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Found 3 results

  1. Post Pics And Details of I-1026s and F-1026s. Pm me personal contact/owner info.
  2. I brought this tractor home in October of 2014 and have slowly been collecting parts and working to knock the ugly off as time allows. I'm not sure how some of you move so quickly, but am sure envious of those that can. Today was a bigger day for me, as I finally got my new to me half tread Firestones mounted on new rims and swapped over to wedgelocks. Wheel weights are standing by. Someday if the tractor ever gets restored I may put new rubber on at that time and use these rears as a matching set of duals on my 1456. Anyhow, It doesn't look like much, but I started out with more of a project than I realized. The front end was completely replaced and rebuilt with 8 bolt hubs and stepped up to 10.00-16 from 11L-15s. I have a 1456 wide front now that will eventually get rebuilt and swapped over. The electrical system is entirely new from the wiring to the alternator to the battery cables. A cobbled pile of garbage was removed thanks to the help of Long Farms. I pulled the cab and pul on a nice fender platform and straight set of fenders for the time being. I have an original set of 56 series ROPS fenders to repair and install along with a factory roll bar and canopy. The crappy seat will be replaced with a hydraulic seat I have here when I can rebuilt it. Tilt steering is on the shelf as well. The injection pump has been rebuilt and new seals put on the shaft. The entire three point was welded non-salvageable crap that I've removed and replaced with a nice tight original unit. I have a category 2 quick hitch to rebuild and use as well. The sheet metal is off yet to finish some wiring, install an oil pressure gauge, replace oil cooler lines, and fix fuel gauge. The hydraulic outlets are mangled from fitting the cab originally and need to be replaced as well. That's why the top link is dangling for the time being...I can't get to the clip that holds it up. Anyhow, it's getting closer. I was proud of how it looked today, even though it's still in pieces, but thought I'd share. Thanks for reading. The first picture shows what I started with.
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