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  1. I was thinking 1 yetter and 1 factory and may try drag chain just trying to improve all I can control anyone planting beans before corn
  2. As above opinion about these how do you center to prevent digging seed out mostly convtinal tillage trails show yeild in crease or am I taking the bait thanks boots
  3. Thanks for the replies thought there must be a reason just did not know why thanks boots
  4. As above hear the board discussion this like quite often especially 66 series why is this wrong correct police or really something else ? Boots
  5. My grandad left a ex lax package on counter once a mouse ate the content that had to end bad for the mouse the bucket traps are beat bet around barn cats 🐈 mine worked by putting pb in side of bottle kept cats from getting it just punched holes in large part of bottle to let smell out
  6. Rad on above tractor junk looking for place to buy a replacement thanks in advance boots
  7. Thanks for replying now to find pump shop close by thanks again boots
  8. Looks like a trip to pump shop or can the quad ring be purchased at case ih thank you
  9. On above tractor my hand primer pump at rear of pump looks like a pipe nipple threads into inj pump is leaking where it screws into pump any help would be appreciated
  10. boots

    What is it?

    Rod centering clamp for top of oil well where polish rod goes thru stuffing box 3 3quarter in set screws to center and tighten
  11. Just phase i heard long ago no offense meant typing is so impersonate cant recieve any of the hidden parts of the human voice
  12. Believe you need an internal seal collapser 3 legged small solid round tool that goes thru 2 links of motorcycle chain plates works excellent local kinze mechanic showed me for hydralic clyinder rebuild order mine off fleaybay
  13. I don't know how to post pictures willtry to get help all welcome thanks for the reply
  14. our plow day in Sacramento ky is scheduled for OCTOBER 10 2020 all brands welcome plow unloading with backhoe located outside Sacramento ky need help dropping a pin 📌 on map quest nothing tractor wise happening around here I know kinda short notice call 270 316 1700 after 4 central if need to thanks boots
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