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  1. anyone have pics when using for splitting on the rail ? i have the main frame and the A frame . thats about it . nice collection you have there. ih stands are like anvils, all the parts are missing when u find them none of the threading tools ect will be with them lol
  2. ive ben waiting 2 years and still no answer maybe sparky will ask the guy
  3. sounds like mother nature claimed her land back , thanks for the article
  4. whats the lockup pressure at the safety valve port or hole, in those 3 positions.
  5. 368548r1 quad ring but not for sure .read it on here before and wrote it down , worth looking into
  6. check plug wires may be wired backwards check mag rotation
  7. run . the tractor fever will soon pass in a week or so , other girls will come along , lol
  8. whats that line coming out the bottom for
  9. looks like the front end on my 560
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