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  1. Got a 5408 had it about 20 years just put belts on it in winter good as any only down side is you have to take heads off gear boxes once a year not a real bad deal but my disc bine has dipsticks a lot nicer.
  2. I thought you was a good man before now I think your a great man
  3. Suns out today getting some fertilizer out had to hit go baby go button a couple of times
  4. Whoops didn’t understand that he’d broke the whole thing .
  5. I bet if you put a meter on it and heat it up the Ohms change if it’s good that’s the way we check thermal couplers at work.
  6. I got three girls 6-13 can’t keep the stuff.
  7. It must of been kin to the McCormick I had.
  8. A find of mine was selling out he had terminal cancer .He had a Browning sweet 16 I bid twice what it was worth and didn’t get it wish I had kept going. After sell some dude tried to sell me his Browning I told him I wouldn’t give a nickel for it.If you can come home with it what’s a couple thousand too much for piece of mind later.
  9. I’m also big guy 6’9” on my 14 with factory shifters I just swing my legs over shifters and stand up no problem.
  10. Thanks I like the 5240 a lot I think next series even better but it will do for me . It’s mainly loaded tractor now that I have other options. It did all the work for along time.
  11. Like these maybe, in my way more than stock ones look cool I guess.
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