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  1. There’s several in my town that ride lawn mowers around guess they have no license. Must be a KY thing.
  2. Can’t even find those here Walmart had one case of 7 1/2 couple days ago and one box of 410 2 3/4.
  3. I have the 6 mm just to be different everyone was buying the 6.5 either one will drop a white tail .
  4. Wife had one in Tahoe got rear ended broke $200 dollars damage to plastic around bumper totaled car that hit her I leave mine in. Woman was on her phone.
  5. I have a bobcat 190 very useful I have several attachments feed most of hay in winter with it . But when I bought it was 23000 . It has tracks doesn’t do the best on wet hills on dry it’s a tank.
  6. Rusty I bet you have slept in worse places.
  7. When I’m dealing with bulls I have a colt 45 strapped on never had to pull it but I would rather loose a bull than get hurt . I’m usually alone if I got hurt it would me dark before my wife would worry .
  8. After I saw he was alright I would have tried to whip his tail over that . Nobody but family borrows my stuff and they know what they’re doing . We each got some low use things that we all use from time to time.
  9. 684 is stout for its size I bet it would be mean with a turbo.
  10. Around here they move a lot too down to buying 10 or 15 acres and working construction I actually sold a farm to a young one I figured his payment must be about 30000 a year on 110 acres I don’t know how he makes it. That was the last real farm any of them bought around here.
  11. Nice coon those dog proof traps work good . I was catching 3 a night last year on my corn pile.
  12. Nice video we had chopper like that . Those odd shaped fields remind me of Ky .
  13. Recently bought a Deere bearing for a hay roller said made in China .
  14. Which one had more fun?
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