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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Folks, Appreciate there are a number of posts on this one, but struggling to find the solution. Steering on my 475 (Perkins engine for the UK only) was nice and light, then whilst moving a cart, i moved to full lock and heard a pop. After that, the steering became incredibly heavy and hard to turn with little effect. I've popped out the flow diverter valve and it appears in good condition (photo attached). It was moving freely and i could pull it out with my little finger wedged in the end. I presume there isn't meant to be an O-ring in what looks like an O-ring groove? (my pick i
  2. Fredrik

    IH 574 TA

    Tried to do up our 76 model 574. Tractor was stuck in TA low and freewheeling. TA pump had pressure, relief valve spring was broken and replaced. Still no change. Took the TA out, and it had burned clutch discs both in high and low. Replaced the discs and the tractor no longer freewheels, but is still stuck in TA low. Haven't checked the pressure after the instillation, new gauge is in the mail. Is there any other problems than a blown seal or blocked pipe that stops the TA from shifting? Don't need the high side, but after taking the time to split the tractor I want it running right.
  3. Hi, We Have an international 574 that the park brake does not work. I am wondering is there a way to adjust it or work on it? The Brakes work but do not want to always have someone sitting on the tractor with their foot on the brake. I am also wondering if an international 2350 loader will fit on a 574 tractor?
  4. I recently changed the hydraulic filter in my 574. Before I did this I had no issues at all with the hydraulics. Now I can't seem to get the filter primed back. I have actuated the lift controls over and over again to try and bleed the air out of the system. I don't have any pressure and I can't hear my pump whining like it use to. Do you think it's possible I had a weak pump and finally just went out upon trying to prime back this time? I've NEVER had this much trouble after a hyd filter change. Below is a picture of the filter. Dry as a bone. Not getting anything into the housin
  5. I did some distributor work on my 574. Of course now my timing is off. The marks on the pully are terrible and impossible to see. I found some timing tape online. Does anyone know the crankshaft pully diameter on a gas 574? My body won't let me bend or crawl under to try and measure. Haha. Thanks!
  6. Hello; First time post, need help with what seems to be a unique situation... I have a gas 574 with a DuAl 320 loader installed. It's my understanding that it was purchased new, with loader, by the previous owner, around 1972. The previous owner has passed away. The dealership that sold the tractor is no longer in business. My problem is with the *additional* hydraulic filter on this tractor. I am only guessing that this filter was installed as an option to provide additional flow capacity for the hydraulic pump as the loader is a heavy duty unit. The 'regular' filter, the
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