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  1. The question is....did the apple fall far from the tree?
  2. When is open season for deer....and do I have time to mount it to the hood prior??? Speaking of buying black powder... back when I was a teenager....(this I'm guessing is 1970-1975'ish?? Does anyone remember the "Charles Chips" brand of things that would come to you in a nice metal tin container?? That is what the black powder, fuses, primer were stored in. That tin can (which you should NEVER let your young, very curious child to know about) was held in the closet in the garage. Recall the 16 ounce bottles of Coke? That was (and still is) my favored drink....so had empty bottles. Being mathematically inclined, I'm thinking Glass bottle + Black powder + long fuse+match = BOOM Let's go see if my theory works! Did it a couple times. Once during winter, the creek had frozen and you could walk on it without breaking through to the running water. Set the bottle on the ice, lit the fuse and took off. Was way outside the danger zone (though I admit, I don't know how far glass shards might fly) Came the KA-BOOOOM. Entire section of the creek valley lit up. We went back. An entire area of frozen ice was now smashed and flowing down with the water. Seems the idea works and works well......amazing. A different time, we took another 16oz bottle to a field on the other side of the creek. Turns out the farmer had tilled the field and it had rained so it was a muddy field. Found a clear spot, set bottle down and lit the fuse. Took off running only to find it was STICKY mud that instead of running, became more like high efforts of moving your feet with 20 pounds stuck to them. It got immediately clear that we hadn't taken the muddy conditions into consideration with respect to running. It slowed us WAY down but, I had a long fuse. It blew....again.... I was wondering about glass shards but nothing thankfully happened. We returned to see an approximate four foot wide by about two foot deep hole. The other memory I have is between our house and neighbors, back in the back (we had the creek behind us and farms behind that, we were literally on the edge of the city/county line at our back yards) Anyway, between the two houses was a 4x4 concrete pin marker for the boundary line. I had a little Gerber baby food bottle. Poked a hole in the lid for a fuse, filled it with powder....lit the fuse. Waited and again, KABOOM. Went back and the glass jar was perfectly intact. The explosion had popped the lid off the top. I thought that was kinda cool. We (couple neighood kids with me) were yacking about that up by the houses when a patrol car SLOWLY drove down the street. Cop pokes his head outside the window saying they had a complaint about someone shooting a gun or something and did we know anything? No SIR.... we heard something too but it sounded to us like it was in the woods (entire neighborhood had a line of woods behind it going into the county) Cop just smiled at us and thanked us for our help. Did he know? Did he suspect? Did we fool him? That was the end of it so I never knew that answer but part of me suspects he knew but could tell by our (pretty stiff) reaction that he'd found his perps and knew he 'scared them straight'. I had never told my father about these stories until the other day as I was loading it into the trailer.
  3. My father bought this in 1967-1969?? Don't really remember. What I do recall is he & I went to Indiana where he bought it. It is operational. He's 92 and his 67 year old wife is trying to thin out some of "his" clutter.... so I was visiting them in Beaufort, SC last week and brought it home yesterday. Daydreaming, I was thinking I could mount it on top of the 1066. Open for suggestions. My wife freaked out when I told her I brought it home. (snicker)
  4. I normally get very nervous when someone wants to show what they found in their rear end. You however, did not start off by saying "Hold my beer".... This is a good thing.
  5. Not to blather on and on......(as I blather on and on) True story: Years ago, had a guy walk into office. Mother had passed. He had some stock cerficiates (which nobody should do if you really love your family) Anyway, had a blend of shares: Some were joint with his mother (now deceased) and himself Some were his mothers Some were his mothers AND his fathers (who had passed away 20 years prior and his mother had never dealt with it) He now had to go back to his FATHERS estate, re-open it to get the legal rights & documents needed to get his fathers name off the certificates, (which then put them in his mothers only BUT, she's now deceased) so he now needed more forms to deal with hers. Bottom line, it took us about SIX MONTHS to get this squared away for him. He is the one who had to deal with the State and the Courts to obtain all the legal documentation. Had his mother dealt with the fathers passing away, it wouldn't have been so bad. Had those stocks been in an account WITH a TOD designation then all he would have had to do was simply present a death certificate. I often have this discussion with people, relate (this above) story to them....and some of my final words are "if you LOVE your family, this is a no-brainer thing to do.....but, on the other hand, if you have that wayward child who's always been a problem for you and you want to get ONE LAST poke in their eye when you're gone, leave things as they are because you currently have them as difficult as you can possibly have them" Then they get things fixed.
