot of sad situations out there, prayers for all the children.
  2. I bought a kit from a truck accessory shop. Screen is in the rear view mirror, camera just above the license plate, wired into the reverse lights. I can back up to the trailer and get out of the truck once! Also nice for backing into spots.
  3. So weld and go but if the bolts are tightened down what are the chances that crack will go anywhere? If you don’t have time to weld it right now how about a heavy clamp a couple inches in from the bolts, then add it to your to do list!
  4. I didn’t check out farmallfan’s link but wa8867 comes to mind.
  5. Especially after I duct taped it solid so she could keep driving it!
  6. Wife sent me these pictures.
  7. I’ve borrowed the plug tool from the extension office and they also had the packages to send the samples in to be tested.
  8. Wife’s 2014 Impala’s rear window shattered last week. Had the defroster on when she started out that morning and looks like the glass broke along one of the wires. Local glass place couldn’t get one and my GM parts guy said they were on back order with no eta. Thankfully I was able to get one at a local salvage yard Saturday morning. Years ago I closed the door on my 98 Ram and the rear glass blew out.
  9. Continued prayers for Jim and his family.
  10. That much lightning must put on quite a show. Prayers for the firefighters and some good rain!
  11. Christ has risen indeed! Enjoy the day!
  12. Had to pull another one early this morning, then one of the experienced cows had one!
  13. She had to take a breather and then got right up and started cleaning him up. I need to go back out in a bit to check on them. It was a long evening for all of us!
  14. I had to help this one out tonight!
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