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  1. Lots of stuff to ask God. I better start making a list or I’ll probably forget most of it!
  2. Neat, painted on or pieces of steel?
  3. I was talking with my brother last night, about 6:00 your time, and he said he could hear thunder all around him. It started pouring rain before we got off the phone. He’s in North Pole.
  4. Thanks, I do have a lot of pictures of them.
  5. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with this, I don’t think the heat and flies help any. I locked her up three times today but tonight she resisted going in pretty hard. He is doing well, gets his fill and hops away. I have a cow calving soon also and plan on putting her in with these two. Hopefully it will help.
  6. If I was to paint a working tractor today I would power wash and degrease a couple times. Clean with a solvent wax and grease remover. Scuff what I could with a scotch bright. Clean with wax and grease remover again. Epoxy everything with a grey epoxy, following instructions for cure time and then paint with a high quality single stage paint. Sounds easy!
  7. So our last heifer finally calved. I found the calf behind the barn but mom was out hanging with the girls. I was thankful she calved fine by herself but could tell that the calf wasn’t completely cleaned up. I went and got her and locked her in the barnyard with the calf but she didn’t show any interest. I let them be for the night but when I checked on them yesterday morning I got the impression he didn’t nurse yet. I locked her in the head gate and got him nursing, did the same thing last night and this morning. Hopefully she comes around!
  8. Getting dry here, how are things up in the thumb?
  9. Yes to the epoxy, just let it cure good.
  10. My wife took this one a couple weeks ago. She loves irises.
  11. SEM also makes a kit that is two part, add the hardener, shake, spray with their gun but I have also sprayed it through a primer gun. I lay it on multiple back to back coats until I match factory on which ever vehicle I’m doing. Paintable in 30 minutes. I have the part number a work if you need it.
  12. Are you going to tie the walls together somehow? Trusses kinda hold it together. With the wind we have had around here lately I would not attempt at building it backwards. As far as labor cost goes, a general rule use to be around what materials cost but who knows now. It all depends on their skill set and equipment. I built my pole barn in 1997, 40x64. I need another one!
  13. I have been telling people this for the past six months. I have done a couple cab corners while the trucks were in for collision repairs. I don’t see aftermarket rockers and cab corners being on back order, but hard to say nowadays. We use Keystone parts.
  14. Well I have been going to start a thread on here for awhile but haven’t. My dad passed unexpectedly December 18th 2021. I dropped him off at the hospital and a couple weeks later my wife and I were there when he went home. I am a positive and thankful person. I have had the pleasure of working with my dad for the past thirty years. We attended Sunday school and church together for probably the last ten years. The last few years he would give me a hug goodbye after work most days. I never had any major disagreements with him. I encourage anyone that has a grudge or hasn’t spoken to their parents, siblings, etc. just reach out with a simple “how have you been?” Try to forgive and move on. We are commanded to forgive because we have been forgiven, but it will also benefit our souls. We had a seventy year birthday party for my dad last February and I am so thankful we did. I miss him every day, Mondays seem especially hard. My wife has stepped up big time to help me keep the business going. Lots of stuff to share but I have to go paint some vehicles before it gets too hot! I’m thankful for you guys and your stories and sharing your experiences, I get on here every day to wind down and learn! May God continue to bless you all!
  15. Sounds like fun, wish it wasn’t 934 miles away! Thanks for the invite!
  16. I love sawing logs! Most of them have been white ash with some pine and maple. It’s something when you have a fourteen foot log and as you cut boards off it raises off the center support. All the boards on my barn are from my home made mill. God bless your time with your dad!
  17. Sadly we may never know what the question was or what happened to the author, quite possibly his 806 had a full rack of weights on it all it’s life. When he went out to start inspecting his steering problem he sat his coffee cup on the weights before he crawled underneath. That little bit of extra weight finally did the front axle in along with the author, but we may never know!
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