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  1. I’m gonna start by saying I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a ih diesel we had 706 gas when I was a kid and I preferred it to other tractor s we had then because of how it drove straight on the road and I could put out 4x6 bales of hay and not have to steer with the brakes we bought a 806 gas for a couple thousand 11 years ago with the intention of doing this swap I was lucky and found two two wheel drive first gens for there engines I have 5500 or less total in the tractor and the swap it now lives on the tmr mixer it cranks good and sips fuel I do wish it had a cab to keep the rain off me though my swap is not as clean as most I’ve seen but it’s a low budget chore tractor that was originally a gas I’d do another in a heartbeat if I could find another cheap gas 806
  2. It was 3200 a friend of mine also sent it to me but apparently it’s been sold I had to many things going on today he just text me may be a good thing
  3. How cheap is cheap to everyone here ?
  4. A 1486 is for sale locally with a busted driver side rear axle we’re a truck driver clipped a guide wire hauling it with duals on and it’s priced cheap enough will a 1086 trumpet housing and axle work I happen to know we’re a parts one of them is or is there a underlying problem that could cause this
  5. Looks excellent you did a lot cleaner job than me I ran out of money when springtime came
  6. Try pb blaster / kerosene/ atf mix pull injectors and fill full let soak then go by and bump the starter every couple days time and patience are of the essence that way you will know what you have before you have to rebuild in the future
  7. I love my I h on land and I'm sure you will to
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