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  1. New to me 656 gasser. Cleaned and lined the tank. Working on getting the rust out of the carb and then to freeing up the shifters and fixing oil leaks. Figure this will be my first restore and paint. Need a little practice before I paint my farm stock 806. With a little time putting together a potato launcher with the boys
  2. Thanks, will run the valves and replace points etc. next weekend and see if that helps.
  3. I have a new to me 656 Gas, I believe it has the Marvel carb. It has set with bad gas for I don’t know how long and I managed to get it cleaned and running just not very good. Has anyone purchased the Zenith replacement carb from Steiner? If so how well does it run? Not planning on working her too hard just disc the garden and blade the drive. See below, once she’s running good I will be asking about paint tips.
  4. Hello, I am looking at a 706 with the 282 diesel on it for a starter tractor for my son to pull with the local farm pullers. I am already running an 806 and thought it would be neat to add the 706 for no other reason than its the same series. My question is how easy will it be to run a 7 and 10 mph class at 7500 lbs. running the 806 in the 8500 and 9500 8 mph classes. I am thinking with a turbo and fuel system work it should be able to be competitive in those classes. It would be pulling against some 180 allies chalmers a couple 560 Farmalls and a 656. Ant thoughts are appreciated.
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