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  1. Just a note of caution with muriatic acid. It is very corrosive, use and store it outside downwind from any thing metal. I had a small plastic jug of it in the garage, and one day I noticed some rust on the handle of my vise. This was in southern CA, and rust basically doesn't exist. I went away for a couple of days, and when I got back, everything in my garage that was not painted was rusty, and if it had chrome on it, it was dull. I didn't realize that I had the acid in there, and when I tracked it down, it hardly had a hole in it, just enough to let the fumes out. It was also at work t
  2. I had added a power beyond manifold onto my tractor. To do this, I wound up having to take all of the auxiliary valve housings off at the same time. When I went to replace the hard lines to my rear hydraulic outlets, I realized that I had managed to reverse the (2) valve housings(the one that was next to the differential housing is now further away). Rather than mess with changing the housings, I was going to just switch the fittings between the two. My question is, is there a difference between the (2) valves themselves? The "knob" on the handle of one valve is larger than the other, and
  3. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/grd/d/burgettstown-international-1066-high/7173934431.html
  4. I think watching the movie/documentary on 9-11 should be required by all politicians every year.
  5. I don't know if you have any fires in your area, but in SoCal they use small spotter planes that relay what's going on. They just keep circling overhead the entire time. The ones from down there are red and white, just like the bombers. Maybe some are heading home. Not to jump your post, but I was watching one of the fire video's on utube. Normally the big bombers are always prop planes, but they were showing a big jet dropping flame retardant, that's amazing how slow and low they get that thing.
  6. Thank you for the reply's. Great idea, but no ag junk yards around here. I'll just make up some. I know it's not difficult, just takes time. Thank you again.
  7. Hello: I am still working on the plumbing for my loader. I am trying to track down some of those heavy metal strap clamps, that were used on equipment to hold hoses and steel lines in place, or something similar. I have tried most of the various suppliers: McMaster, Parker, etc. and am coming up short. Does anyone know if they still make them or where I can find these? Yes, I know they can be made, but my shop equipment is very limited. Thank you for your help.
  8. We used to go up to Syracuse, were from NW PA, and was one of the closest pulls. The first year, we drove up, couldn't find a room anywhere, we wound up clear back down into PA, and wound up sleeping in the fetal position in the blazer at a rest stop. Took a camper after that. We also used to go to the Indy Super Pull in January, always a good time. I'll dig out some of those pics later.
  9. I didn't notice until I saw the pictures bigger on here, that the bottom IH was Danny Dean. If I am remembering correctly, was Red Line Fever Esdon Lane?
  10. I was doing some scanning today, and thought I would run a few of these thru. The picture of the trike front end in the air, is from the Canfield Fair Grounds in Ohio, 1978. Just thought it was a cool tractor combination. The other pictures are from the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, N.Y., 1982. The one you will obviously recognize, but didn't know if anyone knew the others. I realize this is a red site, but I threw in a picture of a modified. Back then, it was run what you could come up with. This was a transverse mounted Packard V-12 with a chain drive from NW Ohio.
  11. Thank you for the reply. I looked on line, and avspare.com still shows the part numbers with the detail drawings, and it lists the same spring for a number of models. When my IH Dealer got the spring in, we figured it was mispackaged because it was so stout. He reordered it again, and the same thing come. I guess I will see if I can get it on, and go from there.
  12. On a 574 gas, C-200, I see a metal bracket on the linkage going from the throttle to the governor, that is hanging doing nothing(item #15 in the drawing). I assume that it should have a spring on it. I looked up the CIH diagram and see that there should be a spring and ordered it. When it come in, I was amazed at the stoutness of this spring. There is a tang that hangs down under the battery tray, and I am assuming that this is where the spring connects. Problem is, that spring needs to be stretched almost 3/4" to get it to fit. I am amazed that it needs to be this stout of a spring, if this i
  13. You know it is a horrid thing, but that women that talked during the RNC that used to work for planned parenthood, really put a whole new light on it. Simply unhuman, the whole lot.
  14. In regard to the parking brake, I too have a 574 that I had recently purchased, and the parking brake does not work on it either. As mentioned above, they seem to be notorious for being left on and wore out. From what I have found, the band and drum are located down inside of the main tranny/differential housing. To access it, you need to remove seat, rear housing cover, maybe the gas tank, not sure, housing cover with numerous hydraulic and fuel lines, etc., not a simple task. I have decided to leave mine as is. There is a plate behind your left foot, that has (2) 1/4" bolts at the top and a
  15. I would like to thank everyone for the above conversation, very interesting. I have worked with flaring hydraulic lines before, but the tooling for 1/2" steel started north of $400 and is one of those things I would probably never use again. The black pipe option was mentioned to me, probably would work, but yea, just doesn't look good. The other thing is you have various levels of thread forming, and high pressure is much better than standard NPT. Plenty of goop I guess. Teachers Pet, thank you for the info. I had tried Allied, but they do not do it, I will try RJ Hydraulics in Butl
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