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  1. I can tell you from specializing with them they are coming out of the wood work. Its about time they get the respect and value they deserve. I have 4 here now and 5 more coming in yet for mechanical builds. They are a great tractors. I'm trying to save everyone. I dont know how many I have been through in my shop but its a bunch. Mike
  2. 54 is maxxed out. 50 and 52 can be upgraded
  3. I build them heavier in the speed trans and master clutch than what they were
  4. Doing it the right way. 40ish. There is always that what if. Now ur gonna get the guy that says you can do it in 15hrs. These are not doing it correctly. You are going after master clutch so you have to take speed trans out. These guys that say i can do the updates in 15hrs are not taking the trans out. They are just removing the front cover and doing it that way. I dont know how they do it because brg caps are on the back of trans. So there is NO way the are resetting brg load etc.
  5. Trans updates in the speed trans.
  6. The teflons have the ends broke on them which lets lube into pressure side
  7. Got this 54 tore down today. The master is smoked. Needs updates in it to. Mike
  8. let me know if you need a trans kit. I know I can save you some dollars. If who ever your takin it to will let you bring my parts in
  9. I just found the problem with this one. The clutch pivot arm is very stiff. So clutch did not return and has now smoked clutch. Im gonna say ur discs are warped
  10. You cant find new lube spool setup. They liked to break anyway. I have tried to reduce lube flow before. I never got any satisfaction out of it.
  11. Got a 5488 mfd in shop right now. Master is extremely aggressive. Cant get into gear. The plates are warped. I ll post pics when i get it apart.
  12. Very good. Let me know if you need anything else. Sorry we got cut off on the phone today.
  13. Only other thing i can think of is if the master clutch disc are warped or something binding in the range trans
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