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  1. Very true. I have a 695 which isn't much different. Great loader tractor. Only changes I'd make would be to lose the T/A and shorten the turning radius. Otherwise, its very reliable. 4400 hrs and original clutch.
  2. This was my office the past two days. Waiting on the rain to come by today and tomorrow now.
  3. Thank you. I wasn't sure how to troubleshoot this. I was looking at a wiring diagram and it appeared to me that both these gauges received power in parallel from the same source. I was initially thinking a grounding problem but could be power. I'll do some poking around with my multimeter tonight.
  4. My new to me 986 is having problems with some of the gauges not functioning. The fuel and coolant temp are not working. Both are on the same side of the dash cluster. I'm guessing that it is likely a grounding problem but don't know for sure. Any suggestions on where to start would be appreciated. The volts and oil pressure seem to be working.
  5. Thanks all. I do have a needle valve bypass. I had an occasion when the valve would shut off during operation and was a bit concerned about tying back the lever. Thanks all for the replies. Your collective knowledge is appreciated. Siefring Red Farmer
  6. I have a new to me 986. I also have a new to me sprayer with a hydraulic pump. My question is this, the hydraulic valve will pop into neutral when it senses excessive back pressure. My sprayer causes it to drop out. How do you adjust this or do you just wire the control lever into the operating position? Sorry for the sideway pic.
  7. I bought this one a couple of years ago. This is the day I got it home.
  8. THank you for the reply. That is good to know. I sent it off to them this morning. Siefring Red Farmer
  9. Small update. I was working on the tractor again tonight and the tach and PTO and MPH all were working. Except, when I shut the tractor down the digital dash did not turn off completely. It was on faintly. I unhooked it and rehooked it up and then it was not working again. I'm sending it off to Ag Express in the morning.
  10. When you say 'the cluster has issues,' Does that mean pull the dash and send it to Ag Express for repair? What is the 'cluster?'
  11. 4417. The previous owner retired about 8 years ago. He kept this around just to plow snow and such and so it got very little use the last few years.
  12. I picked up a 986 today. Its a 1980 Red Power. The previous owner was the original owner. All in all, a pretty nice tractor. I'll use it for planter/side dress/sprayer duty. I have one question. The digital dash lights up but only reads all 0's. Tach, PTO RPM, etc. Any help/suggestions for what to start looking at would be appreciated. Also It is a Red Power version. I'd like to get a new set of decals for the red power and branding irons. Any source for them?
  13. OK. Thanks. I'll give it a look see tomorrow.
  14. Doesn't the reservoir self fill? One brake works..... It uses the same reservoir doesn't it?
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