  6. If you find it easier to discuss via phone, I am perfectly happy and willing to do that. If she/they "have a team", then one would want to believe all this is taken care of. (don't ever trust that though..... always want to verify)
  7. Forgot to mention, if she's got any accounts at the bank (and this goes for E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. (note the MULTIPLE PERIODS there!!!) Anyway, if you have a bank account (checking, savings, CD's etc...), you need to march your butt to the bank and tell them you want to put "POD" (Pay on Death) beneficiaries on ALL the accounts. It's simply a form to sign....a beneficiary form. Difference between the bank and brokerage is the bank "pays" the value of the account to the new owner. In the securities industry, we don't "pay" you 100 shares of Walmart....we "Transfer" them into your name, then you keep or sell or do whatever. Same thing, different name. I'd venture to say that I'd be impressed as all HECK, if 10% of the people here had this done. No way do I think by default that more than that might have done it on all their accounts. Banks don't seem to make an issue about this (I worked in a bank for 3 years as their investment advisor and made it a business of getting people over to see the banker to get it done......really bothered me that the bank didn't make that part of their opening the account process)
  8. Sorry to hear about your situation. My mother went through full dimensia/alzheimers (to be frank, I'm not sure which to call it) It got to the point where I picked her up one morning (at the nursing home for memory impaired) to take her out to breakfast. She asked if I was her boyfriend.... At this point, there was emotional acceptance on my part that the mother I knew, was gone. So I smiled at her and said "yes, I am whomever you want me to be today!!" and I proceeded to take her out for a nice breakfast. None the less... here's a comment with a preface for you. Preface: Obviously, I know absolutely *nothing* about you nor her nor anyone else in your circle so the following might be off base and my apologies if so. It might however, be found worthy by a casual reader.....so here goes. Backstory: I've been an investment advisor for 34 years 1. Does she have any (non-IRA) brokerage accounts? If so, are they Joint ownership with YOU (or another child) If so, this is the wrong way of doing it. You want that account in HER name only (or joint with her spouse at most). THEN, you want to have TRADING AUTHORIZATION on said account so now, if something happens (like my mother) and she can't deal with things, YOU can. Furthermore, (and this is equally important) you want to place a "TOD" Beneficiary on the account. TOD = Transfer on Death. It is a beneficiary designation so now, her (non IRA) brokerage account will bypass probate and go directly to whomever it's directed. So if you put BOTH of those forms on the account, YOU now get to trade it as necessary, then later, it becomes yours. You are ESSENTIALLY in the same shoes as being her joint owner BUT, on her demise, you get a stepped up cost basis instead of taking over HER cost basis. Nobody wants to "default" ownership of the account (by being joint owner). You really REALLY want to inherit it via TOD designation. 2. If she has an IRA type account, make sure the beneficiaries are correct and up to date. I can't tell you how many times I find people with screwed up beneficiaries. If you are married.....your spouse is a second marriage for you. Your spouse had her PRIOR spouse as her beneficiary...marries you....forgets to check the beneficiary. She then floats up the golden staircase..... you come to me to discuss her account.....and I get to give you the bad news, it's not your account. It belongs to her Ex, irrespective of what your wife said, wanted or did..... if she did not update the beneficiary, then nothing else matters, that's where it's going. Can't tell you how many times over the years, I've had someone go ballistic in my presence (usually females as it's us dumb males who forget to change our info) Only thing I get to tell her is she's got no standing so it goes to the ex. Guess who's going to be really ticked at YOU!!) 3. This one is the red flag I tried to bring up to people. As a preface to this one.... when my mother retired, (she was a nurse), she didn't have a pension. She was NOT a spender so her condo, car were paid for. She had no expenses so when she turned on her social security, she was still saving money. She had a $300K 401K via work. I pulled it out to an IRA that I managed and within about 2-years, got it up to $500K. I was pretty happy with having done that because I knew she now would be set for life unless she decided to buy a Ferrari.... Right about this time is when the dimensia started and she ended up in assisted living, then the memory care unit. By