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  1. How fast was the engine running when it went in the water?
  2. Check your float springs on the back where the tubes are inside the springs. The tubes can get dust in them and the rod that runs in there packs it down and limits travel. It's item 10,11,12 on cnh parts site. Sadly no part numbers.
  3. kal


    It's a 700 Deere. Snow is melting fast! Don't know when I can back out there..
  4. kal


    A lot of will probably melt by then.
  5. kal


    KCCI makes it sound like the end is near! Said it's coming down at 5 to 10" per hour but it's supposed to be done by 12:45!🤔🤔
  6. kal


    We just had an alert on the phone of possible white out conditions and icy roads. Our Sunday snow had melted.
  7. kal

    Plow day pics

    I have a #16 4 bottom, I think the operators manual them a high clearance deep tillage plow. Says with an 8"stroke cylinder it will run 12"deep and with different cylinder brackets and cylinder it will plow 16".Can't imagine trying to plow 16" deep!
  8. kal


    Not wanting this yet!
  9. kal

    Plow day pics

    It an IH #16 4 bottom plow.
  10. kal

    Iron Bull rops

    Thinking about putting one on my 1456. Has anyone tried one or looked close at one of them?
  11. One sold a few weeks ago that had been setting outside for several years. Brought a little over $400.
  12. X2 on the rain cap. It doesn't let the ventury work to pull some of the dirt out of the air cleaner.
  13. Check out the aluminium radiators for the Super MTA.
  14. Before you get it all together double check how the augers time,it's been a long time since I have done one and I can't find my service manual.
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