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  1. I have a Henry in 357. My wife shoots it just fine. It kicks very little. Is accurate out to 100 yards easily with open site, would do better out further but it needs a better indian behind it. I took a nice 8 point buck with it this year and my boys both took does. It is not a gun you want to carry walking around all day. But a nicely balanced, well shooing machine.
  2. I finally heard from someone from the estate. A city folk tried to fill the fuel tank through the radiator. Fuel got in there from the fuel hose. No problems with the engine. Thanks for all the help
  3. I have family that is an old mechanic and he told me that a Cummins 855 will do a similar thing as described. That was his first thought.
  4. That' a new one for me. I've only seen the green and orange coolant. I guess it could have been. I'll have to ask the auction company tomorrow.
  5. I wondered that as well. They had a 966 there also and it had green coolant in it.
  6. What’s ELC? I took a stick and dipped it in. All indications to me were it’s fuel.
  7. I"m looking at a 986 at an auction. 4900 hours. Most things look pretty clean on the tractor. The hitch hole is still very round yet. But one thing. When I checked the radiator, it had fuel floating in it. Is that a common failure? Where would that come from? Or, did someone screw up and add fuel thinking they were topping off the fuel tank?
  8. The 786 was a beast of a tractor. I worked, or was indentured to, summers on my Grandpa's farm. We would blow haylage up a 60 ft silo. That tractor would shimmy and shake but it would keep plugging along. I would surly like to have one for a planter/sprayer tractor.
  9. I purchased this knife about 10 years ago. I dressed many deer with it. This knife will hold an edge very well and is very well made. I'll buy my boys one when they are ready for them as well.
  10. Nice looking truck. I'm not a fan of the flareside beds, but that is just me. Things to look out for because these all happened to me on my 2004. Front wheel bearings both failed. The second one failed almost catastrophically within 5 miles of me noticing anything weird. Check the brake lines. If they are stock steel, get them changed to stainless steel. You can get a prebent package from NAPA for about $150. Stock ones will all fail due to road salt and will fail at the most inappropriate time. Leaf spring mounts to the rear frame rusted off and I almost had a leaf spring poking thro
  11. There are many many different variations of sorghum. Sudan grass is a variant that is grown for forage. Milo is grain sorghum. There are about 6 varieties that are grown for sugar/molasses purposes.
  12. I planted on 30 inch rows with a 1200 planter. About 3 inch spacing and that was a tad to heavy. I think I need to back off on the vacuum also as I got more doubles/triples than I wanted. I think 4.5- 5 inches is what I'm going to shoot for next year.
  13. I think the dual had something to do with the poor emergence the first time. An acre is a lot depending on how you harvest and what your level of commitment is to this.
  14. I got my seed on the internet somewhere. 5lbs goes a long way. An acre is a lot to harvest your first year..... I put down some Dual for grass control. My first planting didn't come up very well so I roundup'ed the patch and then planted into it again about 3 weeks after the first time. It all came up the second time. I had some velvet leaf but not much of anything else. Except the darn morning glories that like to grow around the stalks.
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