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  1. That is the way mine was. Lost the top part.
  2. That is the style I had except mine was an add on piece. What I should have done was make one piece lever like yours before I painted everything.
  3. I am looking for the chrome extension that uses a long nut on the lever and it has a 90 degree bend that it comes back over the top of the steering wheel. I would like to buy or get measurements to make one. I had one and I put it someplace so I wouldn't lose it!🤔
  4. kal

    First time puller

    10876 lbs with me on it.
  5. kal

    First time puller

    Tractor worked great. It was just a fun pull.I think I pulled around 230 ft.
  6. First time I have ever pulled something this size!
  7. kal


    At least with heavy gloves you don't have to clean the blood up.?
  8. The accumulator kit is available. Part # 84135554. It is not cheap.
  9. I wish I new. I used a rubber tip blow gun to pressurize it and I don't have an adapter to be able to check.My air compressor is set at 150 psi but I don't think I have that much in it.
  10. I was on Diego Garcia in 72&73 NMCB62.
  11. Long box for me. I haul enough long stuff plus I think it rides better.
  12. Started playing with the seat a couple of hours ago. I now have a seat that WORKS! Added air until seat stopped raising then played with pressure.If I bounce as hard as I can I have close to 4 inches of travel. Our street is nasty rough but now it made a lot of differance on my short test drive. I found a tag on accumulater that said charge is 45 psi and working pressure is 500psi. I weigh 225lbs just for referance. BIG THANKS! '
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