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  1. Just bought a kubota trailed disc mower it’s got a wild hitch that the drawbar slides into. The 786 draw is to wide to go in looks about an inch wider than 1086 or even 1486 is this factory or something some one changed out .
  2. You don’t bring him in different sides of ranch and show him same cows do you .
  3. I saw one for sale once didn’t see anything different on outside. They were a handy tobacco tractor.
  4. I used to also when I was single and no insurance. It was $ 6 for a big bottle, they started to wise up and asked what kind of dog I had told them I don’t know but he’s big and ugly.
  5. I “heard “dog penicillin pills and human pills are same thing.
  6. Found one on me one time locked to a tree I was fencing and had my chainsaw I cut tree and all down and accidentally felled tree on stand . Last week my deer camera got a guy walking by my blind in the middle of 450 acres while I was at work.
  7. You have been busy. Nice operation ,and tractors
  8. We have a good bearing and seal shop in town I go there first for stuff like that .
  9. New Holland and Kuhn also make them
  10. Going to pick up the kubota guess we see how it goes.
  11. Think that’s any dealer if they got it it’s gold if you got it it’s 💩
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