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  1. And if you run out of shells you just knock’em on the head with it.
  2. I’ve had both 12 and 20 gauge like that 20 is very manageable a lot nicer to shoot
  3. Had a Milwaukee corded for years at work finally give out ordered direct replacement it came in looking like junk and it was.
  4. ky966boy

    Almost to hot

    It’s hot on this side of barren river too.
  5. I was thinking it was an older model because of hydro lever , mine comes up a lot farther. Nothing wrong with it either way don’t tell it it’s a little tractor they are very strong for there size.
  6. ky966boy


    I haven’t seen a ground hog hole in a field in 20 years around here they still tear the barns up though.
  7. Them green ones are high. Never drove one but probably better than a new tractor.
  8. I have a 2011 duramax I love the power but I’m thinking same thing it replaced 99 6.0 gas and may get replaced by the same thing just not worth it to set in barn unless I’m hauling something.
  9. ky966boy

    Favourite Job

    Always liked hearing the chopper moan and anything to do with rolling over dirt don’t do either anymore.
  10. I didn’t see the three high part , I think my 684 would stack 3 high with some skill but i wouldn’t recommend it , guy I worked with daddy got killed like that , roll slipped off fork and rolled back on him.
  11. My wife says rust is my favorite color
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