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  1. Well this thread came along at the right time. I plan on cleaning the chimney this weekend. My normal process is to go out the bedroom window onto the porch roof, climb up the steep part next to the dormer onto the 4/12 pitch back roof, then climb onto the top of the chimney and drop old tire chain ball on the end of a rope down the chimney. I’ve never been afraid of heights and feel confident in my abilities, but since I broke my leg when the fifth rung broke on the ladder this summer, I’m rethinking things. I am considering a rope but tying it to the truck never came to mind!
  2. Amen! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!
  3. NF 1066 sure is tuff looking! Beautiful sunset picture from sledgehammer.
  4. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!
  5. a a few from our trip to Alaska in 2018
  6. From what I have heard if there is enough voter fraud found the decision will go to the house???? I don’t really know where to go for fair news coverage anymore, I believe this forum is top notch for real life views and values!
  7. These sold at an online auction this Wednesday here in Michigan.
  8. Glad I watched it while waiting in the drive through for lunch, I’m sure it could be googled. She could be the one in 2024!
  9. A few from my phone while waiting for an appointment this morning.
  10. Prayers of healing and the peace of God for all involved.
  11. If only there was a place for everything and everything got put in it’s place! I spend way to much time looking for stuff, at work and at home. Best thing to do is start looking for something else and you’ll find the first thing!
  12. Finally was able to do second cutting here in Michigan. It was a beautiful week and a lot of fields got cut around here. I enjoyed my time on the tractors!
  13. That’s no fun but I’m glad you got it done! Hopefully the storm doesn’t hit you too hard.
  14. rrr4quality


    Amen to all of the above.
  15. I found this at my wife’s grandpa’s farm last night. Not sure what it is or what it was used for. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
  16. I finally took the time to watch the video, no prices were given and they were in Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t mind seeing if he test drove them and prices.
  17. Jeopardy, but not lately. More of a winter thing. Work, dinner, jeopardy, nap!
  18. I looked into these today. I see a lot of negative reviews about battery life. Do you have any issues? Thanks
  19. First time is always fun!
  20. Thanks for some laughs guys!
  21. I'm no help, I'd stick with Polaris!
  22. Glad you're up and running again!
  23. I'd rather talk to the tractors and cows than a lot of the people out there!
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