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  1. I also have that kind of project. About 10 ft down to water. Looking for some type of pump to run on say 5 hp gas motor no electricity available. Watering garden will a Jabco brand of pump lift water that high.wish I could find a windmill style but don't know what to put in Google. Thanks boots
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was able to take mine apart clean and tightened and stop the seeping. Thanks again boots
  3. Replacing fuel shut off valve in above. What would yall put on threads where it threads in to bottom of tank. Thanks boots
  4. Ih removed probly original case ih installed disk level front to rear and leveling good . Just asking
  5. Replaced all on above disk 2 winters ago. And all bearings .notch on front smooth on rear did not move any gang angle .started disking last night and remembered I was slightly unhappy with disk penatration. Ground seems hard. 4 lo ta. Forward 1206 duals just idles along. Before the same disk worked the tractor little harder. Options please thanks boots
  6. Where the door on rear of box to drive in I smeared grease on the seam where there was a little wood showing. I used to have cats slowly dissappear. I clean very good. Put out small trays of the older antifreeze. Hope I got all holes in cab full of jb weld.use mouse posion.all of box is slick flashing. Use peppermint oil 1 guesting is housold ammonia corrosive? This co.bine has lot more electronics than last one .appreciate the comments keep em coming .the boxes have a tin bottom. Thanks boots
  7. Well they would walk on the trusses climb down the chains and they got ya again
  8. Built these to go around combine tires to try and keep mice out ha ha. Just thought I would share on a Rainey day
  9. Thanks welding lead cables won't be able to get back to it till Saturday. Guess I just forgot. Old age coming on. Boots
  10. Went to farm to get 14 out 4 year old batteries . Hooked cables up positive cable getting physically hot. Had jumper cable hooked to neg on tractor . Posite cable on the tractor hooked to the positive of tractor that goes to both batteries the one that goes from pos to new to get you 12 volts instead of 6 tractor has 2 6 volt batteries. What am I forgetting. Thanks did not try to start ran out of time. Thanks boots.
  11. New cooler in starting on plate over top to prevent grain spillage put rubber gasket sheet around top of cooler and spray foam to prevent any grain entry . Working on end of fan drive shift now . Thanks for the interest in my project. Boots
  12. Well it leaked order. Will order new one tonight. Any places you delt with appreciated . I tried to save a dollar Boots
  13. Holding so far pressure slightly increasing so I know. Shop is warming up gonna hold for 1 hour thanks for your reply and help boots hope I can get photo to work.
  14. I got a rubber cap and a rubber step down adapter to hose clamp over the inlet and outlet. A opening with female pipe treads and a t to put guage in and air in . Probly try to pressure test tommrow night. Cleaning other side and blowing out wouldike to put in water can't find tote big enough . Thanks for suggestions more later boots.
  15. Hope I answer everyone's questions that have replied and are trying to help.not sure of my regulator type welder probley 12 years old. Combine purchase after I was done with crop so don't know a bout power. Like bad . I was hoping 10 psi enough .I can borrow a expensive digital guage was hoping my regulator would work may ha very ti use air and watch guage . Any other suggestions appreciated.?
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