the time she passed away, we had liquidated (to pay for her care) her condo.... her car was gone..... of the $500K that was now in the IRA, there was only $30,000 when she finally passed away. To be a bit fair, we DID have her in a private room in a nice place....so we could have maybe been more stringent on some items to save some cash but we spent it on her care, didn't worry about inheriting it. Some people want to stretch it out as best they can (they're trying to preserve their inheritance) which finally brings me to my point. If she has an annuity that has NOT YET been 'Annuitized" (turned into a lifetime stream of cash flow, much like a pension. This is the time to have that discussion. You can annuitize it over HER lifetime (not a good choice in my book) or you can do something like annuitize it over her life "WITH" 10 or 20 years "certain". Meaning, the money will last as long as she lives, she can't outlive it (like my mother was heading).... but if she passes away BEFORE the 10 or 20 years, then the funds will continue paying to the beneficiaries until the 10 or 20 years is up. (until or unless those laws have been changed.... ) Once she's mentally not there, you (her guardian) might not be able to make this choice. At which point, the funds will very likely be attacked by the family to pay for her care and the whole amount can go to the nursing home pretty quickly. Fortunately for my mother, her income was low enough, I was able to pull funds out of her taxable IRA BUT, keep her under the threshold of owing taxes for 14 out of 15 years so we got to almost every dollar of it for her care. Of course, the disclaimers that none of the above is or should be construed as investment advice, one needs to consult their attorney, CPA, tax advisor, financial advisor, blah blah blah...
  9. Does anyone here use hearing protection? I use in-ear monitors, plugged into my Ipod so I can listen to some tunes....(this blocks out a lot of noise) and then over/above those, I wear some over-ear protection muffs that you might find someone at the airport wearing (bought the highest db reduction I could find) When combined, I've got pretty clear tunes playing in my head, the tractor noise (1066 open station) is GREATLY muted. My brother in law, I suppose he's a he-man.... says he doesn't like using any hearing protection.....he wants to hear the machinery in case something happens, he'll hear the noise of it. I try to tell him I can still hear things, they're just greatly muted. You don't need to hear a deafening "clank" to know something is wrong, if you can instead hear a background "clank". An odd noise injected into the drone of what's going on can stick out pretty obviously. I don't even like to get on the tractor to move it from its parking spot, to the house for fueling without "my ears" on.
  10. Yeah, I get the rock box idea. I thought about trying to fabricate something to simply put some (weight lifting) weights on there....the round "75 pounders" that you stack onto a bar bell (I think it's called) and do your primal scream while lifting it. Not sure HOW that might fabricated....so never put a lot of thought into it. (even wondered about cutting a slice into a round weight and using that slice opening as the slot that the suitcase weights have to hold their position.... lots of thoughts, but nothing as simple as doing it right with proper weights) Having weights isn't really a huge issue for me but I do have some areas that when I turn around and face back uphill, the front does lighten up so it's more of an annoyance than any safety issue. I'm guessing with front weight, the wheels don't lighten up, they don't "skid" a bit during a turn (or skid as much) therefore, they don't slice into the turf as much. Frankly, that's not a huge deal, just as I said, annoying.
  11. While we're talking about "Front" weights.... Looks like this is tapering off so I'd like to ask. Are there weights that would fit the wheels of the 1066? Are those easier/harder to find? More expensive, less expensive than suitcase? I don't really need 1,000 pounds.... (or so I don't believe) I've got my flexwing mower and I'm on hills. When I'm at certain angles facing up the hill, the wheels can get light and I might have to steer with brakes BUT the wheels are still on the ground, just bouncing a bit. The above comment is what brought the idea of front wheel weights into my mind. Picture showing wheels in case there are different rims.
  12. I like the oil in bag idea. I don't recall, but I don't think it was bagged/oiled when received. I think it was in a cardboard box for its size and that's all. I certainly haven't "cleaned it off" and I had it sitting on my desk for a couple days until I realized it wasn't my problem. I'll zip it up this weekend when I have time to get it and get to my 5-gallon buckets (which are away from the house).
