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  1. I have no idea where the price is headed but I can tell you I hate what $8 corn does to the feeder market. I rely more on my calf check than my corn check... if corn could just settle in at $5 I think I would be happy on both sides.
  2. You have to unpin the tongue and lift it up above the stops on any I have been around.
  3. 3/4 ton will handle it no problem, just make sure you pin the tongue in transport.
  4. I’m not sure for the offset- I would think the manual should clarify that. My program works in + and - not left and right.
  5. I upgraded receivers and the new antenna cable wasn’t long enough to go out on the nose. I am also using a different steering algorithm which seems to function better than what I was originally using with the antenna up on the roof. Right now it’s near the front of the cab up on the roof. Location of the antenna is a highly debated topic and in the end I’m not certain it matters all that much as long as the software you’re using can compensate for the location. The higher it is mounted the better the reception but also the further it moves when the tractor tilts side to side such as
  6. I’ve got that tractor parked at my other place but next time I’m over there I can take some pictures. Not sure how much good it will do you though as it’s something I made and it’s pretty specific to the Havis dock my tablet fits into. It just clamps to the crossbar on the cab.
  7. I went to a year of college for industrial electronics before joining the military. I had a couple pretty basic electronics and circuitry classes in that time but much of this stuff is pretty easy to pick up if you just dive in and aren’t afraid to make some mistakes. There is a forum dedicated to this type of thing full of guys a million times smarter than me that are easy to learn from as well.
  8. Pardon the mess as this one was kind of experimental but here is sprayer GPS section control for $20. I’ll put it in a much nicer box and ditch the wire nuts later. It’s a $13 arduino uno and a $7 relay shield to fit it. I only have 3 sections on my sprayer but theoretically with more relays I could control up to 16 sections. I sprayed all day with it last week and it works great. I sure like it better than flipping switches. It’s far more accurate than guessing too!
  9. If you can’t use radio and you can’t use cellular data then your free options for rtk are basically out the window. You will be limited to waas (free but not repeatable accurate) or a satellite based correction subscription. Waas is no bueno for planting row crops most of the time. I had an old Novatel that used waas + a PDP filter and it was pretty good with pass to pass accuracy (maybe 6”) but it still suffered from satellite drift throughout the day and especially day to day. Rtk will put you on the corrrect line within an inch today and then on the exact same line within an inch i
  10. Yeah it might be tough to do unless you could get the planters guidance lines. I’ve never baled corn stalks so I’m not sure how it would go filling the chamber- I am in mostly irrigated very consistent alfalfa so basically I set my rake accordingly and then drive straight with the baler.
  11. You would be surprised how nice autosteer is when you’re baling. Of course you have make sure you cut and rake with autosteer too. It’s a viscous cycle. 😆
  12. Hmm, I guess I’m not much help there... I am using the gear pump to supply mine -not power beyond off the main pump so I haven’t experienced that issue. It doesn’t seem right though I would maybe continue to mess with the settings. I’m not sure what settings they use exactly but it shouldn’t be an issue.
  13. Ardusimple only sells GPS receivers and like equipment. They have no involvement in any other hardware as far as Ag equipment. A large majority of the hardware can be purchased from places like digikey, Amazon, eBay, etc. You’re right that auto steer makes life so much easier. Now I can just concentrate on the equipment I’m running instead of what direction the tractor is pointed. Yesterday afternoon I spread fertilizer on almost 200 acres of hay ground. 17mph and the tractor drove rock solid. Trying to do that by hand following a light bar would be very tough and with
  14. What is it doing that you can’t keep it in between rows? Does it struggle to hold a line on a side hill or is it a problem on flat ground too?
  15. It’s come a long way since the first system I built. It’s been a great learning experience and I highly recommend going this route if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck. You can get a dual band GPS receiver and set up your own base station for RTK for less than a single used commercial receiver. https://www.ardusimple.com/product/simplertk2b-basic-starter-kit-ip65/
  16. Another update on this. I built a second system to alleviate moving it so often between tractors. I also set one up in my dads 7120 last year with a steer motor similar to an ez steer but I just ordered all the hydraulic valves, hoses, and fittings to upgrade it to full hydraulic. The cost on all of that was around $500. My rtk base has been functioning great and I often forget it’s even there until I need it. There is a new version (AgOpenGPS V5) that Brian just released this week that is better than ever. I forgot to mention this program also offers section cont
  17. There are also wet barrel hydrants that don’t have a buried valve. They are used in places that it never freezes- which I have always heard and referred to myself as simply wet hydrants. It could be a regional thing but “here”: Fire Hydrant- dry barrel hydrant Dry hydrant- drafting hydrant Wet hydrant- wet barrel hydrant
  18. I had surgery on my left shoulder 10-15 years ago. What worked for me before the repair was to have someone grab hold of it and pull slow but hard and then twist it while releasing and it would go back in. My right shoulder getting pretty bad not with dislocation but a lot of pain and is due for surgery now and has been for a number of years but I can’t seem to find a good time to be without my right arm for 6 weeks. My go to when my wife is chewing on ear my about it is “maybe next winter...” 😆
  19. It won’t be long before you’re upgrading to auto steer
  20. Does Missouri have a free CORS network you can tie into to receive corrections? I didn’t have any base stations close to me here so I ended up setting up my own base operating out of my house and broadcasting corrections over the internet. It was cheap and pretty simple to set up. Waas is good enough for tillage, spreading fertilizer, and spraying in solid seeded crops but rowcrops really need rtk.
  21. I would have to imagine wet hydrants are nearly non existent in VT and anywhere else it gets below freezing.
  22. The seller was a bobcat dealer in Miles City, MT. They traded it in on a skid steer and threw it on auction time. I think the location is why it went so cheap. It happens to be fairly close to me so it worked out.
  23. Both were auction buys so I really rolled the dice.
  24. I got the 2wd for $6500 3 years ago and just picked up the mfwd for $17,500 with the loader. The 2wd has been an honest tractor and I’ve done very little work to it. I haven’t even put a full hour on the mfwd yet so time will tell if it was a good deal or not. It does have a brand new sentry and all decent rubber on it at least.
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