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  1. You should be able to light that good wish I had white metal on ceiling and walls
  2. My goodness are you Amish . Just kidding good looking kids .They look like they have more sense than most I see while taking mine to school.
  3. I replaced all mine in shop a few at a time because they of price I used the ones were you remove ballast. You have to do a little rewiring also they are instantly on very bright .
  4. We just had a RK open in our town I’m in heaven haven’t been to Tsc since.
  5. Sounds like something I would have done back in the day if it came across the farm it had better be a cow or moving fast.
  6. Before I got my 5240 I used Christmas tree timers no issues seems like they were about $15
  7. Someone spent a lot of money to get it out.
  8. Yes I made a trailer similar to that but just one run of bales first time I dumped it wasn’t thinking 5 rolls went through my fence , flattening it . Your trailer looks good by the way.
  9. Nothing like that around here.
  10. Do you need new underwear?
  11. But you would have a good reason to “ make up”.
  12. Heard Monster drink is bad for your heart, makes your blood pressure rise.
  13. Everyone at work uses 20 volt dewalt they get used and abused no complaints just don’t drop batteries on concrete .
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