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  1. Sorry to hear about your mother.
  2. kal

    New shed

    All it needs is a big IH above the doors! Looked pretty nice when I drove by.
  3. Merry Christmas to all!!
  4. Isn't there a rare 826 by Huxley?
  5. Heard about this this morning. Sorry for your loss Mike. You have my number, call anytime.
  6. kal

    Plow time.

    Catching DT fan and a few other pictures. In the background of the pictures with the F-20 and the A JD is a Big Bud with I think is 16 bottom plow.
  7. Does it have the large wire concaves or the small wire
  8. I have had the center oring cause problems. Filter would contact it first and not seal good enough on the outside ring. Take the oring off and try it.
  9. Two sides to every story. A lot of people work their butts off in a factory and they deserve everything they get and the jobs they do they will need major medical insurance later in life!
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