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  1. Very cool. Awesome tractor and history. Cherish it. These guys have you covered on any questions. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for some education on its manufacturing origins. I guess my thoughts were revolving around it being euro spec, like Matt described. I am now putting this all together and if I understand correctly, the “euro specs” will not have any effect on the bones of the tractor. As in I shouldn’t have to worry about different parts etc?
  3. My stepfather has been talking about a 5140 for a bit now. I have no knowledge of these machines since the newest red tractor I have run is an 88 series. Except I knew they have the 5.9 Cummins power plant. He took me to look at one today and he pretty much bought it. Looking back on the day I am having second thoughts. First of all, I didn’t know it was a euro case ih. I kind of quit paying attention after case took over. Well at least after the box car magnums. Long story short, what are the good and bad on these machines? If the hours are correct, it looked awful worked over for 3500 but things were tight.
  4. We are making our annual trip out to Bird in Hand for the carriage and antique auction. It’s a nice trip we like to do with my parents. I have been hunting parts for a bit, gone are the days of any salvage yards in my neck of the woods.
  5. Heading out to Lancaster area next week from around Pittsburgh. I want to hit a couple salvage yards on the way through. Any of y’all have any good suggestions?
  6. Sounds like for wheel clamp bolts?
  7. This one is mine. 560 was my first love. Pap had 2 diesels and I grew up and learned on them. We did everything with them along with a little 424D and an H once in a while until the 1066 came along. What a difference working on the 66 all day compared to getting beat up on the 560’s. Still love running a 560 though.
  8. Last summer I was looking for a set of these for 560. Bolts were easy enough to find, the nuts were the problem then. Forum member here hooked me up with an eBay ad. Got nuts and bolts for a good price and they actually shipped from a CIH dealer in Michigan.
  9. Definitely not factory steps snowshoe! Homemade job from some where along the line!
  10. Interesting. We always figured it came with a cab from those side lights and dents. I always just assumed somebody threw 66 series fenders on it when the cab was removed. Thanks, I learned something! And yes, she is an earlier one
  11. I have several favorites for one reason or another. One that I will not ever part with though is 806. It was my dads
  12. Thanks for all of the info. So will the rear mount on the 806 work on the 560? I wanted to take measurements but my 806 is at our other property
  13. Thanks. The frame was my first thought as well.
  14. Getting ready to make a couple hour drive this weekend to pick up an 806 wide front end. I have ambitions on installing it on a 560D. However I came across a front end off of a 1456 locally. My question is will the 1456 front end work on the 560? I thought I’d get opinions here until I was able to research it more tonight.
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