  13. I guess I'm having to think about this. The "MCV" is the (I think) multi control VALVE so if that's correct, it's the "cover plate or surrounding assembly" that directs various flows?? Then, inside is the bolt on "pump".... I have the bolt on pump. Guess I've never put too much thought into the rest of the assembly other than it's need for gaskets or seals. Do they ever go bad other than the seals? What plugged the filter? It had a fine layer of (sediment?) on it that restricted the flow. It was so low on my list of things to look into because the prior late summer/fall, when I bought the tractor, one of the first things I did after fixing the transmission shift issue AND the entire wiring harness.....was to dump all the hydraulic fluid and replace it. So I "knew" it was good.....when in fact, it wasn't. So now I have a new pump laying about, waiting to be used.
  14. Last spring, I was having some pump issues. As I bought the 1066 used, I'm expecting a pump issue (turned out it was a clogged filter which but for you guys, I would have NEVER checked as it had recently had a new filter & fluid change) None the less.... before learning that it was the filter, I went ahead and ordered a new MCV and gaskets. Turns out that it was the filter so it's been replaced. I set the MCV on the shelf so it will be on hand for when the pump DOES give up the ghost which leads me to my question. What kind of shelf life it might have prior to being needed.
  15. I also need a bracket so I'd be starting from scratch
  16. How many would fit on a 1066? I think I found your four pictures
  17. If you're acquiring from Home Depot, if you don't like it, you can take it back. I actually however, anticipate you to report back with a "wow" comment. Hopefully, you have a wide open space you can try it to see how far it throws. I actually look forward to taking the dogs out at night so I can use this light (helps me see WAY ahead to know if there are any deer) The dogs however, (Border Collie and a Pyrenese) can almost pull me where they want so I can't use this. I need both hands for them, especially if a deer pops up. So I use my headband light while taking them out and use this if I'm only taking one of them out.
  18. With regard to the brands.... I live at the end of a dead end road. Call it 500 acres along our entire border of (public) land that is owned by TVA. (Tennessee Valley Authority). Adjacent to their land is a lake. So I actually live on a peninsula. We get some ...."less than savory' characters out here every now & then. Trespassors, thiefs, a dead body was once found on the back side of the farm... I wanted to get a nice flashlight. I had some Milwaukee tools, hence batteries. I bought their search light https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Lighting/Handheld-Lights/2354-20 I L.O.V.E. this light. I've never owned anything that will throw a beam like it will. Regarding above (trespassers comment) Our dogs were barking one night about 2:00. I go to window & look out. I hear dogs barking outside. Probably coon hunters (who are some of our worst trespassers) I walk out on the deck and I can hear their dogs just over the hill. I then see a treetop that is being illuminated by someone standing below, looking for something in the tree with a flashlight. Now I know where they are AND I know they are indeed trespassing. It was late, they are usually armed. I don't really want a confrontation at this time, do I call the Sheriff? I go get this light. I still see the tree illuminated by his/her flashlight. From a freaking awesome distance, I turn this on and don't "illuminate the branches" I illuminated the entire tree. It would have been abundantly clear to this person that someone now knows EXACTLY where they are because I just drown out his flashlight with this monster light. I turn mine off. Tree is no longer illuminated by his light.... his dogs go silent and I never heard anything again. It seems he got the point and he knew he was caught so he hi-tailed it out of there. If you want a strong light, I can't recommend this light enough. Spot, flood, dual mode and strobe (which to me is useless) The light is only like $75 as they get you with the batteries. If you already have the battery, this is a no-brainer to me.
  19. Roughly 1978, I had a pretty serious stereo in my Chevelle. Buddy & I went to A&W to get a dog & root beer. Next to us was a car of (punks) who while at the drive in, had their windows down and were playing Boston as loud as they could. Yeah.... it was loud, but they didn't know that there was a bigger dog next to them. I looked at my buddy and I said should I??? To which he of course, said YES I put my tape of Boston in. Tried to find where they were on their tape and once I got them pretty much in sync we cranked it up to STUPID loud. (might be worth noting that at the time, I had some serious HOME speakers in my back seat, so I'm not talking about the 6x9 coaxial speakers in the trunk) Essentially drown them out. After about 60/90 seconds of them being drown out.... theirs went silent....and they left. Actually had one of the servers come to us and thank us for what we did.
