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  1. Do you know anything about a 250 charging pump I have a high lift and I was told to check charging pump but can not find it.

  2. Yes the TD-15C was/is a heck of a dozer. Had one years ago and it was a very well balanced/put together machine. The 466 engine was the missing link that made this a great dozer. It's too bad with the gas start diesels, a good concept, but having the extra valve and cavity in the head sure made them prone to cracking. DK if more material would've helped.....
  3. It's strange why it took them sooooo many years to get rid of the Ambac pump. Was there a reason? There was talk about patents on the Bosch system but I can't believe that would've been the case.....
  4. You got the evil part right
  5. Was the 400 series one of the best medium duty diesels ever produced? Yes. Was the 8.3 a close 2nd? Yes.
  6. Most dozers, Payloaders & Payhaulers good, the rest not so much:( DK about skidders....
  7. This topic should be on the IH side NOT the coffee shop!!!!! Lots of good info here.....
  8. Melrose Park was also making the very successful 817 since 1959 too. The 429 was good too just very low production. The 466 took it's place.
  9. Yes, Solar was a very profitable business, especially the last 10 years before it was sold to Cat.
  10. It's surprising how a color can make something look good to rather ugly....
  11. The point is Melrose Park was the engine plant. They just happened to make some construction equipment there too.
  12. When IH came out with the 815/915 Hi pro's, it sealed their fate at number 3 or 4, until the axial flows came out. Then to make matters worse they had the v8 gasser fire makers in those pos.
  13. Construction equipment is about the fastest way to log tough hours.
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