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  1. kal

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    When the 86 series came out the dealership I worked for had a lot of calls about hydraulics and brake housings being hot.With the wet brakes they run the same temperature as the hydraulics and had to explain why the old brake housings would not be as hot. Would get interesting at times. Was told the same thing about oil temps.
  2. kal

    Farmall 400 started on diesel

    They crank slow because of the way the starter is designed and they didn't have to crank fast to start on gas. The fuel injection pressure is only about a 1000 psi, so the spray is really coarse compared to newer set ups. The finer the atomization the easier it will ignite.
  3. kal

    WD9 help needed

    It also looks like it has a double acting check valve below it.
  4. kal

    Tomorrow is my Iraq combat units reunion

    Thank you for your service. Wish you the best at your reunion.
  5. kal

    F4 magneto impulse

    Got lucky several years ago and picked up both of these.Mag tester has a 10 to 1 reduction set up for checking the spark when at cranking speed.
  6. kal

    WD9 help needed

    Hydraulic set up is the right one. The hoses might be different but what I can see of the rest it's ok. Originally it had two six volt batteries.The valve for a remote cylinder should be close to the fender on the left side and about even with the seat.
  7. kal

    WD9 help needed

    WD-9 is 12 volt positive ground. The push button and solenoid have been added by someone. Why do you want to get rid of the hydraulics?
  8. kal

    Td6 stuck rack

    You can remove the filler tube for the pump and then use a brass drift to tap on end of the rack. I have been able to get a couple of them loose this way. Just don't get to violent with it.
  9. kal

    TD-9 Specs and Evolution

    early TD9' s also had a Bosch inline injection pump.
  10. kal

    contemplating a shotgun

    At one time Remington offered the mag 10 as a turkey combo. You could get a 28 or 30 in vent rib Barrell and a 24 in Barrell with rifle sights. OO buck in the short Barrell works really good on coyotes.
  11. kal

    Made me smile.

    Was it Bert Guthrie?
  12. kal

    IH #70 plow questions

    Should have paid more attention! Just to the right of the front cylinder mount is where you can adjust the plow hitch height.
  13. kal

    IH #70 plow questions

    If the plow hitch is to low where it is pinned to the plow will cause this,if it is to high it will ride high in the back. If you can find an operator manual it goes through the hitch adjustments. Makes a lot of difference in how they pull.
  14. kal

    Anybody need a "West-coaster"?

    There's a trucking company I think around Ottumwa Iowa that has one but I can't recall the name.I have seen it at some shows ,last time was at Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant Iowa.
  15. kal

    UD525 in WD9

    Remember seeing pictures of the set-up you're asking about somewhere. Looked good. They had used frame rails for the extra length.