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  1. You should buy it, then you’ll notice a bunch more around for a lot less money!
  2. Prayers for healing for your sister. Sorry for the loss of your brother in law, he’s in a better place now.
  3. Prayers for strength and a quick recovery, God bless!
  4. I had a small field that I cut last Thursday that has trees on every side except to the north. On Saturday morning I started at the fourth row in and raked to the center of the field, making two double outer rows, tedded it shortly after. Got it out into the sun, tedded again Sunday after the dew was off. Turned out nice thankfully!
  5. I would enjoy going to the coffee shop and sitting at the “liars” table, if I had time! It was nice going to the “coffee shop” sitting on the couch unwinding at night or with my cup of coffee in the morning, learning from fellow members. I didn’t get as much accomplished today as I hoped to. I have third cutting down and have been wanting to bale some hay with the baler I bought at my wife’s grandpa’s auction. Taught my daughter to drive the D17! Hopefully everything goes good tomorrow!
  6. Is there somewhere people are meeting for coffee nowadays?
  7. I really need to go up there one year. Some guys from church have done it. How far south of the bridge do you start out?
  8. A good paint shop should have a camera to shoot the spot on your panel.
  9. So the TERP tractors can be parted out except for the engines?
  10. Sad deal, it’s hard working full time and keeping an eye on the cattle. The swamp dried up the start of the summer for the first time I have seen. Then all of a sudden it was a sea of green grass but mucky in spots, I’ve been worried about a calf getting stuck in it.
  11. We’re told being a Christian isn’t going to be easy and this is one of those cases. I pray that God has prepared your friend for this trial. Lots of wisdom in everyone’s responses.
  12. I don’t know about the best bang for your buck but I sent mine to Spencer Diesel in Iowa a few years ago. It wasn’t cheap but it’s done and I believe it’s done right. Since I have been on this forum I’d probably check with @Injpumped first.
  13. Hopefully it gets everything flowing for you!
  14. Prayers for strength and guidance!
  15. Crazy! Thankfully you got past the tree.
  16. Sounds good, did you have reservations or are there plenty of places to stay?
  17. @ChrisNY how was your trip? We’re considering a family trip there before school starts up.
  18. I took these pictures a couple weeks ago here in Michigan
  19. I prefer a three step process, good wool pad on the buffing wheel with some 3M perfect it compound, same compound with a foam pad, filling glaze on a glazing foam pad. I have all the part #s at work if you really want them. 3M and Meguires both have foam backed 3000 grit paper for a da if needed.
  20. I saved them to my IPad, clicked on edit, flipped them, saved them and then uploaded them again.
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