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  1. This is an original Red Power version. I purchased it this spring off the original owner.
  2. Here is my 986 hooked to the planter this past spring. I ran this planter with an 885 previously. That tractor was struggling with it the entire time. The 9 was a nice update to say the least
  3. I picked up a 986 this year and have been thoroughly impressed with its lugging/power ability. Its not completely fair to compare it to a 14 as a 14 is about 50% more power. No wonder there is a noticeable difference. Put a turbo on the 9 and you will essentially have a 14. Same engine in both (don't know about piston oil cooler jets.) Be careful you don't tear up everything else after the engine on the 9 though.
  4. First year I started farming I had beans run 65 bu average and I thought I had it made. Last year, I had one field average 82 Bu for the first time ever. I'd say my farm average is just shy of 70. Key to good beans is getting them planted early, keeping the weeds out, and getting some rain in August.
  5. I purchased a 986 this year. Its easy on fuel and great on power/lugging. I wish I would have gotten mine 10 years ago. I'm sure you will enjoy this one. It looks well cared for
  6. We did 1200 bales with stack wagons. We always used a push pole to get the wagons up to the elevator. It reduces how far you have to reach out to set them on just right and on some barns, there is only one way the bales go through without getting caught.
  7. Here is a post I made about it last fall. I plan on making more this year as well. As you can see, I modified my press to run off the PTO now instead of mules.
  8. I've been looking for a different mower conditioner and found a JD 820. I know nothing about them. I'm going to look at it tonight. Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  9. Very true. I have a 695 which isn't much different. Great loader tractor. Only changes I'd make would be to lose the T/A and shorten the turning radius. Otherwise, its very reliable. 4400 hrs and original clutch.
  10. This was my office the past two days. Waiting on the rain to come by today and tomorrow now.
  11. Thank you. I wasn't sure how to troubleshoot this. I was looking at a wiring diagram and it appeared to me that both these gauges received power in parallel from the same source. I was initially thinking a grounding problem but could be power. I'll do some poking around with my multimeter tonight.
  12. My new to me 986 is having problems with some of the gauges not functioning. The fuel and coolant temp are not working. Both are on the same side of the dash cluster. I'm guessing that it is likely a grounding problem but don't know for sure. Any suggestions on where to start would be appreciated. The volts and oil pressure seem to be working.
  13. Thanks all. I do have a needle valve bypass. I had an occasion when the valve would shut off during operation and was a bit concerned about tying back the lever. Thanks all for the replies. Your collective knowledge is appreciated. Siefring Red Farmer
  14. I have a new to me 986. I also have a new to me sprayer with a hydraulic pump. My question is this, the hydraulic valve will pop into neutral when it senses excessive back pressure. My sprayer causes it to drop out. How do you adjust this or do you just wire the control lever into the operating position? Sorry for the sideway pic.
  15. I bought this one a couple of years ago. This is the day I got it home.
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