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  1. Bring her back around for another look. LOL Mike
  2. This we talked about earlier on this post. Been texting guy something just dont feel right. Is their anyone here close to were this bronco is?
  3. seen that one but no title and he says previous owner has no interest in helping get one. H e would rather part it. all sounded little wierd to me. I say its hot 🔥 LOL
  4. Ive seen those all those broncos. They are all rust buckets except first one but it has a vin# problem. Thanks though
  5. Guys and gals I'm looking for a 1978 or 1979 Ford Bronco. If anyone knows of any for sale I would appreciate a contact. I'm in zero hurry just looking for the right one and thought I would try this avenue again. BJ if this post is not allowed please delete it. I figured since it wasnt IH related it would slide. Thanks Mike
  6. the reason is its full flow even if not needed and flow controls are turned down. it creates heat and basically like back pressure. puts more stress and heat on everything plus the simple fact the other handles are effected
  7. no never use the motor run handle for the motors if you need the other handles for a function. Always use the inside handle which you will have to tie on. then this will allow the other 2 or 3 handles to function correctly
  8. your right and the crossover. but you want to use inside handle run the hyd motor or you will have a drop when another function is called for. u never run on the outside handle to run a hyd motor unless that is the only hyd remote being used. I wish they would not have done it that way creates alot of confusion and heat in the system for no reason
  9. motor run has to be on inside handle on magnums and the 88s. otherwise yes you get the drop
  10. Sure cause your losing 11 teeth off high gear.
  11. Oh ok. Well u already have the 44t even. You have to stay with that
  12. You are not putting the "IH Updates" in are ya. It will be costly and your ground will be cut down. When u do the IH updates they go from 55t even gear to a 44t even which slows tractor way down. Also when u want to down shift the gear is virtually nothing. Reason. Odd gear stays 39t. The even goes to 44t thats only a 5 tooth diff instead of 55t which is 16t diff. Huge difference
  13. As rule no. If u werent having problems probably ok. U can pull it out the front of range. Shafts are hravy. As long as brgs are good no neex to pull range housing
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