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  1. Very poor design there! Why would they even make it like that?
  2. IMO, other than looks & show, I don't know who in there right mind would want one. You can't get parts and turning radius is horrific. Very impractical in this day and age....
  3. This is a pic of the stupid 400 filter not only is it a cartridge, but you can't reuse the cartridge. You throw the whole thing away and put a new cartridge ass'y back on. It is ridiculous to say the least! Again, why on God's green earth would you do anything this brain dead? A simple spin-on filter with a built in by-pass would solve a lot of headaches and problems! The only good thing compared to the 600 is the filter media looks a lot better quality & capacity.
  4. Yep, good 'ol 50mm socket. Never needed one until the 400/600 came along....
  5. This is the filter out of the 600, I can't believe how cheaply made it is. No supports to keep the pleats straight. When I first took it out it looked a lot more bunched up than it does here.....poor design.
  6. Thanks for your time uploading this information SDman! The pics are awesome. You are a great asset to this forum! Do the 400's use the same type of bypass and do they cause problems? It kind of proves my point with spin on's that have the bypass built-in, they never get the chance to wear out because they get replaced often....
  7. Note: looks like they never even attempted to use that fire suppression system
  8. That is good info! Is there a sn break where they put the newer base on? It's too bad I changed the oil already. Can you see it by taking just the filter back off? Yet another reason to have spin on filters they can build the bypass right into the filter on those..... crazy how engineers have to keep changing stuff that works. I wonder if a lot of it is to "justify" their job? Thanks SDMAN!
  9. It still makes no sense. A spin on filter can be mounted most anywhere and you don't need a stupid 50mm socket and a 3' breaker bar to loosen it because someone previously used a 2' wrench too overtighten it:( I'll be glad to crush and recycle a spin on filter even though it might be a little more expensive. And there isn't much better to say about the stupid final fuel filter also. What a JOKE!!! You bring up a good point with the 400's not only are they a canister type, but you throw the canister away and put on a new dumb *ssed canister back on! You can't make this stupid sh*t u
  10. I just can't believe with a "state of the art" engine, why in the world you'd put on, not only canister fuel filter but also a stupid canister oil filter! Are the engineers THAT brain dead? They put the filter in a place you can't hardly get the dumb *ssed 50mm socket in to take the filter off. They do have a cheap plastic drain on it though so you don't get totally drenched in oil. What a moronic, stupid setup! It can't be a cheap setup to make, why not just put a single big filter like a 3406?
  11. Don't get the title of this thread?? Just to quote the late great Charlie Daniels ".....you outside people best leave us alone."
  12. Sounds like the 16x16 partial power shift is the std trans(what ever that means).
  13. The active 8 doesn’t sound too bad. That’s what I liked about the F40 it has right side foot pedals that you push to run the hydro fwd or rev.
  14. So what is the “best transmission”? Active 8? Be nice to have some kind of a power shift....
  15. Thanks for the responses. I’m totally confused on all the trans options... what would be the best for loader work? I kind of wanted a hydro like our F40 is but they don’t even offer them.....
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