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  1. ky966boy

    Back up camera and mirrors hmm !

    You shouldn’t have parked it there.
  2. ky966boy

    Other Speed increaser uses?

    During a ice storm we ran milkbarn on generator tried the thousand pto trick to save fuel when I kick on vac pump it killed the 3688 had to run on 540 it was a pretty big generator.
  3. ky966boy

    1486 front end

    Try hitting a ditch at an angle at I fairly high rate of speed . That’s what I did not on purpose though.
  4. ky966boy

    These 68s are just getting to high

    15 years ago they where 3or 4 grand around here
  5. ky966boy

    1486 front end

    Yea I was talking about spreading front axle I put porti power against top of spindle where nut is and other end against cast peice in front of tractor I tried same before with no luck( I used as much pressure as I dared) after almost a year of driving in hit a ditch a little fast a noticed it had moved a little bit then I bought it to shop and tried again it moved this time
  6. ky966boy

    1486 front end

    Was right side , I tried air hammer with 20 ton jack , nothing some one on heard said drive it I did all summer finally moved alitte
  7. ky966boy

    1486 front end

    After Almost a year of driving with clamp bolts out and smaller bolt in middle I hit a ditch mowing I saw that it moved a little was able to use porti power and finally get that side out it’s been a battle .
  8. ky966boy

    806 starting cold

    I also remove ether from my tractors but most don’t get used in our fairly mild winter If we got as cold as y’all talk about we would lay down and die
  9. ky966boy

    Duramax issue

    I have a 2011 I had def deleted cost less than new tank dealer said I needed no trouble since also never add a drop of oil between changes
  10. ky966boy

    Cell phone jammers

    That looks similar to the WiFi boosters at work
  11. ky966boy

    wrench turners please

    Harbor freight work and home
  12. ky966boy

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Littlefeller not much snow in southern Ky but that’s my dream tractor
  13. ky966boy

    2250 VS 2255 what's the difference

    Had a 2250 and two sets of brackets swapped between 684 and 706 at will think I did some welding on 706 brackets though
  14. ky966boy

    1660 Auger Issues

    Your maybe right about oil getting hot if your pump or relief vavles are getting weak ,never seen directional vavle effected by that though does auger have it’s on relief for both directions
  15. ky966boy

    1660 Auger Issues

    If it’s mounted with rod side hooked to auger it has twice the power to go out than it does pulling because of square inch difference in piston and rod side