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Found 5 results

  1. 1486 Grounding issue

    I was cleaning the battery cables/connections on the 1486 yesterday. When I went to reassemble the ground cable to the right front cab mount, I heard a click up in the cab. Upon inspection, the noise was coming from the digital tach area of the dash. I also noticed that when I tightened the ground cable on the battery, I could feel a slight bite on my forearm where it was touching the door frame, so obviously a feed to ground. I did have the other battery hooked up at the time. Any ideas? Also, the blower will not work, but wipers and radio work. This tractor does tend to run the batteries down when it sits for a period of time. Any thoughts?
  2. cab identification

    Can anyone recognise the brand of this cab? it says something on the door, but I cant read it. I have been searching for months to identify this. Thanks in advance if anyone can get this!!
  3. 656 Hydro

    Gentlemen- I would like to get a second, third, fourth etc,etc opinion! I have a 656 Hydro with a white cab--with IH medallions on both sides, a swamp cooler on the top, fenders made into the cab and a really nice fit all around. Is it factory or is it ain't? Tractor is REALLY straight, all glass is completely intact, but alas, the previous owner left it set outside, with a rusted muffler, the pan is full of water, engine is stuck tighter than Dick's hatband. According to the feller, it quit moving in 92-- he parked it and it has set ever since. It is sweet-until I get to adding-- complete engine overhaul-- who knows on the hydro-- new tires all around--- blah,blah, blah---but I would REALLY like to know-- issis cab from the factory? Your expert opinions?
  4. 1466 cab, clutch assist booster, exc

    So I purchased a 1466 with a cab on a estate auction a couple months ago. This tractor after a little work is running well. However it is extremely hard to push the clutch in. I was thinking of adding a clutch assist booster kit. thoughts? Another thing is it has a cab on it and my partner wants it to stay. The heater does not work or a/c and the cab is in a little ruff shape. I was wondering do I spen the money on the cab and tear it down and fix it up? even the knobs inside the cab are all froze up as well. I was wondering how hard it is to take the roof off the cab to check things out internally. Like fan motor, compressor, all of that stuff to see what it looks like. Any thoughts or pointers on what to do with this project?
  5. Dont find a C like this very often...

    Cruising CL tonight and came across this. Looks like they did a fair job judging by the pics.