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  1. Our 7120 with 2 speed reverse had a similar symptom a few years ago, it had broken the little shaft that goes into the master clutch valve. The one that turns the sector gear inside of it
  2. We had a 5240 and an 886 with the 360, the 5240 would out do it in a dead pull until we replaced the 886 injection pump with an inline pump. After that the 886 had the edge when you came into hard ground and needed the low end power
  3. It looks like a 551 new idea that we used to have I believe to be the same as the 5420 CaseIh baler
  4. If not mistaken it should be at 18 degrees before tdc.
  5. When we took the lines off it had some that were metal and some that were metal with the plastic inserts, it had none that were strictly plastic. Thank you!
  6. My uncle had some issues with the injection pump on his TD15 dozer with a DT-361 engine, after sending the pump off to get rebuilt and receiving it back we noticed the pump shop sent white plastic sealing washers for the banjo bolts, the original ones were metal or aluminum. I’m not sure which to use as I’ve heard if the bolt goes in too far it can lock or damage the pump, any help is greatly appreciated and thank you!
  7. Arts Way also built the Massey Ferguson mills during the same time as I’ve had to search for parts for mine through the CaseIh and Arts Way dealers
  8. Prayers from Kentucky!!!
  9. That’s a nice plow and especially for the price! I have a 730 toggle trip. What’s the difference in it and the 720? Age or the mechanics of it?
  10. It was a one owner tractor that’s had sat for a long time and when I got it it had lots of leaks, it’s never sat out so the cosmetics are still good for the most part just some leaky areas.
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. Could someone tell me the proper size for the rubber oil cooler hoses from the Mcv to the cooler and back again? I took the old ones to Napa, they sold me replacement hoses but they have leaked since I put them on. They gave me 5/8 high temp oil hose. Is it possibly half inch? I don’t have the old ones as I threw them away before installing the new ones. Thank you very much
  13. We have an 886 with a 360 and a 1486 we installed inline pumps on both, the only disadvantage is we’ve yet to find a way to make the tach or hour meters work. It made a totally different animal out of the 886
  14. I apologize I just assumed it had either a diaphragm or check valve inside to keep fuel from leaking back
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