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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, I purchased a 3rd 1966 656 tractor! However, this one is special. It belonged to my best friend's father. Chuck was a second Dad to me growing up. He was a neighbor, drove my school bus growing up, his family babysat me, he sold us Archer oil, and he and I worked for a local family carnival back in my 20's. I was another member of the family, which was extensive already! Chuck and Helen raised 7 children 3 miles from my home. 4 of their own and 3 adopted (when her sister and BIL were killed in an accident). Chuck farmed 80 acres, raised hogs, drove bus, sold oil and was active in the Community. He was National Grange President back in the 90's. This 656 was his big tractor on that 80 acre farm. It provided the horsepower to cultivate a living for a large family. Chuck equipped the 656 with a Speeco front axle and a Hiniker cab. It never saw a shed, but Chuck serviced the 656 and kept it in good shape. The summer of 2019 was a tough one for Chuck and Helen. Her battle with cancer had turned for the worst and Chuck had a stroke. They left their home on the farm of over 45 years and moved to a condo in Grinnell. Their family took turns looking after them and I stopped in a couple times a month to visit. My friend moved his family out onto the farm to care for the family home. October 20th, Helen lost her battle with cancer. I had visited the night before. Chuck moved back out to the farm where his family could watch over him. The 656 had fallen into disrepair with the family distracted with their care. I loaned them my 656 hydro and loader to plow their snow for the winter. The following spring, I took these photos of the 656. I loaded it up and hauled it to my shop for needed maintenance. I drained and cleaned the fuel tank, installed a new sediment bowl, rebuilt the carburetor. Installed a battery and tuned it up. The charging system was not working well, so I converted it to an alternator. That summer, I drove it back to their farm. The winter of 2020, I once again loaned them my 656 for snow removal. My friend preferred it to his dad's 656. They talked about replacing the 656 with something newer and I offered to purchase the tractor. Chuck agreed, but had to think about the price. Time marches on. Fall 2021, and with my advice, Chuck purchased a 1981 1486 with a Westendorf loader and a snowblower. More tractor than they needed, but Chuck liked the big tractor! November 2nd, we agreed on a price for the 656. I just needed to stop over and pay for it. Time marches on. December 15th, Chuck's heart gave out and he passed away in his home. My friend texted me early that morning and my eyes were filled with tears. My old friend was gone. Now, the 656 was a part of his estate. An estate with 6 children as heirs. I had waited too long to close the deal. January 19th, my best friend calls me. His siblings agreed to sell me the 656 for the price Chuck and I negotiated back in November! They truly treat me like another sibling! I an honored to know them all. So, last Saturday evening my friend and I sat in the kitchen of his childhood home. Watched the sunset. We spoke of his parents. We laughed, cried and remembered lives well lived. And yes, I paid for the 656! I know this was a long story. But, I wanted to honor Chuck and Helen. My collection has many tractors that friends and neighbors made a living with. The reason I own many of these machines is to remember and honor those that made a living with them.
  2. link to archived topic Ok so my old topic was archived. I figured I would start another to show my latest task. A 263 punched out to 291cid. So this is where I am at at this point tractor is split. Awaiting on parts from machine shop. Short block is assembled. This is not your normal 291, it has no Reliance parts. It has custom built pistons with modern .062, .062 and 3mm oil rings. NOS crank and rod bearings. Compression is right at 9:1, I have thermo coatings on the chambers, piston tops and exhaust ports. It has extreme duty valve in the head (Stainless) with good quality seats and broze valve stem bushings. Cam is a Vogul regrind.
  3. I have a 2656 diesel. It has all ways ran good but the other day it would only rev up to half throttle. I changed both filters the first one was nasty, the second pretty clean. But didn’t help. I flushed the lines, then wound up draining / flushing the tank. It Was pretty bad. ( I don’t know the history of this tractor) I also took the screen out of the pump it was clean. Then replaced the rubber hose from filter to pump. I have good flow of fuel to the pump. It will rev. All the way now but only runs a few seconds then slows till it dies. It sound good while running. I also took the fuel cap off the tank iam at a loss about the only thing left is the pump.
  4. My neighbor has a 656 with a 263 engine that needs a head gasket replacement. He will be paying for parts and machine work. He wants me to change the head gasket. What’s a fair price to charge for labor?
  5. I know the 15 used a different extension and filter. And the 656 used a double filter. But where can you find them ? I did a quick search and didn’t find any where to buy them.
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