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  1. I had a two row on a h it would plow our c under on the second pass through tobacco.
  2. There’s two cattle guards at grandpas been there all my life maybe two or times remember a long legged cow getting out .
  3. Some people will never do right no matter how what . Try to get as far away as fast as you can .
  4. I had one of those didn’t last two years for me .
  5. Or asking pregnant wife when she going to calf . I had to duck A pan after that.
  6. Or telling your wife you don’t like her cooking.
  7. Don’t care about speedometer Amish pass me they said would mess up tranny I thought as long as I replaced all at same time I would be good but apparently not according to them .
  8. Sandhiller not to steal your thread but on a similar line. My Colorado needs tires it’s a four wheel drive and when I called tire place and told them the size they knew I had a Colorado. So it has a rare size on it so they are high I asked if I could put next size bigger on it and was told if they over 1 1/2” taller I would have to get transmission reprogrammed, is that true .
  9. We got real good at changing motors in a gleaner with that 426 in it.
  10. Brother has a JD gator with heat and ac it’s nice but I think it had a $30000 price tag .
  11. I went to school with some boys who’s dad owned a saw mill . Had a wall off stuff the mill found the hard way . I remember a couple of cannon balls .
  12. My home owners said everything has to be listed individually.
  13. Don’t do that please that was a $4500 lesson for me and I just put in a 10 amp
  14. May I ask what’s the benefit of the inverter?Around here we would just rake it . Nice videos I never saw a mower like that either.
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