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  1. Is that an old granary covered in galvanized tin on the other end of that shed?
  2. How much do you want for the kit??would it work on an 806? that is just awesome make an old tractor into a new tractor!! only better because the old ones are better than the new ones!! seriously though you should offer a kit!! Maybe make a few bucks!!
  3. Could you post some pics of your 403? Would love to see it!!
  4. I like my 2400 baler for the bales I need it’s perfect!! I just want the best bale possible out of the old baler!! I guess I’m looking for installation guide part # 1095119R3. Any help is greatly appreciated!! also anyone know if there a difference in the pickups on the baler I was looking back and there was talk of a wide pickup anyone know the difference? thanks!!
  5. Ok I went out a got a 241 IH baler with double springs is there anything I need to know before I start working on moving the double springs over to my 2400 single spring?? Anyone know when the double springs became available? Or were they an option all along?? Thanks
  7. I was there and picked up my treasures today and I asked around here are some approximations should be pretty close 966 $9000 856 $8100 656 $ 5500-6000 not for sure Farmall MTA $4000 Farmall c $2300 This is with the buyers premium figured in I don’t know about the rest of the tractors or the combine?? I would like to know as well
  8. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the tractors my kids had a dance recital! If I were to guess they were really a good buy!! i paid 100$ for the 56 blower and 1350 for the stalk chopper
  9. I picked up the nice 56 blower and the number 40 stalk chopper
  10. I hope your sisters love there welcome home sign!!! I think TRUMP’s going to win again in 2020!!! wait I’m almost for sure about that!!
  11. I have a 900 8 row trailing cyclo planter with dry fertilizer and end transport. What should a person do to make it plant better? I can’t say is not working in fact is seems to work well but wondering if there is something I would be looking at? tis the season for corn planter maintenance ! Thanks
  12. Buy the cattle keep working so you can get em paid for! If you can’t afford to lose 300$ an acre on cash rent maybe you need to keep working! Me I love farming I sure don’t do it for the money cuz there isn’t any in it! I should rent my farm out I would also be money ahead but I would shoot myself or other people so I guess I’m going to keep on farming!! REMEMBER IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FUN OF IT. IT WOULDN’T BE WORTH IT!!
  13. Central city scale Out of Central city Nebraska do a Google search and call themes
  14. Well that is a nice looking 885 I sure wish IH would have shipped some like that here to the states! I could find uses for it on my 70 cow dairy!
  15. Glad you found your problem!! And thanks for the pics that’s a nice looking tractor! do you have any others like it? Maybe with 4wd? Bigger like a 1455xl? thanks
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