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  1. Well, I'm flattered that you remember me! I guess I'm just nervous about getting stuck in the bottom land along the creek and where the beavers made ponds. It's not like I haven't been stuck before...with my old 350 Utility and the beast of a Freeman bucket loader, and I got out using the bucket....but at soon-to-be 69 years this Fall, I guess I'm just feeling more cautious than when I was in my 20s....and 30s...and so on 😳 But I appreciate your opinion... I've been considering exactly that. I mean, about keeping a good machine when I have it and know it. (And named it!) That'
  2. Hi Guys, I know, I've been away. Just too busy to play on the computer. So, I love my 574 with a 2050 loader (though I haven't yet tried to drop the bucket off or remove the loader for brush hogging yet - tbd) but... A 584 is coming up for auction barely 10 miles from me. It doesn't have a loader. My IH dealer said, "Are you sure it isn't a 2250? I've never even seen a 2050". (And he inherited the business from his dad, so he has seen, and knows, just about everything.) So he is assuming that, if it bolts on by the clutch housing, it would fit the 584. However, when I checked,
  3. Yeah oleman, what he said. I would like to know that too! (good backup if the bowl breaks!)
  4. The last thing I want to do is waste fuel but, between my old eyes and the pink dye in the off-road fuel, I'm not sure I could see anything. I didn't even realize that the bowls were clear!!
  5. Thanks Matt. The less I know about a subject the more I try to stick to "the book ". So I'm grateful to have all of you fellows in this community to share advice from your experience .
  6. As usual Stronger you're spot on , but I always feel weird when I read your posts referring to me as her . as per the illustration in my original manual that came with the tractor , it looks like nothing's missing . Left and right filters look to be reversed from illustration 2 above as the vent screw is on the left on mine . of course I'll take your advice end do the WD-40 treatment before trying to take them apart. And of course , next trip to Coleman's (my international guy ) I'm getting the filters and O-rings. In the meantime, my master forest owners intensive at Cornell's
  7. Stronger is right , type two. Here's a picture. And I will certainly pick up filters and O-rings to keep on hand . It's so humid here I'm green from mold . (A Creek runs through it )
  8. Yeah, the manual said at end of day, I did it before starting up. Came clear on the first filter right away.
  9. Yup. Sounds like what is going on. If you say never draining it again, I guess you know better than I. I'm so used to the old 350's sediment cup and seeing lots of water in it, along with the sediment, but this has two real filters. I do worry about condensation. And only 20 - 50 gal in a year? What do you take me for, a dilettante? 🤪
  10. The manual on my "new" (to me) 574 says to drain the fuel valves at the end of each day until clear fuel flows. When I went to do so, the valve on the final fuel filter opened and drained no problem. When I tried to loosen the thumb nut on the primary filter though, the entire filter started to turn. I turned the filter back in, holding the drain nut and started turning while holding the filter. I was watching the "cap" nut (?) on the top to make sure it wasn't turning with the drain nut, it wasn't. But the more I backed off the drain nut the more it loosened the filter, even though I w
  11. Sorry for keeping you all in suspense, I thought I had posted results. Long Farms wins the gold star for recommending to post in YT's hauling board. I got a few calls, including one fella from Williamsport who offered to do some shiftting and dropping off another to add it to a load for $500 but I hadn't even gotten the tractor paid for and couldn't drive to the bank yet so I told him to call back when he had room on another load and waited for more bids. I had posted on Fr8Star and got NO bids. Then a fellow from North Carolina said he was driving up to Cuba, NY to (North of me)deliver an
  12. Actually, I was wondering the same thing last night after reading these. I don't have AAA (expensive) but I have roadside assistance with my Auto policy. I was thinking of calling them and asking if it would cover me when driving another vehicle. It covers taking the vehicle to the nearest service facility or dealership that can fix the vehicle. Worth a try. And I could take a front wheel off my 350 to take along. they're both practically new. (And I'll tell my friend who lost her car keys and had to pay to have the car towed to the dealer and the key and cylinders replaced. that was expensi
  13. My Dodge diesel averaged 20 miles per gallon even pulling a load . It would easily get that on the way down and maybe 15 on the way back . And then I'd own a trailer to take my tractor in for service . but yeah , I sold it because I didn't use it enough to make the cost of insurance, registration, maintenance and repairs worth the occasional use . so I don't regret having to pay someone else to do it if necessary . I just really would enjoy the adventure though . Maybe if I just wait until I can take the brace off … 😀
  14. Thank you both , that was exactly what I wanted to do. I love adventures and really thought that would be a lot of fun . unfortunately, I can't even find a good enough friend to give me a ride to the grocery store 12 miles away let alone spend the day driving down and back with me . Too bad I don't have a devoted wife like that guy. I know you're trying to be helpful Matt , but no thanks to you for throwing a wet towel on it . Anyway, they didn't say I couldn't drive a tractor they said I couldn't drive a car . And my stiff leg doesn't fit in my Prius but that 574 is plenty ro
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