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  1. Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee,.. Same batteries for everything. I have the impacts 3/8", 1/2", drills, drivers, table saw, miter saw, nail guns, sawzall, invertors, weed eaters, chainsaw, pole saw, leaf blowers, air compressors, ALL one battery type. Best thing ever. no more mixing gas for 3 different things, dont even hardly use shop air comp anymore unless i need the air gun, Mike
  2. that's for the range trans. his problem is in the speed trans which that cover is right below the left battery box. no need to remove fuel tank. the bump he is talkin is all related to the sentry circuit. every time you push the pedal you reset sentry module. that's why all of sudden it went to work it finally caught the reset. dont believe he has a range issue. also the 2 piece shift fork in the range is for low/rev. not hi/med. only possibility there is the replaceable shift fork pads are worn. which is really not usually issue as they are pretty substantial pads. there would be alot of grinding if there was an issue in the range trans as it is completely mechanical box
  3. the 3-4 grinding is not an electrical issue. the sentry does not control the mechanical gear shift in speed trans. it only controls the hyd pressure going to even or odd clutch pack. I would suspect couple different things linkage getting sloppy, detent plate is getting very worn, or what i would look at is to se if the 1234 shift fork is coming apart or the the 1234 shift fork pads are wearing. worst case scenario is the the 1234 synchro clutches are wearing or the fibers are coming apart. yes power wire from left positive battery post needs to be moved to switched side of cab solenoid. keep in mind the range trans high, med, low, rev is a completely mechanical gearbox. no hyd pressure or electrical is used in it. the bump is back to the sentry electrical system. you can always call me. 618-795-3950 Mike
  4. Give me a ring Adam can set you up. 618-795-3950 Mike
  5. So I'm able to take all the phone calls, emails, text messages and answer the questions when someone needs help, BUT I can't make a "few bucks" at it to make a living. Oh and they don't show a 5x88 harness. Thanks Mike ;)
  6. Thanks everyone. Number 50 8n the books Mike
  7. Im going to try if I do it will be a last minute deal. Will be there as a spectator only this. That will be different
  8. Well she is done and back together. Its ready for a new home
  9. Dont have to move tire. There is a bolt front and back on top strap. Remove them. Remove the lower straps. Disconnect the tank to tank hose. Loosen the 2 bolts under neath range trans. This will allow tank to drop and tilt out. Remove sender and reassemble. All wiout moving tire even if on 30" row
  10. The attaches on front and back of speed trans. No need to remove it to splits like they did. It doesnt attach to anyof the range
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