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  1. IIRC, there's a bypass/relief valve in the oil cooler inlet circuit to protect against high pressures maybe that could be stuck in bypass position? I can check the service manual when I get a chance unless you.ve figured it out already.....
  2. Our 25E runs in the green just a little max. Is your trans cooler on the engine plugged? The engine temp should get hot if the converter temp gets that hot. We had our cooler rebundled a couple years ago because it was leaking coolant into the rear end....what a b*tch!
  3. Did anyone else notice that 806 had 1206 white centers on it?
  4. Go to Sioux Falls quite often, never heard of the Harvester Bldg. I'm definitely going to check it out the next time we're there. Thanks!
  5. There was a debate on here a long while back why they used the D-466 in the 3488 instead of a 436 or a turboed 414 or 436 and nobody had a real good answer......
  6. Other than being "cool" and a collector tractor, they were junk. Those engines were terrible to say the least.
  7. SDman is right, they were made at the Hamilton Ontario Plant along with forage harvesters, blowers and some tillage equipment and the Earth Metal tillage parts (I believe). IH made a 5500 too, dk much about them. We had a couple of 375's way back when. Those wobble boxes were JUNK! Other than that good machines.
  8. 43's had a cat III & 45 & 47 had cat IV Totally different hitch on the 9100 series
  9. Thanks SDman. Your right a lot of us aren't on "book face" 400# more on the 7150.
  10. Awkward getting in the cab. Levers aren't bad it's the STUPID backwards opening door. If its windy out that door will push you right in the cab, or worse slam and hit your leg. If the wind is in the opposite direction you can hardly shut it. The Magnum type door has a grab hold is like a stairs so you guide your way in. I have never talked to anyone that likes the way the 86-88 series door opens.
  11. This door is the way they should've opened from day one!
  12. SDman is right. The open disc caliper was a tad bit better than nothing...……..
  13. DV-550 engine. Almost as bad as the 619:)
  14. ST-470


    IH Oak, It's refreshing to hear someone of your age(15) being interested in doing things like this! NEVER let ANYONE discourage you. If you set your mind to do something you can do most anything, as long as you have the resources:) Go get 'em buddy!
  15. ST-470


    Detroit Diesel and good do not go together. They are loud, leak oil & have no torque curve -yuk. The 800 was not a terrible engine as long as they weren't run at 2900 rpms like they were in the 4wd tractors, trucks and scrapers. In the TD-20E's they held up very well at 2100 rpm. The main problem with the 800 and the 817 engines is the parts are getting insanely expensive and hard to come by. I'm not going to bash anyone if they want to do a project like this, more power to them. It would be cool when completed. Totally agree with the DV-550 statement in being the worst engine IH ever built! -I'd almost take a Detroit over those:)
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