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  1. kal

    Plow bolts

    I checked several numbers and none matched. I'm sure they have superceded, also maybe discontinued. All of the numbers I have except for two are 5 digits with an R11 suffix. Going to see if I can find some old books somewhere. Thanks for your time.
  2. 2021 pictures in central Iowa will really look different after the storm last summer.
  3. kal

    Plow bolts

    There is 3 drawers of bolts, I will check more numbers tomorrow, sounds like it will be a good day for inside work.
  4. kal

    Plow bolts

    I got them in Lynnville and he said he got them from someone in Des Moines.
  5. kal

    Plow bolts

    Bought a bunch of plow bolts today. A lot of them have IH on the bolt head. The spaces have IH part numbers on them but my searches have turned up nothing. Curious what some of them might fit.15648 r11,15909r11,15646r11,15586r11 are just a few of the numbers.
  6. If you could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth you could be rich.
  7. kal

    Plow-Day videos

    That 560 belongs to old f-20. He is on here occasionally. It does have a turbo on it. Ran and sounded good then started making a ticking noise so he took it home. Sent me a picture of a main cap and two broken bolts!
  8. kal

    Plow-Day videos

    Thanks for posting,the other one is 2020 pickinnplowin collins iowa on youtube. I found it but don't know how to post it here.
  9. kal

    Phase two B?

    Let me know and we'll see what we can figure out.
  10. kal

    Phase two B?

    You're going to have to build your building bigger!
  11. kal

    Grand son.

    Got him to wear the hat for awhile to get a little red influence! He is also our first one! Ung
  12. When I started at the the dealer in 1976 we still moved some of the freezers. They would grab at least 4 of us to help move them.They had a set of freezer handles that hooked under the frame and you could use both hands to carry it. Some times we had to pass it thru the doorways to another group to get it out. I still have the handles somewhere and they sure helped.
  13. It was from a relative or a friend of a relative, but I don't remember where we picked it up for sure.How is your wife doing?
  14. I hauled that from northeast Iowa to Newton for him .
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