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  1. thanks to all mentally drained will ck back tommrow
  2. We did all things in your last paragraph ba a good mechanic are the front housing coolant passages the metal replaced by white plastic things with 2 orange what your talking about
  3. How do you ck oil cooler all i know to get the antifreeze out i keep changing oil run it some and more oil and filters glad to here others opinions thanks
  4. The engine oil is milky we got antifreeze in it when changed headgasket no bubbles in radiators have shop vac duct tape on oil drain hose and am turning motor with a socket and ratchetthanks
  5. changed both headgaskets had heads checked i have engine oil polluted with antifreeze refilled engine with cheap oil and filters drained guess there still some oil not as bad but still polluted with antifreeze oil milky any suggestions would be very much appreciated thanks boots 1 good thing corn is still 24 percent
  6. boots

    Why not a bolt?

    This is very informative lot of of thought behind replys hats off to the repliers
  7. boots

    cheese demand?

    Let's keep our own meat in freezer and cows on the hoof let me starve
  8. boots

    1466 3 pt

    Thanks for replays could not find in manual appreciate the replays boots
  9. boots

    1466 3 pt

    Should above tractor hy tran be checked with 3 or arms down
  10. Get out in middle of pipe axle cut pipe bevel both ends weld pipe back together after turning so bracket is together angle iron under pipe to get straight
  11. Put a tongue jack on the rear of the disk with a extension welded to jack to reach the ground what I done to my 480
  12. Looking at these not new pros cons opinions thanks
  13. Go to Walmart and buy your self a pair of hair clippers start using them your self
  14. Been subsiding 2 always wet spots in a bean field and were very hard cant decide if it is compactin or just dried out 55 hp tractor single shank subsoiler spun out few times had to cheat draft control turned off options wanted thanks boots wanted to plow 16 acres tn landlevel not going to do afraid I will tear up something thanks boots
  15. any reports from attendees of the kurttz ih auction in ky for a price report
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