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  1. on one of your earlier posts you mentioned that the decompression lever moved hard and did not have a detent that you could feel. The detent for the linkage would be behind the air box, there is also the throttle friction adjustment in the assembly.The decompression linkage goes thru the block and can get rusty and hard to move.Some of the parts on both sides can be bent or broken easily.
  2. Couple of weeks ago I was pushing brush into the fire and I must have ticked off a badger. He tried to to climb the track but didn't make it! Not sure where I was going to go if he did!
  3. kal

    1206 leak

    I put new both on new on my 1456. Not worth the hassle if they have rusted through.
  4. kal

    Tractor ride

    Were you in the red pick up? Looks like it will be a good one.
  5. kal

    Tractor ride

    Loaded and ready to head south for Clark County Old Iron ride. Should be good weather for it.
  6. No these are not what I was referring to. Some trailers had like 4" tubing that had swivel brackets on the frame they were not adjustable.
  7. kal

    Coleman stove

    What is the difference between the silver and red? I have been around the Colman stoves,but have not seen ones with silver tanks.
  8. The stands I was referring to were made out of heavy tubing and swing down and pin in place with a gap to the ground. Heavy enough load put them on the ground and as you move forward part of the load transfers to tow vehicle then you can swing them up.
  9. I would also add a pair of stands at the end of the trailer so when you load something heavy it doesn't lift the back wheels of the tow vehicle off the ground. Not fun when that happens!
  10. I think part of the reason for fewer tractors is that Titan tire cut back on the amount of tires that they donated. The free tires would be quite an incentive to get kids interested. Wished they had been available when my son was involved.
  11. With latest emissions on the diesels and the high temperature that they run on the exhaust they will light almost like gas engines.
  12. kal

    Gun Control......

    But they aren't spending their own money! Think of the money that goes for security and support. I also wonder how many are getting paid with our tax money while they are spreading their BS!
  13. I haven't heard anything yet. The Boy Scouts were the ones that had it. I'LL see if I can find out.
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