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  1. Our town has at least three places that sell gas all have big tanks right in middle of town no problems that I’ve heard of.
  2. Seems like I see coyotes often while in tractor they hardy pay any attention to it .
  3. Nice I was expecting it to be belt powered.
  4. I’m with you hate working in the dark seem to need more light nowadays . I’d put all I could afford.
  5. Add on local cl wanted $2000 for 10
  6. I’m sorry I was talking about starter. Don’t know about alternator.
  7. It has at least one metric and rest standard I my have that backwards
  8. Shoot a couple of bricks through them they limber up nicely
  9. I milked four or five years every milking no days off was no one to give me one . It finally burned me out .
  10. I have several all .22 lever action nice guns a little stiff when you first get them .
  11. Snow is not near as fun as it used to be .
  12. Bet I’ve watched it 50 times love that movie.
  13. Do you have him an IH hat and a gun yet?
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