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  1. I had a steering cylinder start to leak pretty good so I took it out and got it repaired. No problem, right. When I took it out I noticed one thing odd. There are some bushings on top and bottom of each of the pins on the ends, one on top of the cylinder swivel mount and one on the bottom. 3 of the 4 were just fine but one was ob-longed pretty badly. The pins all seem pretty tight yet. I'm putting it back together tonight and was just wondering if anyone else has seen this before and if I need to be concerned about it? Any replies would be appreciated. Siefring Red Farmer.
  2. I had a hardwood table top split on me once. I had a buddy who did some wood working. He had one of those Kreg pocket screw jigs. He was able to get the split pulled back together well. With screws, the glue will not let loose again.
  3. I'm looking at a Case 450 Dozer. Anybody got any opinions on them? This one is a 1978 model with 6400 hrs. The track and undercarriage has recently been rebuilt. One problem is that the brake on the right track does not operate very well.
  4. I did find the bearing I was looking for and ordered some. Hopefully these hold up.
  5. I don't know if they are HD or not. They are CIH parts.
  6. Do they have just the bearing? I can't find just the bearing.
  7. My planter will always trash the disc opener bearings long before the discs are worn out. Does anyone know where to find replacement bearings for these?
  8. yes. the turn signals work. The flashers work, but not with the switch now, they worked before I started messing with it. I probably just need to take the switch out and try cleaning it up again.
  9. So. I started up the ole 3588 tonight and low and behold the lights still worked, mostly. Now the flashers don't work, they were the only thing working before. Dang namit!! I'll check it out Saturday. My real question for you all is this: The 3 point hitch controls in the cab are loose. The lever will move down on its own and allow the hitch to drop. This is problematic because I intend to use a V-ripper with this tractor. Is there a friction pad or something to get the correct feel back on the levers, both the hitch control and the draft control levers are the same way?
  10. So an update on the lights.... Monday evening I was working on figuring out what to do to make the lights work. I had the whole dash apart. I had power to the switch. The switch checked out good, still no lights. Well, Monday evening was cold and I have no heat in my shed so about 9:30 I got cold and went in for the evening. About 10:00 when I finished reading the paper, I realized that I probably left the light switch on but then thought to myself 'The darn lights don't work anyhow so I aint about to get dressed and go out in the cold to switch it off.' Then last night after work I went in the shed to get my skidloader out and I notice lights. The darn thing fixed itself! And, the batteries were not completely drained, even better!!! I'm sure this will come back again in the future and probably about 11:00 at night when I have 2 rounds to go until I'm done. But for now, I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.....
  11. I poked around on it for a little while tonight. I have all the work lights working but not the main lights off the switch yet. It's far to cold for March. One question I have, Is there another fuse box other than the one under the steering column?
  12. I just picked up a 3588. It was locally owned and bought off the 2nd owner. It has a few things that need immediate attention. Most notably are the lights and the AC. I may ask for some help on the lights. The flashers work, but the others on the main light switch do not. It'll need a lower cab kit and a new seat.
  13. Closing wheels are important. But, the gauge wheels are just as important to have the correct ones if you are no tilling. I strongly believe in the gauge wheels with bubble next to the opening disks. This will leave the area around the seed trench a little 'fluffy' and easier to get closed properly.
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