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  1. That’s about how we do it in ky
  2. We used to use one like that in the milk barn
  3. I’d forget there was such a thing as an operator until you mentioned it.
  4. I was thinking about black post to saw a 5088 picture and liked it.
  5. Always thought they would make a nice hay tractor.
  6. I backed her in shop for a winter project. Getting paint , stickers , muffler eliminator and lights working. The more I look at it the better shape it is think some one took care of it and the 3200 hrs on tach maybe right. At the risk of getting whipped on I’m thinking about painting roof red . I did a cabbed 1086 like that once and liked it . Does some kind of insulation go under bottom of the roof it looks like maybe something did .
  7. I always stop way back for a bus if I’m meeting one on backroads I take the ditch . To much precious cargo on board.
  8. I didn’t used to mind crazy if they had a good calf . Now I’m slower to run and heal I also cull for crazy .
  9. I kept them separate and feed them. Tried it several times most times one or two won’t breed . They would look good and I’d be excited then nothing . I’ve just been buying 4 and 5 year olds now with a lot less issues.
  10. I had trouble getting heifers to breed one time I kept 14 and only 7 bred when they was supposed to .
  11. I know what you mean about technology some days I just want to work on something nice and greasy.
  12. That’s a kick in the rear after all you been through.Good luck in the morning. I bet you can find a new job starting with more than you make now . The market is crazy here .
  13. Went to look at a new gator today got there not a single one to be found .
  14. That’s how I feel.
  15. For sale not on sale I know what I got .
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