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  1. Tractor to Start Farming With

    806 1206 8561256 might can get a 966 or 1066 cheaper all these listed have a good solid foundation with proven reliability watch out for evidence of a leaking liner on the 66 models this said Make sure you find one that has been well cared for on the 66 series a water filter is a must and use good judgement look around and don’t be in to big a hurry to bite on one unless you are sure good luck
  2. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    Looks excellent you did a lot cleaner job than me I ran out of money when springtime came
  3. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    Yes wife has 2011 Acadia wait till you change a few daytime front running lights
  4. pto generator question

    Make sure you set at 60-62 hertz load changes this can burn up motors even more so computers and circuit boards on frequency sensitive electronic s
  5. Walmart/Dean Foods

    This seems to be the new normal all the large dairies are Dutch one 2 miles up the road spending money left and right buying farms and expanding new equipment also just finished a new carousel milking close to 3000 at that farm
  6. 806

    Thank you nate
  7. 806

    I really just was hoping that whoever had done the one s i seen in archive thread was on here to say if they would do it again and if they thought it was worth it
  8. 806

    I have a buddy that has one off a 66 series on his 856 I was thinking quite with out the droon his has It’s was mostly out loud thinking as milk prices are going down I just really enjoy mowing with it versus one of my lighter already cabbed tractor and thought this might could make it even more enjoyable it’s hard to beet the ride mine has when mowing and I use it on the mixer. A lot close to home in winter to make feeding hay with the cab without having to hook and unhook all the twice a day
  9. 806

    Good points I was going to put a ta in it before I did that as it’s slipping on low side now I just seen the photos on here of both the 86 series and sound guard and it sparked my curiosity to the point of exploring the option just thought a newer cab on it and put Ac on and it would be a Cadillac mowing and feeding machine some Times you see something and you need someone that’s been there to get u thinking logically again
  10. 806

    I was looking for a soundguard for my buddy’s John Deere when I googled it I found a discussion and pictures of both the sound guard on one and a 86 series on the other My 806 is a cummins swap and I really enjoy using it to mow due to its long wheel base and thought a newer quieter cab on it would make it even better I did the swap so I’m used to some obstacles it just sparked my wheels to spinning when I seen the pictures that it had been done and since it was all posted on here in 09 that maybe someone from here had done this and could shed some light on the matter to tell me if it was worth it or not
  11. 806

    I am using my 806 as a feeding tractor now and seen in the archive threads one with a 86 series cab and one with a sound guard anyone here happen to be the ones that did that ? I was thinking about doing it to mine keep me outta the cold and rain but if mine had a good Ac and cab it would be even more perfect as I use it to pull The discbine to mow in the summer and here in the south it gets quite warm
  12. Heads up.

    Ps that’s doing all the work yourself
  13. Heads up.

    It would cost roughly 5000 each to do the swap assuming you can buy the motor for 1200 it’s the little things that add up on those swaps
  14. Heads up.

    How much do they want for it and no I’m not interested I just have one and wonder what it’s worth ?
  15. Ford vs Massey Ferguson

    Been thinking a 253 240 and 231s all fit in that size and if you look around can be bought likely cheaper than a 35or 135