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  1. Looks really nice. Are those hog barn slats for your apron?
  2. My father in law's ranch is about 20 miles west of grassy butte. He always ships out at the scale - it works pretty slick for them.
  3. We just leave it in piles- storage is generally not a concern. It's always fed up before spring thaw.
  4. I've posted these pictures before but we pick a few hundred ton every year to sell a little and feed a little. Usually feed it during breed up (fall calving cows) and shovel it out of the pickup while it idles along in 1st gear. It's a job I look forward to starting but I am real glad when it's over.
  5. Nice work. I'm awful about fixing oil leaks. The rear main has been leaking in my 96 GMC for years but every time I think I may actually fix it something else more pressing pops up.
  6. I haven't ever tried it but I have given it some thought - Maybe someday I'll see how it works
  7. I also have an R2300. I haven't tried to spread it out all the way with the new mower but I know behind my Hesston which was also 16' it really wouldn't even come close to grabbing two. It probably left a foot or two on each side. I would guess the windrow was 8-10' wide. The conditioner in the new mower is over 10' wide so it would probably drop a 12' wide windrow easily enough. I think I want to go back to wheel rake for dry hay but keep the Vermeer around for doing haylage.
  8. Although I wouldn't ever take the conditioners out I would like if I could lay it wider. However, my rake only goes 23' wide and by the time you lay 2 16' windrows wide I just don't have enough rake to reach. I do look to upgrade rakes in the near future.
  9. Yeah I have found the middle setting with the locking pin is about right most of the time for me. But I'm cutting this hailed down 3rd as I type this so I've got it tilted all the way down to cut underneath everything.
  10. I have tried every combination of pto and ground speed imaginable. I also slowed the conditioner rolls down. That helped more than anything else. I have a set of high lift knives I'm going to try next year as the neighbors say they help quite a bit. But looking around there is no question you can tell who cuts with a sickle machine and who uses a disc machine on the light hay anyway. The tilt is hydraulic and it's built in to the lift circuit
  11. I have steel rolls.... they make quite a bit of racket if you run them in contact haha. If hesston/massey offered the twin conditioning in a pull type I would have gone that way hands down.
  12. For years I have maintained that I didn't want or need a disc mower and I was completely content with my sickle machines. Well this year we have had two hail storms that pummeled my 1st and 3rd cuttings both into the ground. I was only able to creep through alot of my first cutting and plugged a couple times- it was very frustrating. So I went ahead and found this like new DCX163 (same as NH 316) and my cutting time has nearly halved for alot of my fields. It sure doesn't cut light grass hay like a sickle and those fields are so rough I didn't pick up any cutting speed but I can really fly in my irrigated grass/alfalfa and grain hay. I don't think it conditions quite as well as my Hesston 1275 but it might be because I'm traveling so much faster. I would like to put a set of crushing rollers in to see if that improves it.
  13. Surplus center definitely has what you need in stock. Try calling back and seeing if you can talk to someone else. https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Prince-Mfg/20LE21-Prince-Series-20-SAE-12-Outlet-Section-Closed-Center-w-Load-Sense-9-20LE21.axd https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Prince-Mfg/2012H-Prince-Series-20-SAE-12-Inlet-Section-w-2200-PSI-Relief-9-2012H.axd https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Prince-Mfg/20LP1KB1AA-Prince-Series-20-Motor-Spool-Load-Sense-Work-Section-w-Detents-9-20LP1KB1AA.axd
  14. I don't know if you tackled this yet but today I converted my 5488 from large 1000 to 2 speed using the shafts and idler gear out of a 1066 hydro and a new cover from abilene machine. The only issue I ran into was that the 540 shaft would go too far toward the rear of the case and the gear would rub on the rear cover. I shimmed behind the 540 bearing with a .010 shim and it fit perfectly that way. I also had to use the clutch drum from the 1066 unit because the snap ring clearance was wrong using the 5488 drum. Unfortunately I had to ditch a friction disc doing this because the 1066 drum wasn't as deep as the 5488 drum. I think it will be fine as long as I don't try to shovel all 200hp down it.
  15. Maybe I am over simplifying this but why couldn't you just wire the pressure switch to the input side of the VFD and then wire the vfd directly to the compressor motor? Set the VFD to soft start when it is powered on that way you won't overload it at startup.
  16. I wouldn't have had time to come up and buzz around with you but I could have pointed you in the direction of a couple of good trails. I live just north of Sturgis but even being as close as I am I don't get to get up in the hills as often as I would like to. What kind of side x side did you rent?
  17. I've been rolling my rocky hay fields for a few years now... it really saves on sections and guards when haying.
  18. I usually plant corn and beans both right at 5mph with my 1200 - if it's rough I might drop down to 4-4.5. This year I planted a little 4 acre field that was smooth at 7.5 as a test. It should be up in a day or two so I'll be able to see what kind of job it did. From what I dug it looked alright.
  19. ZG6E

    Fuel prices

    On the way to church today I saw it was 5.19... figured I would fill on my way home. An hour and a half later it was 5.55.
  20. I bought a Grammer MSG95 suspension and Grammer 741 seat from Abilene Machine on black Friday. It was right at $1000 shipped for the set. Those went into my MFWD 5488 and the air suspension that was in that is what replaced the leaking hydraulic suspension in my 2wd 5488. I'll try to grab some pictures tomorrow. I had cut a piece of round tubing a couple inches long and stuffed it down into the cylinder on the original suspension so it was just bottomed out solid. After bouncing around like that for a year my kidneys were ready for a change. https://www.abilenemachine.com/grammer-seat-assembly-black-gray-matrix-fabric-amss11051 https://www.abilenemachine.com/suspension-air-am1319704
  21. I bought that overpriced seal kit a couple years ago and it held for about 2 months before leaking again. I believe my cylinder was just wore out so this last winter I replaced it with an air seat. I did really like the ride of that hydraulic seat but I sure didn't like the mess it made... twice.
  22. I don't have any pictures on my phone but I used heavy 4" square tubing with flanges welded in and bolted it down inside the frame so the ball would sit the same height as it does in my pickup. That way the trailers always ride level regardless what I'm pulling it with.
  23. Not considering fuel economy this day in age is short sighted...
  24. I've got a Featherlite. Don't get one of those if you are going across the pasture or have rough gravel roads. I am constantly welding on mine near the rear door. Seems to me the one everyone likes here is a punch-side Wilson. I just can't justify it. I don't use the stock trailer much anymore since I got a nicer truck. I use it to haul the occasional critter to the sale and run around at branding time in the spring. Before the Featherlite I had a Travelong steel trailer. It had a billion miles on it dragging it through the pasture and down 2-tracks. I put a new floor in it at one point and I really loved that trailer. Aluminum is nice because it pulls easy but I wish I had a good clean steel trailer back.
  25. Same experience as Chris here - but our battery power unit isn't the style that takes the battery in the tool. The power unit takes a battery and sill has hoses to the tool. It's been a POS since new. It has had a new battery twice and a new charger once. We don't overuse or abuse it either.
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