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  1. I have a couple I sent you a pm about yours sir
  2. Ihfarms


    Many many prayers sir!
  3. When your checking cows and don’t look ahead
  4. Ihfarms


    Prayers for you and your family! Our forgiving GOD will gladly take care of him as soon as he asks for it!
  5. May I ask what baler you have? We have switched some of ours over to match our tractors in time because of this
  6. Shifter top needs replaced
  7. Lots of massey 2805’s and 2775’s around here, that 2805 with a 640 cubic inch Perkins and in-line injection pump was a horse, it’s downfall wasn’t in the engine but in the 24 speed transmission. Personally not a fan of any V8 diesel but they’ve earned their homes in this area. The 1155’s and 1150’s tho are sadly on their way out as you can rarely acquire engine parts anymore. Rod bearings are non existent for them
  8. I’ve had my fridge for years and still as cold as a new one!!!
  9. Prayers from KY sir! My dad was diagnosed with lymphoma Thursday and starts treatments next Monday so I feel your pain! keep strong, keep your head up and many prayers are with you!!!
  10. Prayers for those children!
  11. Gosh that’s a nice one!!! A buffing wheel would make that original paint look top notch!!
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