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  1. That’s a nice plow and especially for the price! I have a 730 toggle trip. What’s the difference in it and the 720? Age or the mechanics of it?
  2. It was a one owner tractor that’s had sat for a long time and when I got it it had lots of leaks, it’s never sat out so the cosmetics are still good for the most part just some leaky areas.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Could someone tell me the proper size for the rubber oil cooler hoses from the Mcv to the cooler and back again? I took the old ones to Napa, they sold me replacement hoses but they have leaked since I put them on. They gave me 5/8 high temp oil hose. Is it possibly half inch? I don’t have the old ones as I threw them away before installing the new ones. Thank you very much
  5. We have an 886 with a 360 and a 1486 we installed inline pumps on both, the only disadvantage is we’ve yet to find a way to make the tach or hour meters work. It made a totally different animal out of the 886
  6. I apologize I just assumed it had either a diaphragm or check valve inside to keep fuel from leaking back
  7. Could the hand primer possibly have a pinhole in the diaphragm causing fuel to leak off? We’ve had it happen on other machines
  8. Chances are you’ve broken the shift rail, some had an updated version. Not a terrible job to change just inconvenience in all honesty, if it is the case you can pull the top to remove and replace by pulling the top link bracket and installing from the back
  9. It’s not so common but have seen on some brands when the actual float on the end of the sending unit would develop a hole, fill full of fuel then sink to the bottom and show empty all the time, not common but something to check
  10. I think the angle of the teeth are 20 degree on one and 25 degree on the other as we installed the incorrect one once, it made a terrible roaring, when removed and rolled against the other gear by hand you could feel in bind while the other option rolled freely
  11. I had a 5240 with the same issue but in 2nd gear, no matter what range it would come to a stop and the warning light would come on when shifting into 2nd, hooked a gauge in place of the power shift sensor on the manifold and had a major pressure drop, we were forced to split the tractor and found a hairline crack in the shaft where the oil is supplied to the clutch pack thus burning it up. If you put gauges on the power shift manifold remember they are not in 1234 order there is a pattern to them the book will show Good luck
  12. Thank you very much!!
  13. Hello there I’m new here and looking for some possible help, I have a 7120 caseih tractor with original paint, it’s getting thin and the decals are starting to peel, I’m ready to have it painted but the dealer says the decals are discontinued as it’s the early model with the large numbers at the front, does anyone know of a place that makes these? We have a sign and sticker shop here local but they do rather poor work. Thank you very much In advance!
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