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  1. Pete will have to fill in for me this year on the meetin spot. Pete no slackin slackeršŸ˜ Mike
  2. Its a no go for me. See ya all next year. Mike
  3. 88seriesrestorer


    with those hours you can about bet its done. i had one here with 11k on in before it fail originally Mike
  4. Yes speed engages them master. U can call me anytime Mike
  5. If ur not having a problem with shifting. Maybe it knocked a tooth off the 5-6 gear. Mike
  6. wire comes from starter. Is this a 1 wire alt? if so what amp? most 1 wires are 65amp and that is no where near enough amp for these tractors. If its the delco there has to be power on the one terminal all time and switch power on the other. If you have low batteries there may not be enough power coming from switched wire as its resisted power and if low batteries may not be getting enough juice to kick in. the resistor is in fuse panel. top right white composite body. disconnect and tie the 2 wires together. this resistor is no longer needed. this will give switched 12v to alt to make for better kick in Mike
  7. Thanks everyone. Man were does the time go? Life is so busy anymore. Seems like the older I get the faster it goes. My oldest is getting her drivers permit this month YIKES!! Mike
  8. Added this one to the collection this winter. It will get a frame off one day like the green one. This one is suppose ti be orange and cream Mike
  9. Here my 1 cents. These alternators u guys are buy from auto parts stores are junk and under amped. There only 58amp alts. Thats half of what u need. The one wire alt are made for h's and 560s. Parts stores are most times rebuilt. I sell new delco alternators 66 and 86 series are 105 amp and 50 series are a 140amps. ZERO issues sell them on the website nationwide and zero problems. Yes ur batteries and cables need to be good. Did 2 just this week for same reason.
  10. $275. When they rattle the bushings are going out. Thats when the start drawing alot of juice
  11. High effeciency. Each squirrel cage has its own motor. No more out of balance. They are quieter, more effecient, and move more air
  12. fuse box comes with harness. if you switch top our high efficiency fan and led light setups you will have no more problems Mike
  13. Still have it. Have had zero time ro work on it yet
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