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  1. Thought this deserved more recognition that it probably got. Kudo's to the owner for a super sharp very late model 25B!!!
  2. Basically they were discontinued in 1965 because IH closed the Milwaukee Works where all Harvester's fuel injection parts were made. Since the single and twin plungers and injectors were being discontinued anyhow, that only left the RD and they could purchase Roosa Masters cheaper than moving a relatively low production item to another plant.
  3. I was looking for a gasket for my 806 with an M&W turbo and stumbled on to this site and thought I would share to those like me that thought they were long gone. Nice to see that someone picked up the ball and started making kits and parts again. Not they're are cheap, but at least we have options... M&W Turbo Kits | Rajay Turbo Kits | Turbo Rebuild Kits (genuinediesel.com)
  4. I believe that was a wood mock-up of the TD-24.
  5. Where are you from? FWIW, Komatsu ruined what Dresser didn't already. They took what they wanted and sold the rest off. What a shame. Dressta, unfortunately, is pretty much dead in the US. No dealers around anymore and parts for the older machines are slim to none and if you do find parts they are so crazy priced it makes people just scrap them and get something else that has parts and service support.... it's too bad.
  6. Definitely looks like TD-15C and above track frames. Even the pivot shaft looks identical.
  7. ST-470


    Harvester, I believe, coined the term "All wheel drive" which pretty much sums it up....
  8. ST-470


    Well you might just want to keep it stock, unless you have deeper pockets. The V800 probably isn't the best engine to put much money in. Parts that are available, are very expensive and you probably would be disappointed with the outcome. You are correct, they were a much better engine when ran at 2100 than at 28-2900 but your still dealing with a almost 40 year old engine since it was last manufactured. FWIW, I believe you might want to look at something more "practical". Good Luck
  9. ST-470


    Give the kid a break! He's learning, maybe the hard way. We need to "guide" not tear down.
  10. Very poor design there! Why would they even make it like that?
  11. IMO, other than looks & show, I don't know who in there right mind would want one. You can't get parts and turning radius is horrific. Very impractical in this day and age....
  12. This is a pic of the stupid 400 filter not only is it a cartridge, but you can't reuse the cartridge. You throw the whole thing away and put a new cartridge ass'y back on. It is ridiculous to say the least! Again, why on God's green earth would you do anything this brain dead? A simple spin-on filter with a built in by-pass would solve a lot of headaches and problems! The only good thing compared to the 600 is the filter media looks a lot better quality & capacity.
  13. Yep, good 'ol 50mm socket. Never needed one until the 400/600 came along....
  14. This is the filter out of the 600, I can't believe how cheaply made it is. No supports to keep the pleats straight. When I first took it out it looked a lot more bunched up than it does here.....poor design.
  15. Thanks for your time uploading this information SDman! The pics are awesome. You are a great asset to this forum! Do the 400's use the same type of bypass and do they cause problems? It kind of proves my point with spin on's that have the bypass built-in, they never get the chance to wear out because they get replaced often....
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