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  1. August 6-8 Burnett WI. Slick
  2. Thank you Long Farms, it was a pain in da ass hauling, mounting,dismounting, and hauling back but well worth hearing peoples comments. A Big thanks to Len,Art,Wayne, and Burny For helping with loading and uploading!! Slick
  3. Yesr I am a member. I am very honored to be able to share my tractor's with you guys. Was my Dad and I first RPRU. Alota nice people thanks for looking and thank you to All that brought there IH stuff. So much eye candy my eyes where blood shot. Slick
  4. Hoping to be there Thursday afternoon. Bringing the 1566 and 1066 mfwa. Looking forward to meeting some forum friends Slick
  5. Turning up the radio will only allow your neighbor in the adjacent field to hear your radio better. Slick
  6. Your constantly moving steering wheel to keep it straight n when u get to end of row to turn around it takes more n more turns as it get warmer. Someone said moving the steering wheel when it's not running will cause this problem that were they bi-directional valve was suggested. Idk. That why im asking on here
  7. J-Mech 1 3/4 turns from all the way left to all the way rite. Btw only 725hrs on this machine I don't know what the life expectancy is for a steering cylinder, but has probably been that way for 150 - 200hrs
  8. Yes when you turn steering wheel all way right to "stop" and hold pressure against it the steering wheel will keep turning with some resistance. Turns both ways against stop but less resistance when turned all the way right. Any thoughts J-Mech?? Thanks Slick
  9. Steering is very loose. i.e. you have to turn wheel alot to get a little at wheels. I do know damage was done by someone turn steering wheel when it was not running. Repeatedly (Power steering) anyone know the fix for this problem?? A friend mentioned a bidirectional valve maybe?? Thanks for any info Slick
  10. Danny, you probably mounted up the duals on my 66 or maybe that was a lil before time ? Hope your well!! Slick
  11. Would think your goose neck trailer should be at least 96" deck if not 102" Not sure of tractor width to answer your question. My 1066 with extended axels with hubs 6-8" from ends fits on my 96" deck Slick
  12. Maybe you should read the book 1st. And get the facts correct. Case didn't buy IH Tenneco did who already owned Case. Which then became CaseIH. But maybe everyone else has been wrong for the last 35yrs, but whatdo i know. Slick
  13. We had super 717 with 560 gas in front of it, if knives where set and adjusted rite could get hay silage to the back of Rex chopper box, otherwise not so much, corn silage no problem. 300 utility on the blower with cherry bomb rite off manifold... Loud!! Then the 1256 came to the farm and cousin ran that in front of super 717 until he got greedy with the rpms and blew 3 knives off the drum lodging 2 halfway up the chute and other shrapnel ending up in the wagon. Lesson learned. ( I think?) Slick
  14. Start with easy things 1st, check and or replace air cleaner, change oil then monitor level. If the oil level goes up then yes you have other issues, injectors, pump seals, small steps before jumping to conclusions. Hope this helps Slick
  15. X2. If your not really working those engines they will "wet stack" or "slobber" bad, winter time especially. As stated before change oil, work the heck out of it keeping eye on oil level. Slick
  16. 3406B Best engine CAT ever made, til 3406E then C15-C16 King of the hill!! Imho Slick
  17. Thank you, my point exactly. Was just trying to help a guy out. Been there, made that mistake knot on my head i remember. Slick
  18. Guess i should have worded that differently, the point was theres 2 seals that need to be replaced before reassembling the pump Slick
  19. Be sure to replace the 2 seals inside pump mounting to drive assembly. Or you will have fuel in crankcase Slick
  20. Dont forget the brand new house that the Denali is parked in the driveway, but has sheets hanging in windows for curtains. Slick
  21. Water pump bearing?? Just a thought Slick
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