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  1. Nice looking truck. I'm not a fan of the flareside beds, but that is just me. Things to look out for because these all happened to me on my 2004. Front wheel bearings both failed. The second one failed almost catastrophically within 5 miles of me noticing anything weird. Check the brake lines. If they are stock steel, get them changed to stainless steel. You can get a prebent package from NAPA for about $150. Stock ones will all fail due to road salt and will fail at the most inappropriate time. Leaf spring mounts to the rear frame rusted off and I almost had a leaf spring poking thro
  2. There are many many different variations of sorghum. Sudan grass is a variant that is grown for forage. Milo is grain sorghum. There are about 6 varieties that are grown for sugar/molasses purposes.
  3. I planted on 30 inch rows with a 1200 planter. About 3 inch spacing and that was a tad to heavy. I think I need to back off on the vacuum also as I got more doubles/triples than I wanted. I think 4.5- 5 inches is what I'm going to shoot for next year.
  4. I think the dual had something to do with the poor emergence the first time. An acre is a lot depending on how you harvest and what your level of commitment is to this.
  5. I got my seed on the internet somewhere. 5lbs goes a long way. An acre is a lot to harvest your first year..... I put down some Dual for grass control. My first planting didn't come up very well so I roundup'ed the patch and then planted into it again about 3 weeks after the first time. It all came up the second time. I had some velvet leaf but not much of anything else. Except the darn morning glories that like to grow around the stalks.
  6. I posted most of the pics I have. It is a pretty simple process. There are some you tubes out there.
  7. I'm not that high tech yet to use reverse osmosis. I use a corn knife to cut the stalks. I've seen others use old corn binders to cut and bundle.
  8. I'm interested in a few of your comments. First: about but end of the stalk. I usually run mine in from the top end first. I don't overstuff my mill. I usually only run 2-3 stalks through at a time. How can it bust the mill? I grow Dale variety as well. some others will grow taller but lodging is more of a problem. I cook mine to 226 F this year. I just use an instant read thermometer. Don't touch the bottom of the cook pan or that throws off the reading. I might go to 228 next year as I thought mine was a little more runny than I like. The other thing I learned this year is to no
  9. I put out about 1/2 an acre. There was some that I didn't harvest because it went down and got all tangled up and was a pain. I did probably 80% of my patch and got about 23 gallons of finished molasses.
  10. I made about 23 gallon this year. I am selling some...
  11. The pans in the evaporator each hold about 7 gallons of raw. I will continue to add more as it boils down. I would guess that I can go through about 40 gallons of raw juice in about 4 hours. Sorghum is about 10:1 where maple syrup is more like 40:1.
  12. Yes you can. This evaporator is my brothers who uses it for maple syrup in the late winter.
  13. The evaporator belongs to my brother who does maple syrup in the late winter. The M is one I got for my oldest son. We are slowwwwly fixing it up. I hope to make it red again next spring.
  14. I got into making molasses last year and then expanded/improved on it this year. Sorghum Molassses. Not Black Strap. Here is my machine. It is a Columbus #2 that I mounted a New Holland gearbox to utilize a PTO to run it. This was a big improvement over the first year of running it with a 4 wheeler driving in a circle. I planted my Sorghum in late May. Next step is to strip and cut the stalks, end of Sept-early Oct. This trailer is 7x14 stacked about 3 high and I think I did about 5 of them. Following that, we pressed the stalks and collected the juice. From there it is cooked do
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