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  1. lots of fabricate to fit better pass
  2. if its wide front check toe in
  3. had the same problem with bolt to short. few years ago pete 23 said to just get a longer bolt . had original ta in it . something changed . .anyway made up longer bolt works great .
  4. im like diesel doc, thinking the first time it spun bearing before engine overhaul, something came loose , something broke and got something plugged, or something wore out,or something cracked. im thinking oil pump , gasket backwards covering a hole ,or .just think of the satisfaction you will have when you find the problem.imo
  5. i hate to say it . but i laugh it off and go on with my 800.00 dollar barn cats
  6. that guy was amazing i will miss his channel
  7. i know this is off topic , what size tires and rims you have on back, thanks
  8. check tow in tow out first , on tires .makes lot of defference on front end wobble
  9. could you explain the pump hanging off the belt pully. couple of gages mounted on it looks like . possable air compressor, cant tell for sure pretty good idea what ever it is
  10. was the main fly wheel ground wrong . the step.
  11. looks almost fake. them threaded rods are making me nervous just looking at them . Be carefull
  12. wondered how those triangle stands were used. is tractor bolted to stand? appears to be just setting on it.
  13. what rustred said ,, for the second time . lol
  14. what hydro model did you use .
  15. i have a 12 hp.. i could put in it.Could i really tell much difference in a 12hp versus 14hp . the 86 is not really sought after are they ? just bought it, no nothing about it. thinking about building a front end loader for it. i think the 86 was the no 5 least cub cadet as far as numbers built.
  16. anyone know if a 14 horse kohler will fit in the 86 wide frame cub
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