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  1. I see a lot of the 466 kits have new rod bolts, Is there any reason the originals are no good to reuse vs some china replacement?
  2. so I guess because the ones you installed haven't come back, you know exactly what they look like inside? And as if all these suppliers never have a bad batch of parts get out? I've used lots of reliance kits on 8.3s and never had a problem either,but lots of other people have. Guess they must have installed them wrong or their oil broke down.
  3. had case ih oil in, tried a couple brands and made no diff. it wouldn't mater what was in it when using a gallon a day it was always fresh-not broke down.
  4. I sure wouldn't give case the credit for the magnum cab changes, theres more than enough proff floating around on the door and console and other changes as well as the powershift being ready to go.
  5. The cylinders were in nice shape yet,guess rings just wouldn't seat. On Absolute kits,I did just use a kit from them on a 6.7 iveco in a mcCormick mtx135. it was the only thing available. without paying tripple the cost from mccormick. totally nuts on parts. maybe even worse than fiat.
  6. So a year ago I overhauled a customers mx240,including cam and lifters ALL maxxiforce parts. I ran it on the dyno and followed the break in procedure from the manual like usual plus a little time. standard 15w40 for good break in. that summer customer calls and is using a gallon of oil per 24 hour day. He is a crap hauller so its getting used plenty to seat the rings. had him cover the radiator and run most of the day at 200 deg temp. Still a gallon a day. he put 450 hours on it no change. I just finished re overhauling it. with FP diesel cylinders(fed mogul) and the rod bearings were looking rough, as well as a new lifter going bad,so My trust on anything else was gone- I put a new Cummins cam,lifters,and all cummins bearings in. even the thrust main was flaking. Customer called last week and had just changed break in oil,said it was on the full mark yet. All this said I returned the parts to Hy-cap for warranty, Guess what MaxxiForce wouldn't cover a penny!!! said I didn't break it in right!! OK! but what about all the stuff going to crap in 400 hours??? So I'm doing you guys a favor by sharing this. Hy Capacity did step up and credit my cost on the parts-no labor, but the maxxipad parts company not covering a penny really gets me going. SO all this said buy genuine cummins or fedral mogul only in my opinion!!
  7. the 1/4 scale 7688 it the cab I'm going to try to remake for the 5488 ps. I believe 100% thats what they had. magnum cab with a IH roof and headliner. the dash I might try to mock up with a 50 series cluster.
  8. I took the time to mount a frond end on to the ol girl to make it so I could move it. Just excited to mate up some things that belong on the front of it!! Found a part number on the front cover of the trans that provides some proof on this thing! also it has a longer input than the magnums like the 50 series so no stub shaft is needed. Progress will be slow with planting around the corner,but thought id post these. this summer I have a rough 5488 with a late 466 and inline pump with water in the oil to overhaul for a doner to this special unit.
  9. I plant to put the whole thing together as close to what it was as possible. parts shouldn't be a problem-lots of magnums out there.
  10. the 5488 powershift IH had at the merger is saved, this is whats left anyways. its the one that was talked about on here that was at a NE iowa tech collage. I plan to put it all back together, It had the axles cut off with a torch to fit the tractor in a van trailer the day after the merger. as you can see. Hyd plumbing and remotes are different than production magnums.
  11. why not leave the magnum fenders on? thats what it would've had. looks like lots left besides paint and interior.
  12. I thought even though its a different color,some like me like to see repowers in anything. This m670 was a gas. Our loader tractor growing up,loaded lots of s*#t with it. Always liked driving it,but didn't like the cold blooded gas engine although it had good power. It ended up with a cracked head and sat for the last 15 years. I've had this project in my head the whole time. I'd like to do a 56 series too. I'm a little more proud of this one just because it's more involved(starter,power steering,and hyd pumps.) The IHs are much easier with all these on the rear. Grew up with lots of yellow,some red,and even a couple deutzs, hope the pics post for me. Luke
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