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Found 4 results

  1. pmf

    1086 New Tires

    Have to put new tires on the IH 1086. Currently have 20.8 x 38 on it. Question will an 18.4 x 38 fit on the rims I have?
  2. Hi again! On my 2400 series B (574 basically) I am currently running 17.5 x24 backhoe tires which are completely shot. Bald no traction. I know that on the tractordata site it said stock was 14.9 width. I want to switch to an ag tire but not sure what width to go with. I've always heard narrow for traction wider for flotation? I found a nice set of tires and rims but they are 13.9. I really could use the traction with the payloader. Use to move dirt,rocks, snow anything you can think of. Would that width be ok ?
  3. Hi, I finally brought my truck home a couple days ago. I doubt I'll be able to work on it any this year as the weather is already icy during the morning and below freezing at night. So the first thing I wanted to do was to put it up on jack stands and cover it with a good tarp. But I soon realized there wasn't enough room for both a bottle jack and jack stands under the rear axle. How does one normally raise and support the back (or front) of a truck like this? What I finally did was to use a Hi-Lift jack with a 4 ft pipe as a handle extension. Could not use it anywhere on the body work as it, (the body), would bend. So I sat it next to the tire with the jack's lift platform just inside the rim and lifted that way. It worked, but I really don't think it was very safe. I worried that the jack's lifting platform end might pop out of the wheel rim, or the Hi-Lift jack itself might bend or collapse as I'm sure I was probably far exceeding the designed lifting capacity of the jack. What's the proper way to lift and support each axle end on a truck like this? I've always been taught you don't lift a heavy truck with a floor jack by its axle pumpkin - is that true? I don't mind spending a hundred or two on some tool, but a couple grand on the hydraulic wheel lifts like they use in a truck tire shop is out of the budget. How should an individual put this truck on jack stands to work on it? Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  4. Thanks for the add to the group. I am going to replace rims and tires on my 1950 M. Decided to go with 15.5s on a 14" rim and I cant find anything in my neck of the woods. I hope someone in the group can direct me to either a good online site to order decent parts from, or possibly know of a place relatively close to me where I could get the work done. Somewhere between Phoenix and Flagstaff maybe ?? I haven't been around these since I was a kid so I am going to have to relearn a bit of forgotten tribal knowledge from the forum before I'm done. Thanks guys.
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