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  1. kal

    Getting ready to leave.

    I was just about to the top of that nasty hill when the air to air hose from the cooler to the engine blew out. Got help from Wilbur Ford and got going after about an hour and a half. Had a good ride today,got to see some different country.
  2. kal

    Sad day

    I saw him out Monday.He was getting in his utv.Always enjoyed visiting with him.
  3. kal

    Prayers for Iowa

    There were six confirmed tornadoes by Monroe and two more by Prairie City. There are no damage reported in those areas at this time.
  4. kal

    Getting ready to leave.

    Did you come out of Claremont up that big hill?
  5. kal

    Getting ready to leave.

    Heading to northeast Iowa for a tractor ride.Should be be a hilly one.
  6. kal

    Public Exposure At....

    Good bunch of people there! Thanks for the pictures.
  7. kal

    Ron Berlage--Pilot Knob Restoration/Parts

    He was always the first I would call.He will be missed.
  8. kal

    806 cooling problem

    Did he took the hoses together or removed them and plug the fittings? If hoses are hooked together the coolant won't circulate right.
  9. This located just west of Albia Iowa on hiway 34. They continue to add to this.It is pretty impressive!
  10. kal

    Good guys at Iowa State fair grounds

    Nope,I can get in enough trouble with just the tractors!
  11. kal

    Good guys at Iowa State fair grounds

    Went yesterday. Lot of people left early because of the heat. Lots of stuff to see.
  12. kal

    IH buildings.

    Are there any IH buildings left in the quad cities area?
  13. kal

    300 and 350 tractor serial number?

    Serial number tag should have the model on it to.
  14. kal

    The MRS A-80 all wheel drive

    When I was in the service we had several MRS tractors and scrapers. At the RPU that was in Mt Pleasant Iowa a gentleman had an ID-9 that he had restored that was an MRS set up. It had a big winch on the back,the fuel tank was behind the driver's seat. He had the dozer blade for it but didn't have it on because of the width and weight. He also had a bunch of MRS literature.