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  1. ky966boy

    886 injection pump

    Well my green buddy went red and got 886 the only thing I see wrong about it is the hose on the pump looks new but looks like a standard hydro hose . I told him I thought he should replace it with cih hose but I couldn’t remember why was I collect and what problems does this cause . Thanks
  2. ky966boy

    67 Belvedere 440 6 pak

    Step dad had 300 l looked a lot like that 413 motor it was a sleeper always had cool mopars around when I was a kid . I had 70 sport satellite 383 looked like road runner but had fancy inside it got me in a little trouble (16) lol
  3. ky966boy

    Cattle motivation, What do you use?

    I just run the way I want my cows to go and they chase me where ever I go
  4. ky966boy


    When I googled it there was just a bunch of red power posts so I just went to the source thanks for answer just checking with the experts to be sure.
  5. ky966boy


    Green buddy of mine decided they are too high and is looking at a 886 from the picture it has two oil filters and two fuel filters I assume that’s the 360 am I right ,and which one are the newest
  6. ky966boy

    Utility ATV-What to buy?

    I had articcat 400 it was junk traded for 650 it was good no problems
  7. ky966boy

    Millermatic 250

    Work has two we had them 15 years get used hard every day even make me look like a welder all parts available I have 185 at home love it too
  8. ky966boy

    Taurus Judge

    I have got the circuit judge neat little gun I want to take back stock off and replace with a pistol grip the factory one is useless With my long arms mine groups tight using 410 shells , about two foot pattern at 60 feet or so
  9. ky966boy


    It’s the right color
  10. ky966boy

    gun broker

    Don’t know about guns but I went to machinery sell where the guy running it said if your stuff wasn’t bringing enough you better be last bidder
  11. ky966boy

    Finally found a good reason to drive a Prius

    Yea they tried some eco friendly stuff in our parts washer at work one time for about a week
  12. ky966boy

    Back up camera and mirrors hmm !

    You shouldn’t have parked it there.
  13. ky966boy

    Other Speed increaser uses?

    During a ice storm we ran milkbarn on generator tried the thousand pto trick to save fuel when I kick on vac pump it killed the 3688 had to run on 540 it was a pretty big generator.
  14. ky966boy

    1486 front end

    Try hitting a ditch at an angle at I fairly high rate of speed . That’s what I did not on purpose though.
  15. ky966boy

    These 68s are just getting to high

    15 years ago they where 3or 4 grand around here