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  1. 1989 plowboy


    There is a o ring between each banjo correct?
  2. 1989 plowboy


    I am working on that seems to be a pain getting the banjo bolt back in
  3. 1989 plowboy


    Any tips on getting the fittings under the seat that the banjo bolts run through specially the ones that have the two metal lines stacked to stop leaking between the two banjo pieces that the banjo bolt s go through thanks
  4. Yes o rings I think 2 on one side 1 on the other
  5. Look and make sure there is not a screen stopped up lot of them had screen at sump but I can’t remember if and were on that one I’ve got one but it’s been parked for twenty years I’m a little rusty might just be air still in it
  6. If it’s the ecm there is a place in Florida that rebuilds them also listen for the lift pump to come on after bumping the starter it should run 15-30 seconds
  7. If it’s ecm it’s about 500 to have one redone
  8. If the wait to start light is not doing correctly it’s possible the ecm is the issue or loosing communication
  9. Check lift pump flow at the filter does it have pump on the block or has it been updated you can swap relays several are the same in engine compartment fuse panel sounds. Like the board on the pump but might try unplugging the injection pump plug in and clean and use dielectric grease on the connection the pumps have a bad wrap but it’s usually due to low fuel pressure causing the pump to go bad Find a local kid with a smarty tuner it can check codes in the pump that won’t show on check engine light
  10. I’ll ad one of my stuck pics for good measure the header is all the way up and still on the ground
  11. 1989 plowboy


    Im close to Greensboro N.C. the rain is to start at 9 am I have 37 acres of corn silage left to cut but it’s a week out yet we finished early part and covered the pit tonight thanks to some great friends that helped me I don’t know what I’d do without them my ex brother in law which I’m still close with live a outside Wilmington but is lucky and on a cruise in the Bahamas or so I will think until we speak on the phone soon he is supposed to return from his trip tomorrow he is a Wilmington firefighter and one of the best Im my opinion I’ll update when I learn from him thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as of now the forecast for us is mostly rain with some wind up to 6-10 inches which who knows maybe nothing I know there are some worse off than us and I pray for there safety
  12. To a Serrano degree I miss my up rights I miss flipping a breaker and drinking a Mountain Dew but on that note if the u loader fails the pitch fork stinks I do bags and bunker now days if the loader breaks yes it’s a bad day had I won that 522 million lottery I’d be doing most uprights just for less hired help amd quality like in a bag for less cost yearly anyway it’s all about what cash flows at the moment now Back in the day the older generations was able to buy a lot compaired to today’s standers now a days it’s all about what’s cost effective this month not even for the year and yes I’m a small dairy farmer
  13. God rest his soul Life longevity has a part and quality of life has an equal part I pray he enjoyed tinkering with his tractors and saving them as much as I do
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