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  1. https://wheelerauctioneeringllc.com/?es_feed_target=%2F%2Fwww.GoToAuction.com%2Ffeed%2Fes_c1002.cgi%3Fes_id%3D3882%26id%3D1465521%26feed_type%3D200%26es_cfid%3D6990
  2. I had the same problem with my 434. For 40 years I never had any problem with dampness or condensation in the gearbox. While I lived out of state, it wound up setting out in the rain some, and that was when I had the problem. No idea where it got in, but it did, and caused a lot of problems. It was in long enough to crater the bearings and everything else in there, and unfortunately, the one bearing that is buried clear in the bottom of the housing is no longer available. It is much easier to lift the hydraulic tank off, but you may want to lift the shifter cover plate also. That condensation gets into your sliders on your shifter and gums everything up with rust. Take a picture of the fork orientation as you are taking it off. It can be fun getting it back on, especially by yourself, to get the forks in the correct position, but you can do it. That same fluid that is in the rearend is also in the transmission. You should have 3 drain plugs to empty everything. There are basically (3) compartments, and the gear lube will take a while to fill from one to the other when you are refilling it. Let it set a day, and it will level itself out. If your shifter is working fine, and goes into all of the gears, may be best to leave shifter alone, your call. If it has to set out, buy a tarp, much cheaper.
  3. Hetrick up at New Bethlehem has been at it a long time, I would think they would have some idea. I have not had them do it, so not sure. On a side note, saw your pull at Lawrence Co Fair, nice job. First time I have seen you pull.
  4. This is the seat bracket off of a 666. I believe that it is the same, not positive. The lever that you are asking about, is about 9 inches long on mine. The part number is 388 318 r91. It needs to be long enough, so that when you stand up and the seat is in the down position, you can hit it with the back of your foot, and the seat will return to the up position, to give you more room to move around. I suppose these pictures are rotated, but you can get the idea.
  5. Not sure if this link will work, but a couple of years ago I went through the same thing. With the help of some people on here, I have a good functioning system now. This should be a link to the info that was posted, if it does not work, you can do a search for the link. My tractor is a gas, early serial number, and appears to be the same plumbing as yours. I bought a power beyond plate and run the return to the rear diff housing under the right rear axle. There should be a number for the fitting also in the link. Mine was plumbed into the auxiliary valve levers, so you had to use the levers bye your right foot to operate the lift. I did away with all of that and added a valve up where you would normally have it. As far as removing the platform, mine was not bad, but I have read where it may be easier to remove the fender, gas tank, and platform as one unit. Not as bad as it sounds, I don't think. Worse part is how close your tires are to the fenders and try to get your hand in there to get get the bolts off and on. Good luck.
  6. Thank you for your reply. There does not seem to be any compression bleeding thru. Once it is cleaned and reassembled, within 20 seconds of starting the engine, you will see fuel begin to fill up around the top of the injector bore. It was worse prior to cleaning, but still bleeding, so I assume that it must not be bleeding fuel out of the injector itself, unless a different amount of clamp pressure could alter this. I see that the injector is multiple parts, can it be leaking thru one of these joints? One other injector was also bleeding fuel, but cleaned it and got it to stop.
  7. Just FYI, I just had a new hard drive put in my computer and everything gone thru, and still takes multiple times to enter a post in General or Coffee Shop. Same thing trying it with my phone also.
  8. Crawford Co fair - Meadville PA. Teachers Pet Just got my computer back from the shop. I didn't make it to Crawford. Went down to the Jefferson Pull, modified, not stock. I was rather surprised, the schedule I looked at, said that the NW pullers were doing the pull. Didn't realize until I got there that Lucas was pulling on the other track. Nice pull, I enjoyed it. So I have been keeping an eye out, I was not sure if you actually still pulled. What class do you pull? Looks like that Lucas Pull down at Waynesburg should be one to go to.
  9. My nephew has a Dresser TD8E dozer with a DT239 turbo'd engine. He has an injector that keeps bleeding up out of the bore around the injector. He has pulled injector and cleaned it and bore but no luck. Is there supposed to be some kind of crush seal of some sort down in there? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  10. Farmall Fanatic is at fair doing a walk around. Some nice looking 400 and 450 set up for pulling. https://youtu.be/Zr8-HgpgDQ4
  11. Always works here first try.
  12. Just tried to reply with one short sentence to a topic in coffee shop, attempted 8 times, still won't go. Used to work after 3 try's.
  13. No, there are no error codes or anything of the sort, just sets there like it is locked up or thinking. Using Microsoft Edge on a lap top. Had all been working fine until about 2-3 months ago, and then started having various issues. Thank you for your time and help.
  14. FYI: I have replied to a couple of topics, and still had to go thru it multiple times before it would take it.
  15. My nephew has a 656 Farmall gasser hydro. He has his eye out for a 656 utility diesel hydro. All he ever finds are gassers. How do you like yours?
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