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  1. Kind of hard to see, what exactly was going on in the 574 engine?
  2. But they got cookies.😁 I still have not heard who exactly wanted them there. The last party was in power when they showed up, and the new party is there now, and they are still there. The DC Police ordered them to the garage, do they have the power to call in that many NG?
  3. Sometimes I just wonder why or how something is done. I am not a rocket scientist, but I think I can hold my own when needed. But yet, sometimes you see something that someone that had probably made 4 times the money I did, and you wonder why. On my 574, the tool box is built in under the foot rest on the left side. Now my tractors are kept inside, and very rarely out in damp/wet conditions. Yesterday I got it out to haul a road kill dear out from the end of the drive, and there is snow on the ground. So, every time I step up onto the tractor, I am covering this tool box with snow that me
  4. Sort of the same, I have a 1972 574 with c200, and it has 4 blade.
  5. I didn't want to jump on another post, so I started this one. I am not familiar with the history of IH in regard to where they were built etc. I have a 434 BD154, Lucas electrics, that I knew was built in England. Since being on this site, I have read various times about the Doncaster Tractors, which I knew nothing about originally. I also have 574, C200, and I had an earlier post about adding loader hydraulics. In that post, it was mentioned about the tractor being built in the UK and also Louisville. Again, this was all new to me. I assumed that the entire tractor was built in the same place
  6. When I was living in SoCAL, one year we took our 60 Vett up to the Cal Poly Car Show. Cal Poly is an AG school norht of LA, and each year they have an AG day with car show, exibits etc. Be a neat place to show your baler Tony, if it weren't such a haul. I don't know if the northern campus does this or not. I have attached some pictures of the event, but the main reason for this post is, you will see a large track driven steam piece of equipment. Unfortunately, I did not record what the manufacturer is. You will see on the side of it that it was built by this company. Actually, the father
  7. Yea, the tractor has a loader, and it's kind of like having a 2 wheel drive pickup, sometimes it can't get out of it's own way. I use it quite often on my 434 with a loader. It's kind of like having 4 wheel drive, you should only really rely on it to get you out of a situation, not get into one. Thank you for the reply's, I assumed it would be more than what it was worth, but just checking.
  8. My 574 does not have a differential lock on it. In a nutshell, how involved would it be to install one? My 434 has one, and it basically is just a lever pedal pushing in a tapered pin. On the 574 is it just a matter of mounting the unit externally and the inside is already there, or do you have to change out something in the dif.? Thank you for your help
  9. I assume you are looking at your dip stick, but my 574 took 10 gallons. One manual said nine another said 10.
  10. Duntongw

    284 PTO ?

    We have never had a use for it, and none of our tractors have the 1000 PTO. What exactly is the reason/benefit for it?
  11. Duntongw

    284 PTO ?

    I have read the discussion about the 1000 PTO recently on the larger tractors. With that being said, I noticed this 284 for sale on the local craigslist. International 284 Tractor - farm & garden - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) Did they actually put 1000 PTO on this small of a tractor? I also saw what J-Mech said what parts for his engine cost, and I would think this seems cheap compared.
  12. W.L.Dunn, didn't see that one coming. I had a sleigh that was built by the Dunn family back in the day. They were also a GMC dealer for awhile. I stopped to look at a pickup there one night, and the trucks were lined up along the front of their building. Every one of them had the backend up on blocks and the rear tires and wheels gone. Asked the sales guy next day if they did that for security, nope, they stole them. Probably about 15 trucks. That was a lot of cement blocks to haul around. The fender rot is probably from good old PA road salt. I used to run my 434 up the road to plow dri
  13. Not sure if the 574 is same as yours, but this where 2 of them are on my 574. The red and white one I have not seen.
  14. Beautiful job, looks like no detail was overlooked. Amazingly, you were able to do it in a years time to that degree. That picture of your boy's I assume, in what looks like a tractor scrap yard. Is that here in W PA?
  15. Great video. You will notice that in the early SS class, lightweight I assume, that one hard charging AC is the Braebeck Bros. They were the ones to beat in the lightweight class for a long time. One of their later tractors below. I think my first big pull was around 73, and if I remember correctly, all of the modified's were full tractor bodies still, with V8's and Allison's stuffed in them.
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