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  1. kal

    Road Construction

    Anyone speeding through construction zones should be tied to a post and set a couple of feet from the edge of the road for a day and see how they like it.
  2. kal

    1680 digital readout

    Check the positive post on the batteries for a broken wire. Some of the cab functions feed directly from the batteries.
  3. kal

    Alongside the road tonight

    I have those steering arms on my SMTA andif those are for shorter turning I would hate to see what the others are like.
  4. kal

    Why weld down gooseneck are bad...

    Probably didn't knock off enough rust and bird crap off of the rod.
  5. kal

    Tractor pull sept 22 hawarden ia

    At the time I was there we went to Remsen and Marcus. There were some others mixed in. The guy I helped had another 806 with a narrow front that he put a big turbo on and big injectors with bigger lines. Still had the RD pump on it,turned up fuel and rpms! That thing ran hard and did good for that time. Both 806's had over 7000 hrs at the time.
  6. kal

    Tractor pull sept 22 hawarden ia

    I worked at Brody Equipment in Akron in the early 70's before going to the Navy.They had some great tractor pulls even then. The guy I helped had an 806 with duals,fluid in inside tires and a weight rack on the front with 6000 lbs on it. Chain was hooked to a bar at the hitch arms so the hitch could be raised and lowered. I think they called it the10 ton unlimited or something like that.Worked great until the front end came off the ground and clutch housing snapped! Was quite a bit of work to fix that one!
  7. kal

    Peach tree

    Couple of years ago this tree was loaded! I had branches tied up , propped up anything to keep branches from breaking. We had a small freezer full of them. Never tried canning them. My brother did use some in his salsa. Salsa was good but he puts to much fire it for me !
  8. kal

    Peach tree

    Didn't do the yard much good,just can't see the rutts because the grass is so tall.I don't know what kind the peaches are anymore. They are fairly large yellow ones,real sweet and juicy! Thanks on the 14. Wanted to be in Osceola for ride this weekend but didn't work out.
  9. kal

    Training manuals

    I have been looking for these manuls for quite a while. I knew I had them.Electrical manual has 30 series also.
  10. kal

    Peach tree

    It's already back in the shed๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰! 4x4 is holding for now.
  11. kal

    Peach tree

    Between 12+ plus inches of rain ,a little wind,and heavy on one side my peach tree was tipped over almost to the ground pulled it back with the 1456. Propped it up,so we'll see if it survives. It has really good peaches!
  12. kal

    Ready to go.

    A few pictures of the ride today.
  13. kal

    Ready to go.

    Super WD-9,a little better picture.
  14. kal

    Ready to go.

    Headed for western Iowa early tomorrow for a ride through the Loess hills it was a great one last year, hopefully will be again!
  15. If you have good fuel pressure on the guage, I would check the rack to make sure it's free.Take the filler tube for the pump off then you can see the end of the rack. Should be able to move it fairly easy.