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  1. 1989 plowboy

    806 bush hogging

    I’m wanting it to go behind my 4840 Jd to use for summer work around here you can buy tractor s like that cheaper than a 100 horse
  2. 1989 plowboy

    DOT Physical

    Mine was almost 200 over 90 two years ago bp meds have brought it down a lot been this way since I was 21 and at the time I weighed 140 now the meds have me up to 200 I’m 6ft
  3. 1989 plowboy

    806 bush hogging

    There is a 25 ft Schult for8500 up the road I’m watching I want it so bad I’m trying to figure out what to sell to get it. How you like it ?
  4. 1989 plowboy

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    She’s been used but not abused only driven by owner you know what it’s capible of and what made this country s bread and butter it will work all day just like a slave ( sorry for any negative) just needs a little lovin and attention but it’s a solid machine
  5. 1989 plowboy

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    You know a new one isn’t as good as this ole workhorse she will do twice the work on half the feed This man took pride in his equipment most bought new you will feel like a new man at the end of the day after running this pleasure for the day this is the tractor this x company was known for reliable and comfort all in one This tractor made this farm what it is you won’t find a nicer cleaner one
  6. 1989 plowboy

    Almost made it a week

    We got a 2011 model it will be for sale as soon as family beach trip is over in a month make sure the oil you use has dexos in it or it will burn oil badly ( dealer bought it from must not have known that ) also I hope you have small hands to change the day time running light bulbs it rides good and handles good on a positive note kids love the DVD player
  7. 1989 plowboy

    Calling all gardeners,,

    Are or did you use any hay or straw that could have been sprayed with a grazon or torton product around the plants either this year or last ?
  8. 1989 plowboy

    Auction results

    Is that not cheap for the Heston mower ?
  9. 1989 plowboy

    indiana milk proce ?

    We are paying 2 dollars a hundred for trucking 25 miles
  10. 1989 plowboy

    1486 fuel pump

    Take right side of bell house ing plate loose turn engine to 17 or 23 degrees I can’t remember take plug under pump loose takes a 1/2 inch ratchet for the plug and make sure timing marks line up if not rotate engine 180 degrees
  11. 1989 plowboy

    Never seen this before

    I’ve had 5 rear tractor tire flats in 6 days professional repair on two which didn’t hold its been as they say a bad week
  12. 1989 plowboy

    Need help

    Take a quart of hytran and squirt it in the 5/8 plug hole hard and fast then while plug is out crank it should spray out quick then shut it off and put plug back in
  13. 1989 plowboy

    Silage wagons

    I was looking last night on tractorhouse at H&s and gehl I think the newer ones have heavier floors chains than the antiques we once used we use two dump trucks now and a dump wagon but considering getting a couple good wagons to be able to ag bag some withless difficulty one reason specific is a couple buddies that help me there sons and mine should be able to pull wagons versus tags and licenses and insurance
  14. 1989 plowboy

    Silage wagons

    New holland # 8 is both front and rear unload
  15. 1989 plowboy


    In the clutch pack itself ?