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Found 3 results

  1. link to archived topic Ok so my old topic was archived. I figured I would start another to show my latest task. A 263 punched out to 291cid. So this is where I am at at this point tractor is split. Awaiting on parts from machine shop. Short block is assembled. This is not your normal 291, it has no Reliance parts. It has custom built pistons with modern .062, .062 and 3mm oil rings. NOS crank and rod bearings. Compression is right at 9:1, I have thermo coatings on the chambers, piston tops and exhaust ports. It has extreme duty valve in the head (Stainless) with good quality seats and broze valve stem bushings. Cam is a Vogul regrind.
  2. 2 of the bolts snapped off on the axle clamp or whatever it is called. Guess I am going to Wengers to get a used set rather then paying someone to try to get those bolts out. I was baling some idiot cubes when it happened. Stopped the tractor dead in it's tracks.
  3. I helped rewire a friends 656 farmall. We used all new harnesses and installed a new light switch. There were a few differences in the harness going to the fender and rear lights from the original harness but I figured this was probably due to model changes throughout the years. The concern is when the light switch gets turned on to the first "notch" the outer fender lights come on real dim, rear lights flash, but the light switch gets glowing hot! Is the light switch suppose to glow like this? It doesn't do it on the other light switch settings.
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