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  1. It’s working now last thing I did was change filter again (4 hours on it) and intall new housing gasket with a little black gasket maker on it primed right up
  2. ky966boy


    Looked at this tractor today said it had combine motor in it definitely 414dt what did it come out of I know our old 815 had that in it was there others how many hp would it be . She’s stout cab is rough . How much is a set of fenders thanks
  3. Yea going to get new gasket when I changed it before I didn’t change gasket I thought if it wasn’t leaking on ground it was good but members say not always the case
  4. No didn’t see anything
  5. Pulled mcv pump seems ok turn gear and oil shoots out replaced gaskets and orings then it wouldn’t prime neither would hitch pump that had been working previously so I pulled filter it’s got some stuff it like wet silicone not a lot but some also kind of slimy stuff on screen maybe 2 hours on filter and screen get new ones Monday also new gasket for cover learned a lot about what’s in there today thanks for comments always helpful
  6. Been there my self seems like harder you try worse it gets sometimes I just walk away and come back later then fix it in five minutes
  7. Grandpa said they used to hand check tobacco so it could be plowed both ways bet that was fun
  8. Thanks that’s next move
  9. No difference put gauge on where pressure switch goes 0 lbs took gauge off oil flowing out but I could stop it with my finger is it time to pull pump or is it something else
  10. Yes they do it’s over full according to stick I thought about putting 5 more in picking up a gauge today to see if that’s tells me anything is there a pickup tube for that pump
  11. It’s a factory ta delete
  12. Still trying to find problem seems to be bled good fluid coming out around plug when you loosen it did see a lot of very small bubbles in oil after 5 minutes of running must be sucking air somewhere.its over full with hytran and new filter.
  13. I took top of cab off and clean dirt out because mine wouldn’t drain cab top comes off fairly easy and it was full of dirt air working a lot better now
  14. Do it all time at work with air have a regulator start at 10 lbs a lot smaller cylinders also
  15. He’s right about being hard to dry for hay . We used to pull feed wagon behind flail chopper every day for dry cows sometimes we couldn’t keep up with it grows fast.
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