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  1. kal

    886 questions

    Guy I worked with reached in after some one spilled a box of hog rings! You never know what might be down in there!
  2. kal

    Nice day for a ride

    It was a spur of the moment thing.🙂 I was bored and looking for something to do.
  3. Took a little short ride today and it was pretty nice!
  4. I guess I don't care what you think I know it works, even when the plow is in good shape and set right.
  5. I have seen it happen with new shares in dry yellow clay corn fields and some sod ground. Line of draft hitch setting and wheel spacing were all set right. Hitch was checked for being centered so plow would run straight. Plow worked great in black ground and lighter soils.
  6. If the ground is hard try raising the colters up or take them off. I have had trouble with smaller plow not being heavy enough and the colters will hold them up.If you just move colters up use new bolts or really clean threads on old ones.
  7. the valve goes in the housing first then spring fits in the valve. use a little grease to hold spring and valve in place. Spring part #382334r1
  8. kal


    I have pulled them down to much. Pre delivered a 2+2,tightened all wheels with 3/4 drive breaker bar and the pipe that came on the two wheel drive tractors.Customer called and said he had a wheel moving and that the bolt was tight.Ended up cutting bolt and driving wedges out.I found that I had pulled the threads on the inside wedge and it wouldn't tighten or come loose.
  9. In the older operators manuals one of the accessories listed is the tire pump. Does anyone have pictures of a complete kit? The manual lists several parts and adapters, guage,and hoses. Just curious what it looks like in real life.
  10. FP Smith would be my first call.
  11. The owners manual has the only wiring diagram I have ever seen for these tractors.
  12. kal

    stimulus check

    My Dad passed away in January 2019 and we got a check with the same thing on it.
  13. Pins can be rusted in the Clevis on the master cylinder and not releasing all the way.
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