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  1. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes
  2. I have 3 Grain O Vator feed wagons. They are still made. I'll see ones pop up in my area occasionally for about 1500-2000. I run one of them every week, about 4 tons and it has been on the farm for about 35 years.
  3. Yes, I would appreciate a part number list.
  4. Good for you. Glad you got some. Its dryer than a popcorn fart here.
  5. You figure this out, let me know. My 1200 is the same way. i think they made a spacer to help out with this problem. I never purchased them because my trash wheels are about junk and need to be replaced.
  6. We took off the fenders and made a set of platforms which bolt into the axle housing where the fenders were, did this on the 300 but will work on others as well. This gives a big surface to step onto and off of. The platform extends up to just beyond the light fixture and just back of the operator station and is the width of the wheel to operator station. I can get pics if interested.
  7. Its not the tires fault that it is flat and useless. Its the pressure from the outside world that forced the air out. Simply a VICTIM of the situation you choose to put it in. I'm sure there is a leader in the tire community who will be along soon to sing the praises of the flat tire and to chide you for recognizing its uselessness.
  8. X3 on the Proto tools. I had a socket break, 11/8. I called them up and a new one arrived in the mail in 2 days. No proof of the damage was needed, just said I broke it and they sent a new one. Never mind I had it on a breaker bar with a 4 ft pipe.
  9. Don't get me wrong. Half of what I raise is Black. I'm just saying that for starting out, choose a breed that will be more problem free. A Hereford will almost raise itself if you let them and you can buy them at least $.20 cheaper than blacks. They are all made of meat on the inside.
  10. If you are buying feeders, stay away from Angus for your first go around. I will have more problems with Angus cattle than any other breed. They seem to get sick first. I'll take a short horn calf over Angus any day of the week. Herefords are easy to come by here and will be mostly problem free. My favorite to raise are Charolais but they are not as plentiful. A Charolais will grow as well and big as an angus but not give you the problems an angus will.
  11. I watched part of it also and thought, wowsers. Looks like a winter project cuz it will take all winter.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll check it out. I know the previous owner did not use the TA much.
  13. This week I was using my 3588 and came upon a tough spot. Pulled the torque back and all was well. Got through it and pushed the torque forward and the tractor stopped for just an instance and then, clunck, and it started moving again. I thought torques generally would stop functioning on the low side, the tractor would stop. This happened when shifting into high range. Is there something I can do about this short of a T/A replacement? Just over 4000 on the hour meter. I have not shifted the T/A since and the tractor is functioning without issues.
  14. I had amish do my building. They were kind of unreliable for getting the work done as they take off to support their own needs whenever they want. Some brought their kids to work with them, like 5 years old kids. They crap in another of my buildings and didn't clean it up. They pound every nail in and don't attempt to pick up any dropped nails. I spent hours with a magnet and rake picking up nails and screws. I also has some do a roofing job for me once. They were great. New roof on and you could not tell they were even there. I'm not in a hurry to get straw hats to build anything for me again. Though I have neighbors who only have them build stuff for them. Good and bad everywhere you go. I let the local lumber yard bring them in thinking that the lumberyard was reputable and would have good builders. My advice is to get a reference(s) on them.
  15. Our local concrete company has a trailer that holds a yard of concrete that they will rent for cheap. They fill it, you pour it. Works good for small amounts.
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