  20. Totally agree with you. As (good luck) would have it, the company I work for is an insurance company. They've got nice benefits. My annual deductible is around $7,000 for out of pocket expenses. Once I meet this requirement, everything is "free" (to me) thereafter. No copay on medications, no copay on office visits, no nothing. The injection I'm on "pays" my co-pay for me so if I play my cards right, I get that shot EARLY as possible in January. They pay my $7,000 copay (or more accurate, they simply deduct it from their bill as paid) so for the rest of the year, I have zero out of pocket expenses. I DO pay a slightly higher monthly insurance cost but the trade off for me is VERY much worth it.
  21. My take? If you have a headache, that's not going to stop you in your tracks (perhaps a migrane does, but not an every day headach) So you might put up with it rather than go to the Doc. Prostate cancer on the other hand, CAN stop you in your tracks.....so you are going to likely do what you can to beat it, unlike the effort you might put into an every day headache. So, the worse the malady the more it's going to cost because you are more determined to beat it and willing to pay the price (usually with the assistance of insurance). Think about it.... what "mundane" disease can you get, costs you "tens of thousands" of dollars? (fortunately for me) I can't think of any. How many ugly diseases can you think of that cost you "tens of thousands" of dollars? I can name a list. I've got two medications. One is roughly $2,000/month for the pills. The other one is the wammy jammy..... it's $20,000/month (actually, I think it's $22,000/month) for a self administered injection. If insurance didn't cover it, there's no way I'd pay that much. Not going to bankrupt the family for that. I'd take the consequenses.
  22. I don't know how things have changed....but we've got a 444. Maybe 5'ish years ago, it too started to leak as yours is. I was able (then) to get what I needed and after I wrestled things apart, was able to take pump apart and fix things internally. Hardest part was taking that steering wheel off after decades of water rusting it to the shaft. Took several days of oiling it and more than several curse words.
  23. I don't work in the field of my degree. My degree is (what was then called) Personnel Management or now, we'd call it Human Resources. During my senior year, I had a (required) class for Union Negotiations. It culminated with us dividing into teams (management verses union). I was the leader of the Management side. We had something like two hours to hammer out an agreement. We were the first to leave the room and were done within maybe 30 minutes. The teacher was floored. She immediately cornered us and started grilling us on how did we possibly finish so quickly? We (mainly myself I guess) said we looked at some of their requests. Some were reasonable, some were not. We went over the reasonable ones and cleared them (accepted). We then went to the more difficult ones and proposed what we felt to be fair middle ground solutions. The other side could see we were operating with good faith so they also operated in good faith. There were none of the (typical?) us verses them shennagians causing one or both sides to entrench. We (as management) genuinely adopted the 'lets take care of everyone' attitude. Seemed to be the honest and fair thing to do. I have ALWAYS felt that there are at times, there was a 100% need for a Union. There are also times a Union is 100% NOT needed. I think it always falls back to the simple Golden Rule philosophy.
  24. I pretty much agree with this, 100% (financial advisor for 34+ years and still going)
  25. I used one growing up. Faded memory says it was also electric start (I remember having to move that confounded battery to the kitchen to charge it when done) None the less.... my recollection of it (I'd call it mid 70's) it was as reliable as an anvil. I don't recall it ever giving me any issues. Light weight so I was able to push it with good ground speed. We had a large yard with a slope on part of it so I'd push it up the slope and "trot" after turning around to go back down the slope. The trot was really a VERY brisk walk but, the mower just ate whatever was before it. I really don't recall ANY negatives with that thing.....to the point that today, 40 years later, I was debating a mower for my front yard (back is landscaped so no mower needed). Debated specifically getting a LawnBoy but instead, got a riding mower which was replaced with another, and another...... and now, I have the Deere 430 mower that I got specifically because of its being diesel and me wanting to get away from all the gas cans laying around. Since I already stock about 45 gallons of diesel, I thought it made a lot of sense. Was a good decision for me.
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