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  1. Set screw may be out of fork. The rev/low fork is bolted together it could be coming apart, also the more rare is the dowel came out of fork itself Mike
  2. Just got back from RPRU 2022. What a great show, tons of tractors, beautiful weather, and got to meet a bunch of great people. We love doing these shows and meeting our customers that I talk to on the phone all the time. Thank you all for a great show. Holding the redpower members meet and greet at my trailer is a great way to meet everyone as well. Heck I even had to do a service call while i was there. Thanks Tony Ramos for the pics. Again thank you all for another great show. See you in Nebraska next year
  3. I should be there by 1ish. Come on by the trailer. Big sign says Triple R Tractors Mike
  4. We will be there wed- sat. come by trailer and say hi Mike
  5. Usually at my vendor trailer. And between 4 and 5 pm. Mike
  6. Borg warner is not casting any of them right now. 3lm-466, s2e, to4 replacement. They have no one to make the housings and they no idea when they will. there are none to be had. Watch out for cheap china versions that are being repopped.
  7. Take it off. If you do through the front cover you have to cut lube line. Also there is NO way to adjust bearing load. I would do master clutch to. I have the whole kit here. Updates, brgs, seals, master, flex plate and gaskets. Mike
  8. I will be doing the pipes in chrome and black. 3", 3 1/2" and the 3 3/4" to start. Eliminators for the 86 and 5x88's as well. Its taken me a little bit to put this all in place and get rolling here. Should have it taken care here shortly. thanks Mike www.triplertractors.com
  9. It can be done with range on rear end housing. You have to pull seat, remove lube valve and mph transducer, remove pumps and drive, remove the forks thwn the front bearing caps then front cover and remove shafts Mike
  10. Talked to him on the phone. You need anything let me know
  11. Add shims. Closer to 300 psi the better
  12. Does tractor have sentry of test harness in it
  13. Give me a ring i have most of this on hand with a trans kit
  14. bolster and all is different. even the handpump is different. but you can get by withthe one you have Mike
  15. The price increases on parts are just rediculous right now. I just wanted to say thank you to my diehard customers for your continued support. There is just not a dang thing I can do about some of this. It sure is taken the fun outta this. Thank you all for your support. Hopefully this straightens out one day. Mike
  16. Check the clutch cable and cam is moving freely
  17. U could. usually if the speed synchro disc are coming apart the range are to. Call me if ya need something
  18. Shoup got them from dave to i believe
  19. cost is number 1 reason. #2 on the sweep pipes its hard and not many can bend it. Im looking at this with picking up making these pipes
  20. Thomure is closing their doors. I talked to Dave this week. I will be making the eliminators for the 86 and 5x88. I will also be doing the black pipes for the 86s and 88s as well as the 3 3/4 for the 56 66 series. These will be black only at this time. This will take a little bit of time to get tooled up and going. I have pipes and eliminators on hand now Mike
  21. That is the updated spline disc. What is the tooth count on the even gear(rear gear on clutch pack).
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