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  1. check tow in tow out first , on tires .makes lot of defference on front end wobble
  2. could you explain the pump hanging off the belt pully. couple of gages mounted on it looks like . possable air compressor, cant tell for sure pretty good idea what ever it is
  3. was the main fly wheel ground wrong . the step.
  4. looks almost fake. them threaded rods are making me nervous just looking at them . Be carefull
  5. wondered how those triangle stands were used. is tractor bolted to stand? appears to be just setting on it.
  6. what rustred said ,, for the second time . lol
  7. what hydro model did you use .
  8. i have a 12 hp.. i could put in it.Could i really tell much difference in a 12hp versus 14hp . the 86 is not really sought after are they ? just bought it, no nothing about it. thinking about building a front end loader for it. i think the 86 was the no 5 least cub cadet as far as numbers built.
  9. anyone know if a 14 horse kohler will fit in the 86 wide frame cub
  10. anyone have pics when using for splitting on the rail ? i have the main frame and the A frame . thats about it . nice collection you have there. ih stands are like anvils, all the parts are missing when u find them none of the threading tools ect will be with them lol
  11. ive ben waiting 2 years and still no answer maybe sparky will ask the guy
  12. sounds like mother nature claimed her land back , thanks for the article
  13. whats the lockup pressure at the safety valve port or hole, in those 3 positions.
  14. 368548r1 quad ring but not for sure .read it on here before and wrote it down , worth looking into
  15. check plug wires may be wired backwards check mag rotation
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