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  1. You can. The leds wont dim with resisted part of switch. They will work fine. U can call me anytime
  2. No. You see this more on tractors that are used mostly used for pto work. Around here the tmr's get the best of them
  3. Instead of having the center mointed motor that the squirrel cages beat the bushings out of and then over draw. The hi eff fan each cage has its own motor. No more outta balance, they move more air and are quiet
  4. Or do like i said and take the bushings out of the tube and put a 5/8 x11" bolt through tube instead of that little 3/8 bolt. Either way will work
  5. Take the floor out, then the piece that the carraige bolts go through will unbolt. 2 bolts on front three across the back of it. It will then lift up exposing the hyd hoses to disconnect and the 2 nuts for the carriage bolts
  6. Make sure it has sentry in it first and foremost. I have new ones. Then look at fuse box and replace if melted. Replace lights with leds, put in the high efficiency cab fan, and sanden comp setup. Mike
  7. Take the 5 that hold the seat pedistal to the cab out. You can then lift seat pedistal up and get to the rear 2 nuts
  8. You back bottom tube is bent and has cracked the weld where the ramp arm is. What the problem is is they put a 3/8" bolt through a 5/8" tube with bushings. take the seat out remove the plastic bushings in the tube and use a 5/8" x11" bolt. straighten tube weld ramp back tight drill bigger holes in the mounting plate and put it back together. it wont break again Mike
  9. I use and sell our TRT# 4411 F on all tractors. they look correct when off but are leds. they will save the light switches and fuse holders. https://www.triplertractors.com/led-tractor-lighting.html Mike
  10. god to see this. have right at 200 of them out now. Have had great success. Mike the original mounting hardware was a phillips head screw. Some one put the 1/4" bolt in yours. Thanks guys Mike
  11. the sensing arm on the inside may have slipped tot he other side of the draft arm
  12. yep I could have sent ya the whole thing with terminals for $50 and some postal shipping. https://www.triplertractors.com/electrical.html
  13. I have the correct 5 3/4" led here. https://www.triplertractors.com/led-tractor-lighting.html Mike
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