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  1. Firestone super NO tractions

    OH my, tracks on a less than ideal drive train? Wonder how long that will hold up? Toured the Mitas plant in St.Charles, IA a few years back. Very impressive place and super nice folks, ended up buying 8 for our 9330, no regrets. BTW, always had good luck with the 23 deg Firestones except they SUCK for road wear!
  2. Auction results

    1086 for $16 & 7120 for only $19?, I don't care if it is a little rough that was a STEAL!!! Everything but the 1086 was cheap the way it looks......
  3. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Still think the 560 was important for what NOT to do. It knocked IH out of NO.1 position. The 806 is equally important because it brought credibility back to IH with a new design & "h*ll for stout" as Harry Borchert said he wanted after the 560 fiasco. The WD-40 should be mentioned for the first diesel in a wheel tractor.
  4. quadtrack

    The Rowtrac's are made for row crop farming. You can get 16"-24" belts with 80, 90 or 120" centers. Our 400RT has 18" belts set at 120" for pulling a 60' (24row 30") fully mounted NH3 applicator for side dressing corn. Since it's very heavy and pulls hard it's a great combination.
  5. Cool old Kenny

    Crazy, peak torque on that 1150 @ 600hp is only 1650lb ft. Our C15 6nz @500hp is 2050lb ft.. I thought there was more info on the 3408 around, can't seem to find it.
  6. Cool old Kenny

    Used to be anything with Cat parts were crazy high, now it doesn't matter everything is crazy high!
  7. Does anyone have/ know/or want to sell this rolling tool for installing the injector sleeves in a 817 head? It has 3 parts to it. It is similar to what Cummins use only bigger. Any info is appreciated.
  8. Steiger 450

    Thanks SDman for the info/pics. You are a wealth of knowledge!
  9. They both killed each other. Both won, or both lost?
  10. IH SOLAR

    Here's a couple gems that are in a bomb shelter. Like new, but still spendy. He says he'll give a "tour" if you buy......
  11. Steiger 450

    Thanks for the info SDman, Could that be why we get a engine fault code #3385 on our 400Q periodically? Our dealer can't figure it out, they thought it was the fan clutch and replaced it, but still does it. It only has 515 hrs on it.
  12. Steiger 450

    I've never had a problem like that. Knock on wood. Does it affect the 400 & 600Q's? What does that kit actually do?
  13. Something you don't see everyday

    c'mon, can't make a living growing corn & beans so I thought I would try raising snakes. Ruined my profit already........
  14. New federal tax form

  15. Cool old Kenny

    You rarely see those engines in trucks anymore, very neat older engine. It is really "stuffed" in there. They put a few of them in the ST-450 Steigers back in the 78-81 time period. Too bad those V-8 diesels never really worked out compared to the I6's. Cool pic, thanks for sharing.
  16. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Yes, just the 9100 series were basically the same as the 1000 series Steigers. They both were available Steiger green or IH red. I suppose "Barney" should make the list that was the start of Steiger. Definitely the 9370 Quadtrac, the one everybody has tried to copy.
  17. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    FARMALL Regular, changed agriculture forever. WD-40 first diesel powered farm tractor. H & M highest produced tractor ever. 560 what NOT to do. 806 saved IH's reputation. 1206 first turbocharged IH. 4300, biggest 4wd tractor at the time. Hydro tractors, unique. 50 series, saved IH's tractor legacy. 7100 Magnums saved CIH's tractor legacy. 10- that's all I got for now. Should be a Steiger tractor or two in that list.
  18. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    What was the deal on the full time MFD? I always thought that was stupid. Was there a way to modify to disengage it?

    I would think a 50 series would make a great loader tractor. Straight line between med & rev. Hydraulics were awesome compared to the 86 series. I believe a foot throttle was an option? The only bad thing I can think of was access to the engine, but I believe most took the side panels off.
  20. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    Amen to that! That's what I've ALWAYS complained about with d**r*! There arrogance is horrific! Yet their loyalist break down the doors to get their products. There's a few even on this site that are the same way, I don't get why they come here when they feel anything other than green paint is inferior...or it's because mother d**r won't let them have a site of their own without a fee? Most don't know what does indeed go on in the back ground. There is so much politics it make you sick. I never knew that about Concord....
  21. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    The 50 series thread got me thinking about the Farmall Plant. I realize it was an old plant, but IH had just spent 10's of MILLIONS on upgrading it for the new 50 series production and had all the new tooling their and were producing tractors already. My question is why did Tenneco want tractor production moved to Racine so bad? Was it such a newer, more modern plant? It had to cost millions and A LOT of valuable time to move the whole line from Farmall to Racine. Didn't they have to scrap the whole pos 94 series line anyhow? I'm sure there wasn't much of anything on that line they could've saved since the 50 series/Magnum line was totally different from the old Case tractor. Then it's the whole logistics thing, the Quad Cities/Chicago is the "hub", on the other hand Racine seems to be in the middle of nowhere....
  22. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    The only problem with that statement is d**r* rarely, if EVER, comes up with their "own design or idea". They either buy it, or copy it. I give them credit, they wait until someone else makes the market, then perfects it -while a along they say its no good. Then when they start to loose market share, or their customers don't believe their lie's anymore. They make it and claim it's "new and/or the best". I've seen it time and time again with those *ssholes! That's why I've always said they are the KING of marketing! If it wasn't for the DOJ stepping in d**r* would've owned Versatile.
  23. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    You'd have to be blind and/or stupid not to see the 50 series design in the Magnum. The early Magnums still had the IH logo on a lot of the castings.
  24. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    They were all Steiger built starting with the 4366. All IH did was supply Steiger with engines and axles. IH sold its interest in Steiger to Deutz in 1982. Steiger was still manufacturing tractors for IH well after that.

    SDman, What about the range trans update? I know there was something in there that required new shaft(s) and gears. The gears all had a different degree pitch too and nothing would interchange.