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  1. Organic fertilizer

    Got last few loads in before work on to next thing
  2. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    Spread fertilizer on hay and pasture this week got done today talk about rocks I got a good crop this year I try to pick them up out of pastures every year
  3. Motor in forklift

    Thanks it runs but needs a few things
  4. Motor in forklift

    Thanks brother bought today I knew y’all would know
  5. Motor in forklift

    What is this in a pettibone forklift it’s a 6 cylinder flathead of some kind
  6. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    My M is not really practical but I like using it kind of takes me back to a simpler time
  7. Help w m hydro fliud

    I don’t share any equipment with m just got little disc for garden,I got some 30 weight yesterday. Thanks everyone still learning on these old ones . I got a sc and a m I think a h is next for me ,l would like to have a full letter series but I’m 6’9” I don’t think I would even fit on an a or b.
  8. Sometimes a LITTLE help is the best

    Grandpa had to pull start 230 was how I got my first short tractor driving job
  9. Help w m hydro fliud

    Ok now I’m confused
  10. Help w m hydro fliud

    No dipstick but thanks I’ll fill her up with ih fluid it’s all I use .
  11. Help w m hydro fliud

    Don’t know how to check level on fluid I think it goes in knob in first pic but don’t see any way to check level . Also what to use seem to think granddad may have used motor oil but it’s been a long time
  12. New member

    “What do you need that for “ my wife’s favorite words but I think she’s finally seeing the light.
  13. Hay baling with 5288

    I rolled a lot of hay with 5088 good tractor I think you just have to swap out pro unit to get 540 I did on 1486
  14. The Tractor that Never was!!

    My granddad loved Oliver tractors I bought a 550 for ole times (first tractor I drove) feeling wore off fast , sent it down the road pretty fast
  15. Service manual

    Where’s a good place to order service manuals for sc and m . I have the IT shop ones but I need to know about changing oil ,what kind of oil etc. thanks