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Found 6 results

  1. Well it happened... The big hoss is broke down again. Checked the oil before it went out, and it was good. Apparently, pinion bearings disagree. Front pinion bearings went out, and locked the front end up. Hoping to salvage it and see what happens. Called case ih and the parts are non existent!! Holy moly.... I'll have to call local bearing house and see what happens there. Anyone got a good line on where to get parts? Doesn't look like too bad of a job to fix.
  2. I have been wondering and trying to research info about if it is possible and how complicated it would be to put a zf front end in place of an existing kimco front end or replacing it with a 2wd front and dropping the 4wd. Has anybody done this? And do any other tractors use the offset zf fwa such as ford or Massey or agco and would they interchange? I have a 784 with a kimco which has come completely apart on one side. Any info thoughts or ideas?
  3. Well guys here it is, My 1969 1300d 4x4 in the proper forum! I will be working at getting this gem back on the road, I'd appreciate any information people may have on these trucks as well as maybe a source for a parts manual aswell as repair reference if possible. Here's some under hoods. I just got her home the other night. So far I've got a passenger front wheel seems to be frozen (dragging it off the deck truck wasn't fun) I think it might be a siezed wheel cylinder...have yet to dig into it. Also on the same wheel the hub doesn't seem to want to unlock, it turns easy till about 3/4" from where the unlock dot is? Not sure other than I dont want to force it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  4. Hey guys, how goes it? New around here and new to my farm find. I'll be plugging away at the old girl and am bound to have questions here and there. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I would be interested in parts books aswell repair manuals if any are floating around that have been scanned or maybe where I could come across hard copies? I'm learning and hope some of you good people may have a little experience with my little gem. Cheers, Dan
  5. Hello! I've bought me an old norwegian build firefighter, based on IH 1300D, 4x4, 304 V8. It has run 26750 km. I have some rust issues. Most serious is around the front windshield. Any advise to get the windshield out? Best wishes Bobbe Se youtube for video:
  6. I am bring back to life a 1466 mfd. It should be running and driving this spring,and paint next winter.
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