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    IH Muscle tractors. 1975 1566 453 actual original hrs,1973 IH 1066 mfwa 3095 original hrs. 1967 1256 Farmall 46th one of 67' 1960 Farmall 460 8th to last built in 60' Peterbilt trucks (2) 378 Quad axel dump trucks Vin#s (20) apart. CAT Wheel Loaders 1997 938F, 2004 IT28G Dodge Cummins Trucks (2) 1st gens (3) 2nd gens (2) 3rd gen 4x4 Mega Cab, 2wd 05' rust free

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  1. Rick Flair should be getting royalties.
  2. Some young engineer designed them steps, put into production and a guy from the VP Office comes down and says looks great..... Hows a guy supposed to adjust the clutch?? Enters gas ax!! Slick
  3. Thank you. Can't remember what group i put in there but long and narrow, Napa. And yeah if you look at driverside step someone who shell remain nameless got out the gas ax to perform clutch adjusting access Slick
  4. I have the same steps on my 1256 Hinson cab, and same window prop/latches. Im sure they were good when new but there all deformed and bent. But looking at my hiniker cab on my 1566 way better latch system. Was thinking about contacting hiniker or dealer of such to see if still available. Slick
  5. Any a/c parts for hiniker as mine has no a/c Thanks Slick
  6. If it weren't for trucks we wouldn't have tailgates.......... Rip Slick
  7. The pump has to come off anyways to fix orings n seals. If its sat for 20yrs and the pump is off now is the time to rebuild. Slick
  8. Looks good Danny. Merry Christmas to you!! Lol Slick
  9. Could someone put me in contact with a good cub cadet restoration shop near east central Wisconsin. Thanks Slick
  10. Slick1256

    04 Pete 379X

    Thought i would chime in. 379 model was built from 1987- 2007 with the last 379 legacy being delivered to TWX out of two rivers wis. I've owned 3 of them. Thats when they really made trucks, with American Classic interior, now days its American Plastic interior. My 98' 379 short hood rust free west coast truck,loaded for the Mackinac bridge crossing in September. Slick
  11. 6.2s where built tough 4bolt mains, roller rockers, double roller timing chain, just didn't have the diesel technology we have today, spent thousands of dollars on playing with them to 50-75 more horse, now days spend $600-1000. plug in and Wallah 150-200 hundred horse. Ahhh the olds days Slick
  12. I grew up with the 4.3s,5.7s 6.2s. Agreed with the rite tuning they could sing pretty good, ( in that era) 83 Ciera 4.3 diesel got 165k miles b4 blown head gasket, 81 cutlass 5.7dsl 325k on her tired but ran well, 82 GMC Jimmy 4x4 6.2dsl ( only yr of the red block) 154k. sold for new 89 F250 4x4 7.3 dsl. Total slug 61k miles leaking head gasket... Yeah good bye. Hello 5.9 cummins never looked back have 6 of them all 4x4 dodges 71k miles to 378k never opened up. Slick
  13. Be sure to inspect barrel the shaft goes into thats what gets scored up and can cause them to leak Slick
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