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  1. kal

    Gear box repair

    Just a curiosity question. Why did you braze it instead of stick weld?
  2. kal

    Cool 650 pics

    A lot of them were painted by contractors and used for rollers and discs and whatever. I have a yellow WD-9 that has red paint under the yellow. I have several pieces of literature for the Super WD-9 and haven't seen anything about an industrial model. Same with the 650's.
  3. kal

    Cool 650 pics

    I have a WD-9 with a hand clutch and it's not a problem.
  4. kal

    Cool 650 pics

    Is the linkage in the 6th picture just above the starter and below the fuel filters for a decelerator? Saw where there was maybe the hole for it in the floor plate, but didn't see the pedal.
  5. kal

    H counter shaft seal

    I saw that when looking for info on the nut. Usually the were good about saying it was left hand thread, no mention of it that I can find. Just trying to make sure.
  6. kal

    H counter shaft seal

    I am replacing the seal on the transmission input shaft and the transmission counter shaft. Does the adapter for the hydraulic pump on the counter shaft have left or right hand threads ? Thanks - Kal
  7. I change filters if the fuel gells. Have cut filters apart after they set overnight in a warm place and they are still plugged.
  8. kal

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    My first pick up was a 1970 f250 4x4,but it had a radio and ac. 360 was worn out, put a 390 in it,then a 428. Had alot of good times with it.Sometimes I wished I had it back, but don't know if I could survive it twice!
  9. kal

    Pto output shaft retaining ring removal ❓

    Look for a Snap on #srp4. That is what I have used on larger external snap rings.
  10. kal

    Looking up engine parts on CASE IH website

    If you have Case construction equipment they have My Yard for parts. The only problems that I have had is when adding a model it takes overnight for it to show up. Used to show up in a minute or two. Both of them work the same.
  11. kal

    450 rearend

    The ramp and rollers and planetaries all run in oil. The clutch is the only dry part. It should have hy Tran in it.
  12. kal

    The wind shifted on me!

    Many excavators over a few years old didn't have any rops as standard. The new ones now have it. The older cabs we're just shells with Windows.
  13. kal

    Duramax issue

    If everything is working right the only time you will see smoke is during a Regen and you can usually smell it. With the electronics on the newer engines if you blow a cooler hose off it cuts the fuel back and you don't get smoke or have power.
  14. kal

    Auction Results

    The farmer that had these tractors was always very particular about his equipment. Re
  15. Worked at an IH dealer when we were told about the sale. We had a Case dealer within 10 miles,for awhile we didn't know who was going to stay and who was going to close. We ended up staying. It lasted until 1986, we sold out on Friday and the John Deere dealer sold out on Monday.