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  1. I think part of the reason for fewer tractors is that Titan tire cut back on the amount of tires that they donated. The free tires would be quite an incentive to get kids interested. Wished they had been available when my son was involved.
  2. With latest emissions on the diesels and the high temperature that they run on the exhaust they will light almost like gas engines.
  3. kal

    Gun Control......

    But they aren't spending their own money! Think of the money that goes for security and support. I also wonder how many are getting paid with our tax money while they are spreading their BS!
  4. I haven't heard anything yet. The Boy Scouts were the ones that had it. I'LL see if I can find out.
  5. Thanks for the compliments on the 1456!
  6. Met Waylon twice yesterday,once I was north bound on hiway 14 with a SMTA and Super WD9 then when I went to get my 1456. Saw lot of red yesterday moving towards the show.
  7. If the problem on the gas side is not starting when hot and you have a magneto more than likely the coil is causing the problem.
  8. A friend of mine put a C front end and I think 38 " wheels and tires also from a C. Not sure how it did in the hills! I'm sure it wasn't overly blessed for power!
  9. If someone has had plug wires off they could be in the wrong order.
  10. Don't forget to put the shims back in that are under the outside plate.
  11. If the fire didn't ruin it the foam will if it wasn't rinsed off.
  12. Worked for an IH dealer when the 1400 series came out,the first full production had some problems,but it didn't take long to hate to see a 8 or 915 to come in for repair. Still think the 1400 series are some of the best! Even have my school books.
  13. kal

    Morning view.

    No fog,this was about 7:15 this morning. Starting to finally see and hear more pheasants. Could really hear good then.
  14. kal

    Morning view.

    It was a great morning to set on the hill and look around.
  15. Def in fuel or fuel in def both are very expensive. Had a customer that hired a school kid and told to fill his snow removal equipment with fuel. Didn't show him anything about the tanks. Kid did what he was told. Most of the equipment was down during a major snow storm.
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