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  1. Better take it easy till you get used to added power.
  2. ky966boy

    1086 ac

    Mystery solved his head is turned different. Thanks everyone
  3. If I let my wife drive my truck I fill it up first just for that reason if it’s not on E I don’t have to worry about her putting anything in it .She thinks E means Enough
  4. ky966boy

    1086 ac

    The blue one had a 90 on it that made me think it might have made to clear air filter.
  5. ky966boy

    1086 ac

    Yes I found the s on an old pump I have we’re going to match them up like that . We haven’t changed them yet I was waiting for more info .his old one are like yours but the place for gauges come out the top the red one is on the inside and I couldn’t get my gauges on it because of air filter that’s why we were going to put new style service ports on . I don’t know how it was previously charged. I’m cutting wheat now so it will a few days before I can get back to it .
  6. ky966boy

    1086 ac

    My buddy was going to change service ports to new style on his 1086 I noticed his red and blue caps are opposite mine on my 1486 both have York’s and both are working is this possible, am I looking at something wrong.
  7. ky966boy


    About had to swim to work this morning .
  8. Local jd dealer told be other day if it’s under 80 miles they just drive tractor on stuff like that.
  9. I’m kinda of a history nut and have never heard anything about this, cool.
  10. That looks close to what we have at work. It’s real handy
  11. I’d have to call BS on that one a 684 would take a 3020.
  12. I think all four would get the job done or course no such thing as too much gun on something you are not going to eat but I in my younger days I had the opportunity to get shot by a 22 let me tell you it took the fight right out of me .
  13. I got a little single six in .327 seems like enough to get a lot done at close range .
  14. Yea looks just like $5 134 can
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