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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for an oil cooler for 1026 hydro. Rebuilding hydro an oil cooler keeps on shedding debris as we flush it, hit up several of my scrap yard buddies and none found yet.... Would love to find another one that hopefully would be in better condition. Only problem most of them probably hit the scrap yard because of hydro failure.
  2. Post Pics And Details of I-1026s and F-1026s. Pm me personal contact/owner info.
  3. I have fuel in my engine oil on a hydro 100. From what I have found, the best thing to do is to have the injection pump rebuilt. How do I reinstall the injection pump? How do i set the timing? I know nothing about this but I want to learn to do it right the first time.
  4. I have a hydro 100. Tractor has 7000 hours, i was told when i bought it, that it has a engine out of a combine that had 3500 hours on it. I left the tractor sit all summer, came back to start it and I saw diesel in the engine oil! I wrenched on the fan pulley to see if the engine would turn and it seemed fine as best as I could tell. I changed the oil. Tractor will not start because the starter turns over hard. I have 13 volts at the starter. Is my fuel pump leaking or my injectors? Do i need to drain diesel from a cylinder? If i get it started, can i run it as long as i keep the oil fresh? Im near scottsbluff nebraska, and torrington wyoming. Do you know any mechanics i could call to help out around here?
  5. Got the wifes 782 our for a bath that it needed desperately and pulled the motor. There is a leak coming from some where, so the block was caked with dirt pretty bad. Also, fuel pump diaphram was failing and leaking into the block so a new fuel pump went in. Started with removing the tin and repaired the starter, which had gotten loose, with a few washers and lock nuts. Got a roll of gasket paper and cut out some new gaskets for the valve covers, which is where I hope the leaks were coming from. Hoping to get the oil changed today and give it a test start to see what happens. We went completely through this motor many years ago as our first 'learning' experience with engine rebuilding. Pretty sure I had this motor apart 3 times to get is close to being right.😉😆 The plus side was taking the plugs out of the engine yesterday and seeing that they were completely clean. It appears to have been running well other than the external oil leak and fuel pump failure. I know, I should go electric on the pump but the mechanical has worked so well for so long. One of the tires has a bad valve stem, which will be headed to the tire shop for a new stem and reload of beat juice, now that I think about it........ Hope to have it up and running with fresh fluids this next weekend. The hydro fluid hasn't been changed in years but honestly it might have 20 hours on it at the most. I haven't bought filters for the hydro in forever, hope Cub still makes them.😁
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