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  1. West Texas IH 1256

  2. West Texas IH 1256

    Where are you getting the hoses for the hyd couplers?
  3. 1456 Fenders

    Take the time and find a set of original fenders.Aftermarket fenders are narrower than original and the mounting holes don't line up very good.
  4. My unpopular opinion.

    I know what Pete23 is talking about.Everything I have has points,I will put in electronics if wanted. I have worked on from 10-20 to 580 hp quad tracks.If someone had told that I would have a laptop and smart phone to work on this stuff I would said they were nuts. Sometimes it gets frustrating trying to help.
  5. I miss.....

    The smell of fresh turned dirt.
  6. Did me a little shopping yesterday at lunch

    Another wheel gun. It can be a hand full with the short barrel, but still fun!
  7. Did me a little shopping yesterday at lunch

    Never had a chance to compare that way. Last deer season I tried carrying a Ruger super Blackhawk with a 4 5/8 barrel in a shoulder holster. Got old in a hurry!
  8. Missing Member

    Boomer is alive and well. See him occasionally. He is on Facebook and some of the other IH sites.
  9. Did me a little shopping yesterday at lunch

    How much heavier than the .380?
  10. Small town

    You know you're in a small town when you have to walk around piles of mud that have fallen off of vehicles to get in the grocery store after a rain.
  11. Phone cases

    I had several otter boxes. Had to keep replaceing because of scratched screens. Got one from Incipio the last time. Wished I had it sooner.Carry phone just like before and no scratches!
  12. Blue Ribbon sign

    Doing a little cleaning and organizing on a crappy day.
  13. Any chance you will be at the casino in Bettendorf for the WHO tractor ride this summer?
  14. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    I was told the big red brick building on University right on the east side of I-235 in Des Moines was a parts Depot. It seems like downtown there was a building that had International Harvester on it . Do you go through Grinnell? Grinnell Implement is still in there prototype building.