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  1. Do the blossoms have much of a fragrance?
  2. kal

    Dodge Durango

    My son has a 2019 Durango with the v-6 and really likes it.It has good power and rides good.
  3. kal

    I need some wind!

    You'll get warm at least a couple more times from that tree.
  4. Is the thin sealing washer between the pulley and oil pump rotor in place?
  5. I can relate to your "restored " tractor. Mine Super WD9 wasn't restored but I had to get a different head ,then the rear main started leaking. When I tore it down to fix the seal I found that clutch output shaft was welded to the coupler on the transmission. Tractor had a vibration in it caused by the shaft and coupler being crooked when welded. A little lathe work ,seals, all was good again. Then brake pinion started leaking and I had to split and install same parts as above. Then a year later it started knocking and I got to overhaul it. This all took place in about 5 years and I have been good to go since.
  6. That set looks just like the tank from the w series wheel tractors and valve is used in row crop letter tractors along with the w series. The only difference is the handle.
  7. When I did the rear split on my SuperWD9 I supported the front and used a floor Jack to balance the rear end and rolled it back on the rear wheels. Used long guide dowels coming apart and back together. I had to do the same thing you are doing.
  8. Make sure the flap is in place and is not stuck. Those things can go from zero to scream in a heart beat!
  9. kal

    I need some wind!

    A guy not to far away tried to pull one over with an M last summer. Almost killed him when the tree went the wrong way and rolled the tractor. Said he had done it that way forever ,this time it bit him.
  10. kal

    TF19 ?

    Does the td14 have the exhaust pipe on the left instead of the right side like td9?
  11. kal

    I need some wind!

    if you need wedges to help it go over I have several.
  12. kal

    Old Tractors

    Just sold WD9 to a young man from Maryland. Very enjoyable to talk to him and his two friends. Liked seeing the look on his face when he started it on gas and then when he switched to diesel. There's some young ones out there but we could always use more.
  13. look close at the splines on the rack and plunger there should be double wide spline on rack and matching space on plunger. These need to be lined up. Does the rack move without sticking?
  14. Not a rice model. Has the big rubber and hand clutch. The fenders have been widened. S/N plate has WD9 only.
  15. Getting my IH resupplied for the summer. Usually get set up when it starts to get cold. When it gets nasty out I am ready to go.
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