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  1. I have had good luck with using the tap to clean up what threads are there and go to some place that will cut threads on the pipe and not cut them the full length. That way you have good threads but a little larger diameter.
  2. I just looked at some trailers with the hydraulic tail this week and most would work for what you want to do. The one I got the specs for said it would raise 10000 lbs but carry 4000. Remote control was an option. Seems like the new trailers all have a shallower angle for safer loading.
  3. the side hill hitch can be used to keep to plow cutting the right width.
  4. Did you remove the bolts from the thermostat housing and there is a line at the back that gets missed sometimes.
  5. kal

    Tire project

    The paint on mine is pretty poor,but mechanically it's real good. I've done a lot of work to it. The 13.6x38 tires are about the same money as 15.5 tires around here.
  6. kal

    Tire project

    I got lucky on these, friend of mine had them for awhile and I think he sold what he was going to put them on, so I ended up with them. the
  7. kal

    Tire project

    My only trailer is 102". I like them spaced out.
  8. kal

    Tire project

    Got some new tires on the MTA. Switched wheels and rims so I could run the 15.5 tires and also moved the weights from the old wheels.Next part will be to widen the front end a little. Got the bolts loose and soaking the tubes.
  9. kal

    Old toys

    The only thing I have seen on them is the what can be seen in the pictures.
  10. kal

    Old toys

    Already have a special spot on a shelf.
  11. kal

    Old toys

    Been working at sorting stuff at Dad's after he passed away. Found some of his toys.
  12. Probably won't be any more tractor pulls at the Iowa State Fair. They tore up the race track and pulling track so they could have bigger concerts. Didn't really give any notice just had contractors start tearing it up.
  13. Is he a veteran? I got mine through the VA and they work good.
  14. When I worked at the dealership the customer would come in to check on his machine and take a quick look then spend the rest of his time asking questions in the next day.
  15. Looks like if the injection timing was a little off it could really mess things up.Interesting piece of machinery!
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