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  1. ky966boy

    Our New 656!

    Nice looking ride you got there
  2. It’s black i didn’t see any engraved numbers maybe I could clean it off and see them.
  3. ky966boy

    After breaking 3

    That should hold her .
  4. No dice it unreadable been painted over some time .
  5. Nice looking outfit how do you like that roller all jd around here.
  6. I heard a creek bank gave way with her.
  7. Yes she had a lot of land close to me . She was bushhogging
  8. Maybe I’m just getting spooky never noticed it on 1486 , last week a women close by got threw off a tractor and killed . I knew her and it’s been on my mind on the hills .
  9. ky966boy

    Lowering the bar

    786 has 34 tires 1486 has 38 tires does that figure into equation?
  10. You maybe right don’t think pump is at stock setting and with turbo it does not seem far behind 1086 .
  11. Problem solved ,684 donated it’s weights .
  12. You got some good looking grass there
  13. Hooked batwing up to 786 to try it out she did fine but didn’t steer to good going up hill . The wheels were turning but tractor was going straight. Never a problem with 1486 neither have any front weights . I noticed on tractor data there’s 2000 - 3000 lb difference in weight is some of that in front?
  14. If it’s any thing like it’s cousins 74,84 so on it will be a good tractor.
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