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  1. Hey Russ, I'm looking for the injector sleeve installation tools for the 817 engine. PN: 1020372R91 Reamer; 1020371R1 honing tool; and 1020361R91 Rolling tool Also, I need 6) 817C connecting rods (big pin 2.25") Thanks for your help!
  2. ST-470

    IH ect auction

    Lighted dealer sign:
  3. ST-470

    IH ect auction

    Some neat/ unique items: http://www.houghtonauctions.com/houghtonBill.cfm?bID=houghton1909140901&rad=msdb8g6uzvtm7o705h1s7vq4w
  4. ST-470

    966 VS 4020

    What I never get at this forum is why the greenie weenies always have to come here and say how great deeeeeeeer is and how bad IH is. Are they that insecure? I always wonder, if your so confident, why would you waste your time here at a IH forum? It speaks volumes the following IH still has over all these years since they got bought by Tenneco. I wonder if it would be the same if it would've happened to deeeeeeeer? It almost did. There was a lot of victims of the 1980's and most of the whipper snappers here, especially the little greenie weenies, don't have a clue what really happened....
  5. ......also the late 1000 series had an auger slip clutch and springs on the gearboxes instead of the belleville washer which tends to crack. Both huge improvements. X2 on using loctite on the set screws.
  6. ST-470

    966 VS 4020

    Yes, they tried to enter the truck market with the POS 955 V-8. They couldn't get it to pass emissions. Unlike most everything else they copy and market as "there own new idea" that one failed miserably. As Harvester learned over many years in the truck market, AG and industrial engines were treated totally different than on highway applications when it came to emission standards and weight.
  7. ST-470

    966 VS 4020

    Just the DT-466 engine production numbers alone was more than deer's total annual engine output. The AG and ind market is rather small when you compare it to the truck market. The DT-466 was the largest used medium duty truck engine in the WORLD at one time. Then you throw in the 6.9/7.3 liter engine....no contest, not even close. Funny people forget that deeeer uses FPT 3.4L engines in their 5G series tractors: QUOTE from Farm Equipment: "The attraction of efficient emissions control technology and a global industrial complex is helping Fiat Powertrain (FPT) Industrial, the diesel engines division of the CNH Industrial group, win more customers and orders. Latest to join the FPT fan club is Deere, which is buying the Italian manufacturer’s 3.4-liter F5C 4-cylinder “electronic” engine. These replace Deere’s own 4.5-liter mechanical injection motors for the 2014 model year John Deere 5G (80 and 90 horsepower) standard tractors and the 90 horsepower 5GH high clearance model."
  8. X2 (IS THE BEST IH MADE). 1000 series is the CLOSEST thing you'll get to a chopping corn head, if the knives are set up properly. The biggest issue was no hyd adjusted deck plates, but we put aftermarket ones from VH Mfg on our 1083 10 years ago and it does better than most heads today, gear boxes are bullet proof. Unless you go all the way to the new 4000 series, all your getting is the warmed over POS New Holland head.
  9. There's an old saying that is relevant here; "Better to not say anything and be thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."
  10. 817 engine kits are no longer available. The numbers would be low, but they would sell.
  11. Kind of ridiculous to "lock it". If you don't like it, don't read it. You don't have to look at it if it might "offend" you.....grow up is what I say. The last joke about a condom and Obama, come on you could put anyone's picture in there, it's what it says -joke.
  12. I'd like to get $2500 out of it.....
  13. No thanks, I'd rather have an high houred rotary combine than either one of those, especially that god forsaken 8820...….no offense.
  14. I have an engine and torque converter, but engine needs overhauling. It ran before we pulled it but started really hard (abnormal for an 817). Has been sitting in the shed for 15 or so years.
  15. X2. George2 was a super guy, sad to hear his passing. Link to give condolences, ect: http://www.mackenzieandmccreath.com/visitationdetails.php?id=819
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