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  1. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    I was told the big red brick building on University right on the east side of I-235 in Des Moines was a parts Depot. It seems like downtown there was a building that had International Harvester on it . Do you go through Grinnell? Grinnell Implement is still in there prototype building.
  2. Forum issues

  3. Super MTA Brakes

    What I have had problem with is the wear on the housing, actuator,and the brake pinion plate.You end up with to much clearance even with new discs.Somewhere I saw the specs for the clearance with the brake assembled but not installed.The measurements were from the tractor side of the housing to the disc. That is what I am looking for.Thanks
  4. Super MTA Brakes

    I'm looking for info on how to measure the actuator,brake disc, and housing so if the housing needs machined I can figure out how much to take off. Thanks
  5. Super MD Questions.

    On the rear seal,soak the felt overnight in engine oil and do not trim the felt. The starter on these engines do not turn the engine real fast. Took mine in to have it checked because I didn't think it was spinning the engine like it should, they told me it was fine. It wasn't made to turn the engine fast but had lots to torque.
  6. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    I'm only 20 Miles away from there. The training I had was good. Plenty of room.
  7. 50 series- reception?

    There were a few of them that had to have differential carriers and sun gears changed.I think it was 5288's only. There were two in Iowa and I ended up doing both of them.
  8. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    I'm guessing around the middle 50's on the phone number. Late 50's I know we're 4 numbers. I do have a decal that was made for the one that is hard to read. A friend had some made several years ago.
  9. Found some more stuff. Note the two digit phone number.
  10. Our sons new service truck

    That is the same way my son got into the service truck. He went into the truck when the construction side slowed down in 08. It's always nice to have a new truck to set up the way you want it! Congratulations on the new truck!
  11. Our sons new service truck

    Does he work on ag or construction equipment? My son also works for Zeigler, he is out of Des Moines. He works on the ag stuff.
  12. Head stud needed

    You can use a grade 5 bolt and cut the head off and thread it.
  13. Transtar Had A Bad Day

    Should be able to get 2 or 3 on it!
  14. Transtar Had A Bad Day

    Wouldn't take long to get there from Colfax Aaron 😎
  15. 50 series- reception?

    They were accepted pretty good in our area. Sold several 50 and 5288's . Some with mfd . Sold two 5488 mfds,one replaced a 4386 and the other replaced a 8630. Got to pre-deliver both of them.