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  1. Try Bearing Inc. (812-238-1611) or Coldwell (812-232-0276) in Terre Haute In. If you have the number or old bearing they should be able to get them.
  2. I bought 2 from Iron Bull last year and a neighbor bought one at the same time, by buying 3 at one time and picking them up it was cheaper. Should of bought them years ago as the shade is nice on a hot day. They are well made and easy to install and probably as close to original as you will find. About 3 months after we installed these my neighbor had a truck to rear end him on a county road and climb his left rear tire. He swears that if he hadn't installed the canopy on his 856 that he wouldn't be here today, and after helping him repair his tractor I have to agree (he had someone riding with him that day). Well worth the cost for safety.
  3. Finally got this magneto to firing, had to replace the coil and recharge the magnet. Since I didn't have a charger I tried to wire and battery trick to recharge the magnet and it worked well once I got enough wire wrapped around the magnet. After setting for almost 40 years this one is running again. Now just need to get it cleaned and painted. Thanks for all the replies and help, as always this is the place to go for information.
  4. Looks like I need to find a coil and recharge a magnet as the coil failed your test and the magnet won't hold a 7x7 plate of 1/4 steel. Thanks for the help.
  5. Will try the business card and see what happens, I'm sure the condenser is grounded but will check again. The impulse coupling seems to be working and I installed everything according to a service manual I have. Thanks for the tip.
  6. I am restoring my Grandfather's F-20 that he purchased new in 1937, when it was parked almost 40 years ago it would start on a 1/4 turn. Do to needing some repairs it hasn't been started since then, as I'm now retired I started restoring it so that I can pass it on to my Grandson. However the magneto isn't producing a spark, I have replaced the points, condenser, cap, brushes and the magnet seems to be good. Could the coil of went bad just setting all those years and is there an easy way to check it? Except for some paint I have about got it complete if I can get the mag to fire. This seems to be the place to go for IH information so any help would be greatly appreciated so I can pass this on and keep it in the family. Thanks in advance.
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