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  1. boots

    1466 upgrade

    Will be used for tillage anhydrous applicator chisel plow ripper disk and field cultivator 2 wd would be cost savings mx seem cheaper per horsepower or better value
  2. boots

    1466 upgrade

    Believe mx series are better value for age of both tractors
  3. boots

    1466 upgrade

    Thanks guys I should clarify some the magnum and the 88 series really hold their value well even for lots of hours I am not bashing them tire kicking on tractor house the mx series seem to be not priced as high for a lot newer tractor look forward to replies
  4. boots

    1466 upgrade

    With prices up and needing to want to upgrade want 150 hp tractor to replace above can't decide what series I'm looking for want to stay case ih pass on 86 and 88 and 40 and 50 series is mx the series I've looked around some input appreciated boots
  5. Had 2319 psi on crystal Guage I had put a bolt on brace from fender to seat support casting because of planter moniter and fender radio to stiffen fender and I was only getting about half travel on outside lever thanks for reply Allright now
  6. Not familiar with relif valve work fine until last part of season putting pressure Guage on after dinner
  7. Above combo hydralics got slow last year getting ready yesterdY too slow to raise planter empty in December changed hy oil and filter hoping to find obstruction would like to know how to ck outlet pressure and where is hydralic pump located and is it still availed thank you boots
  8. I agree being financially challenged makes you overcome things
  9. My old 8 ft on. Had wooden boxing kept greased lasted long time behind my md
  10. I was thinking 1 yetter and 1 factory and may try drag chain just trying to improve all I can control anyone planting beans before corn
  11. As above opinion about these how do you center to prevent digging seed out mostly convtinal tillage trails show yeild in crease or am I taking the bait thanks boots
  12. Thanks for the replies thought there must be a reason just did not know why thanks boots
  13. As above hear the board discussion this like quite often especially 66 series why is this wrong correct police or really something else ? Boots
  14. My grandad left a ex lax package on counter once a mouse ate the content that had to end bad for the mouse the bucket traps are beat bet around barn cats ? mine worked by putting pb in side of bottle kept cats from getting it just punched holes in large part of bottle to let smell out
  15. Rad on above tractor junk looking for place to buy a replacement thanks in advance boots
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