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  1. Have to be very careful at intersections because of missing signs. Most of the roads are back open and city streets still have a few narrow spots.
  2. There are several fields around central Iowa just like that. Lots of building and tree damage besides. Looking at later today to maybe have power restored.
  3. On my gooseneck I have a shocker hitch and I keep both greased ,makes the ride better.
  4. kal

    Bad day

    Could it be the beet juice that some are using ?
  5. The zero mark for timing is a starting point. The grey smoke is a sign of late timing. I would advance the timing a little bit. Is it slow to speed up when you advance the throttle? If it is this is another symptom of retarded timing. Don't know what manual you are using but the IH manual says start on the center mark and adjust for the best performance.
  6. What color is the smoke?
  7. kal

    Nice day for a ride

    Yes they have it every year. I will try to find contact info that way you can get on their mailing list.
  8. Do you have hillside dividers for the top sieve or the rubber paddles f o6 r the right side augers? Always put them on when pre delivering new machines. Paddles flipped grain to the left and dividers kept from sliding sideways.
  9. kal

    Nice day for a ride

    The 1466 was definitely a very nice tractor but that 1206 standard was a brute!
  10. kal

    Nice day for a ride

    A few pictures. The last picture is the one I was on today.
  11. kal

    Nice day for a ride

    This was a local Lions Club fundraiser. Some of the members organized it,they figured out the route. No law enforcement or permits on this one.On the larger ones they ask law enforcement to help at busy intersections or any bottlenecks. Sometimes they help sometimes they don't. We had 61 tractors today. Some of the larger ones might have 200 to 400 tractors broken into different speed groups.
  12. kal

    Nice day for a ride

    There wasn't any orange at all which is unusual. I didn't know we were going that way until we left Ashton park.You would have fit right in. The pie and ice cream at the end was great.
  13. Short one day ride, my first for the year. Hope to find some more. Bondurant Lions Club.
  14. kal

    New shop

    Mine is 30x44 with 9 ft ceiling,steel lined with 2x6 walls. I do have to remove some mufflers to get in the door but usually they have to come off anyway. I found a used 90% furnace with central air,with the temps here lately it has been worth it. Always wish it was larger.
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