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  1. whats the lockup pressure at the safety valve port or hole, in those 3 positions.
  2. 368548r1 quad ring but not for sure .read it on here before and wrote it down , worth looking into
  3. check plug wires may be wired backwards check mag rotation
  4. run . the tractor fever will soon pass in a week or so , other girls will come along , lol
  5. whats that line coming out the bottom for
  6. looks like the front end on my 560
  7. thanks for posting that Hillman, interesting , now I don't have to take mine apart to see how it works. I'm going back to original starter, 6 volts and if I don't like that , convert to 12.
  8. thanks ks farm dude I did some digging and found a 3 hole nose cone that I can swap with a starter that has a 2 hole cone, that should work .if it don't I will contact you
  9. I am going to change it. i don't need the extra power I need a little more rpms. a 1108012 or 357907r91 is what I'm thinking will fit and should be on it. These starters have the silonoid button, I would ,like to find one that the battery cable just bolts to with no silonoid, any one know a part number for them.
  10. starter is delco 1108464 .., nose cone is 192526 mine is a 3 hole cone though
  11. Anyone have a gear reduction starter on there Super M gas Tractors? Are They rare or much better than the regular ones .My starter nose cone has 3 holes to mount to tractor. Are these starters 6volts . I'm trying to figure out if the super m gas tractors even came out with them. Or somehow mine got put on from a w6 or something like that.
  12. my steering orfice hole measured .120 ,, might give you something to compare yours to.
  13. took mcv back off for the second time, took pump apart, it looked good to me ,Polished the flo divider and ,checked Orings ,gaskets ect, put back on, used the torque guide that Charlie had sent me and went to 25 pounds on all the bolts in the right order ,and now my light stays off. So maybe the way I torqued the mcv back on or the flo divider was sticking ,, don't really know how I fixed it.
  14. r190, do you think that would fix my problem though, or is it that big of deal , I never go high pressure anyway,
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