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  1. Give me a ring Randy. I can let u use mine or i can sell one to ya. Give me a ring Mon.
  2. Yes power for radio comes from wiper switch. I can see the swapped wire on switch Mike
  3. You can give me a ring tomorrrow be more than happy to help ya. Mike
  4. Defiantly doesnt happen alot. I been doing it 30 yrs and had 5or 6 times. Had a 5488 was a freakin pain.
  5. May help. Also check at bottom of cab were hoses go to steel pipe sometimes they will crimp there
  6. They can get air in them and be a pain to bleed
  7. Original radio power supply i believe Mike
  8. teflons seal better and work better. the metal ones wear into the housing as mentioned. I never use the metal ones. Mike
  9. Pete will have to fill in for me this year on the meetin spot. Pete no slackin slackeršŸ˜ Mike
  10. Its a no go for me. See ya all next year. Mike
  11. 88seriesrestorer


    with those hours you can about bet its done. i had one here with 11k on in before it fail originally Mike
  12. Yes speed engages them master. U can call me anytime Mike
  13. If ur not having a problem with shifting. Maybe it knocked a tooth off the 5-6 gear. Mike
  14. wire comes from starter. Is this a 1 wire alt? if so what amp? most 1 wires are 65amp and that is no where near enough amp for these tractors. If its the delco there has to be power on the one terminal all time and switch power on the other. If you have low batteries there may not be enough power coming from switched wire as its resisted power and if low batteries may not be getting enough juice to kick in. the resistor is in fuse panel. top right white composite body. disconnect and tie the 2 wires together. this resistor is no longer needed. this will give switched 12v to alt to mak
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