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  1. Looks like if the injection timing was a little off it could really mess things up.Interesting piece of machinery!
  2. kal

    Combative Forum Members

    Ran when parked.👩‍🏭
  3. kal

    Fire extinguisher

    I know it is nasty stuff I just haven't done anything with it because it doesn't leak and I keep it out of reach.
  4. kal

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    First car was a 52 Pontiac with straight 8,they we're really smooth running,went through the wheel well to get to lifters,Buick starter switch was under foot feed, just stomp it to the floor! For the overdrive in a 57 Ford I think you had to pull a knob in the dash out.
  5. kal

    Fire extinguisher

    Not sure on both questions.I have two of them, but the one pictured is still full.
  6. kal

    Fire extinguisher

    Rainy crappy day so this is the project. Cleaned up decent with some polish and elbow grease.
  7. kal

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    As much as I hate to admit it 17for17 🚜🚜
  8. Wondering what it was used for with all of the 8 point sockets.
  9. kal

    Nice COE

    I was parked on the other side of the street from these. I walked over and talked to the owner,asked if I could get in it . It was quite a view! The owner and I had a good visit.
  10. kal

    Muscle Cars

    There was one of those at the Torque fest in Dubuque Iowa last summer.
  11. kal

    4366 transmission replacement

    And train horns.
  12. kal

    Diff-lock stuck in on 856

    Should be able pry it up.It's just a small valve. Shouldn't take much to raise it back up.
  13. kal

    ADT security

    My Dad had ADT with the necklace. Had the fire,co,and a button for help,plus motion sensors and the sensors on doors and windows. Only problem is if they don't have the help button on when they need it. '
  14. kal

    Need your prayers

    Glad you are on the mend !
  15. kal

    Gear box repair

    Just a curiosity question. Why did you braze it instead of stick weld?