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  1. Boy I LOVE my 900 cyclo air planter with a seed flow II Monitor!!
  2. A bit late to the party but here’s my 806 at work!
  3. Ok that’s just plan AWESOME!!! I love old farm buildings!! You don’t happen to have any dimensions or blueprints for a real corn crib like that!! I would love to have that building here on my farm cob corn still makes the best cattle feed!! Just tested my high moisture shelled corn in my harvestore and have some mold and yeast in it enough so I have to add some binder so my cows don’t get sick!! cob corn doesn’t do that!!!
  4. Next time try golden marlin!! They really love fly bait!!
  5. Take the money you were going to use to buy a new tractor and go buy a 1086 and then spend all that money on it and make it like new!! you’ll have a better tractor that will last longer!! It’s made out of iron and steel not plastic
  6. Ok my plan for the tractor is TMR when it’s really cold out like now!! In the summer probably use it on the small square Baler, haybine and probably hauling chopper boxes!! may use it in the spring on the grain drills I have one of the IH tandem drill hitches!! and mainly I want it to have a 90+hp gas tractor around Just Cuz!! maybe when I get old a bit of antique tractor pulling!! lol
  7. I was just wondering what kind of power you could get out of one of them old Gas engines!! Im thinking on putting an offer in on this 806 can you get one of the smaller engine bored out to make it a 301?
  8. So what your telling me 460 is I would have to change out the block to get up to a 301. Correct? I take it You have taken a 301 up to a 4 inch Bore?? how much horsepower have you gotten out of it?
  9. I already have a 560 gas and totally get what you’re saying!! I went and drove the 806 in talking about and I probably have been around IH too long it started right up just like it should!! Well if you know how to do it anyway!! LOL
  10. This is why am asking so many questions about an 806 gas I am tired of fighting with diesels when it’s just this cold!!
  11. Yes more info?? How’s the tractor building coming along?
  12. So would it be possible to Bore out a c221 to make a 301 out of it?? also would a 263 have a different part number cast into it from a 291 and a 301?? So each individual engine size would have its own part number? Or if they did a production run of 263’s 291’s and 301’s all the part numbers would be the same the difference would only be when they did the final machining Then they set the cubic inch of each engine and then stamped the cubic inch size onto the side of the block? or is there that much difference between the cubic inch displacement of the blocks??
  13. Well this 806 it isn’t there for sure I had it spotless there are no numbers there at all!! I’m thinking it must be behind the Alternator like the other guy was saying
  14. One other thing this probably doesn’t tell us anything but it has the wrong valve cover on it it’s got a regular one on it not the high one
  15. Yes thats what I thought too was it was a c221 block now that’s from a 460 correct??? would it be possible that someone had it bored out to 301? Or maybe 263 or 291??? Just how different are the engine blocks between 806 706 560 460 656 666 686? Basically anything that used that family of IH gasoline engines?? Funny thing is the dealer told me that the salesman thought he was getting an 806 diesel! They were going to put it on the Dyno And see how much power it has!
  16. Hi I went to look at a 806gas today couldn’t find where is was stamped c301 all I found was a casting number or part number and it is 379815r1 so could it possibly be a c301? As I need the capability of a 301 to get rid of all my excess gasoline!! and probably the horsepower to run my TMR mixer! Thank you so much
  17. 186 hydro yes 3488 sorry but no! Not to say it couldn’t be done but I don’t think it Would looked very pretty if you did make it work! Would require a lot of modification!! I have one I run a 986 only mine is in 8 row
  18. OK I’ll chime in I am no expert but I believe the tractors were built in Doncaster England And then ship to Louisville as a skid! now I’m not sure what his skid is but I believe it’s less tires and wheels. I also believe if you wanted a gas tractor You got your Engine installed in Louisville along with the tires and wheels. If you wanted a diesel that came with the tractor as it was a Neuss ( German diesel) engine !! So to answer your question your tractor was made in the UK! With some other European components! Correct me if I’m wrong But I’m pretty sure that’s how it went!
  19. I just thought I’d throw this out there you know what 7120 would look really nice hooked up to a 900 cyclo air corn planter!! Everybody says they don’t plant good I don’t know I’ve had good luck just got to give them a little maintenance!! But shhhhh don’t tell anyone they work good because they’re cheap!!!!
  20. IH tractors are the best ever!! Nothing else even comes close!!!
  21. Is that an old granary covered in galvanized tin on the other end of that shed?
  22. How much do you want for the kit??would it work on an 806? that is just awesome make an old tractor into a new tractor!! only better because the old ones are better than the new ones!! seriously though you should offer a kit!! Maybe make a few bucks!!
  23. Could you post some pics of your 403? Would love to see it!!
  24. I like my 2400 baler for the bales I need it’s perfect!! I just want the best bale possible out of the old baler!! I guess I’m looking for installation guide part # 1095119R3. Any help is greatly appreciated!! also anyone know if there a difference in the pickups on the baler I was looking back and there was talk of a wide pickup anyone know the difference? thanks!!
  25. Ok I went out a got a 241 IH baler with double springs is there anything I need to know before I start working on moving the double springs over to my 2400 single spring?? Anyone know when the double springs became available? Or were they an option all along?? Thanks
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