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  1. Just got my dot card renewed last week, didn't have to get a pre physical physical.
  2. Same conditions in central Iowa. Way to dry and windy. Hopefully everyone can stay safe.
  3. Turn right to turn left!🙂(Cars 1)
  4. Haven't tried the aluminum tractor radiators yet but the aftermarket radiators that I seen are mostly junk. I put one in a 450 and took a long time to get it to work. Had to use thinner pads under it to keep the steering shaft from rubbing, holes for shroud and grill didn't line up.
  5. I have put my bi focals on upside down to see under a truck dash before. Sometimes you just can't tip your head back enough!
  6. kal


    You have something very special! My wife quilts and I have seen the time and effort that goes into making them.
  7. I worked for Brodie Equipment in Akron after I graduated from trade school in the early 70's.
  8. You can't be to far from Akron.
  9. I have one of C.W. Mc Calls albums that has that on it.
  10. Hauled a single engine airplane about 5 miles after the engine failed and the pilot set it down in a hay field. Used 4 wheeler ramps and 8 or 10 people to push it up on the trailer. Strapped it across the landing gear and off we went. It had a 27 ft wing span.
  11. Don't they still make new camshafts with the left hand threads?I answered my own question. Yesterdays Tractors has new camshaft and gear.
  12. Have you checked your vaccum hoses? They can collapse cutting off the vaccum to the booster.
  13. Have the Big Boy in 44mag and a 22 both are accurate and have not had any problems. Brother has 45.70, nephew has 6 of the in various calibers,no problems with any of them. All have had lots of rounds thru them.
  14. I had a QA42 single stage before I found the 450. The 450 is a beast! It works so much better than the single stage. Wet sloppy snow would plug theQA42,the 450 launches it. The 450 will throw snow farther at half throttle than the other at full rpm.
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