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  1. Yes. You cut it off right at the relay on right side of pedistal. Put an eyelet terminal on it and ground it to pedistal Mike
  2. this is one of the vendors I use that made these. Im just selling them. I think they are gonna be great. Especially with the led diagnostics
  3. no more testing needed. they have been running them in a hand full of tractors since the first of the year. Hvae tweeked them and have decided they are good to go
  4. Unsure on the part warranty yet. There wont be any trans warranty same as caseih they dont do this either. No one worried about this when they decide to run the test harnesses. They have had them in the field for some time running them through the paces.
  5. Yes. Plus the awesome features of led diagnosis and manual to tell you what the issue is. anything from voltage issues (high or low), pressure issues, etc
  6. Here they are new aftermarket correctly working modules with led fault code diagnostics. They bolt in and plug in just as the originals do. For roughly half the cost of the CaseIH modules. No need now to run the God forsaken trans eating test harnesses. Mike
  7. wash the livin **** out of the coolers and radiator. I find using a garden hose with gun sprayer on the end works best. evacuate the system. 4 lbs of 134a, replace the drier and expansion valve. I have found the magnums a/c system requires so little service that alot of the driers are OLD and full and will freeze up because they are restricted.. 100 degree day with our humidity I will see 30-45psi on low side and 250 to 300 on high side. If this fails to give you satisfaction I have an auxiliary condenser here that will drop high side pressure by 50- 60 psi. My southern guys wont run without them anymore. Remember the more heat we get rid of the colder its going to get. Also make sure the tstat switch is cycling the compressor so it don't freeze this is important in the spring and fall. Never take the tstat switch and cram it all the way around tight. this seems to not let comp cycle Mike
  8. Other than the rain thursday morning. The weather was perfect. A great crowd friday. Lots of tractors of all sizes. Mike
  9. cant remember name of town. Northwest Iowa. Maybe someone will chime in
  10. They were takin but i dont have them hopefully someone will post it Mike
  11. Im right in the center of vendor alley. I have 3 signs up. We are directly north of the tractors. Mike
  12. We will be there vending parts. Devon tractor parts cannot make it. Pilot knob is not going either she cant do it on her own. We will have a daily meeting at my trailer at 4:00. Its always good to put names and faces together. Mike
  13. Thanks guys. Yea admittedly. I dont get on here as much as the past. Just really busy. I enjoy talkin to you all and helping with your IH tractor parts needs Mike
  14. I will be there. Will be setup with the trailer. We will do the daily meet and greets at my trailer as always. If thats works for everyone. 2 months away now Mike
  15. U have the wrong spacer that is for the 66 series. You will reuse your sleeve and i have the new seals for the ends. The 50 series used a metal mesh type seal Mike
  16. The number is stamped on the front of gear. Ther is a degree difference in the teeth. If you buy a new paw be sure to grind the button off between the two teeth. If you dont park will not hold. Mike
  17. This is a as a rule statement. The new s/n paws were not stamped the old was. I go by the park lock gear part number. 120586c1 is old style. 1277036c1 is the new gear. Buy park locks by gear number then u can never miss match.
  18. Thats what i always say. Do it the way u want it. Its urs to do with what YOU want. I build the tractors the way the owner wants, not what i want.
  19. Here is my current project 1978 crewcab. Doing a full frame off nut and bolt resto on it. Its been slow going
  20. It dont take long to spend it on them. I like the shiny stuff myself?
  21. Oh heck no. If anything there is an increase in demand and selling alot of parts for them to. Mike
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