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  1. I am trying to change the slip clutch friction plates on a Vermeer 605D baler. I was able to unbolt the gearbox side collar, and the various plates in the slip clutch can move toward the gearbox. I am hoping someone can help me with directions to remove the front collar on the PTO shaft. I have attached a picture. Does anyone have an idea how to pull the collar off the shaft. Thanks for any help. Dave
  2. Thank you for all the input. I do have access to a 14.9 tire, so thanks for the tire chart information. If I put the 14.9 on my tractor, I then end up with two 13.6 tires. I live south of KC, but the family farm in central Iowa by Winterset is where the tires are located. Thanks Again, Dave
  3. I am trying to find a 13 x 38 tire to match a good existing tire on my 666. I tractor salvage guy told me 14.9 x 38 and 13 x 38 are the same sized tire. Can anyone confirm? The tire has 13 x 38 on it, not 13.6 x 38. Thanks Dave
  4. MMI, Thanks for the information. I went to the Case IH dealer and got a single O ring and snap ring. I put them on today, and oil still oozes out around the cap. It also was letting air out of the system. I am wondering if i should just run it and let it seat in there better, or try your o-ring part number. I had to tap the cap/o-ring into the hole again, so I am wondering in the new o-ring might be damaged from forcing the cap in. If anyone has suggestions, send them to me. The good news is it is oozing slow enough that I will get a few little projects done before it gets colder. Thanks
  5. Stoney1918, what you said is true for the 350 utility. I put a wire brush on a drill and cleaned all the metal. I clamped vise-grips on the little knob and wiggled it a lot. was wearing the little knob down. It looked like it should wiggle out, but it was hung up. Maybe, I thought if I started the tractor and used the hydraulics, that it might push the cap out. As soon as I started it, immediate hydraulic system pressure popped the cap, a collar and the spring out of the hole....along with a fair amount of oil. The bottom of the seat took the brunt of it, and protected me from most of the oil. The collar and spring were laying on top of the hydraulic reservoir, and the cap was laying on the ground behind the left rear tire. The good news is that its out, and I will go by the Case IH dealer tomorrow to try to run down the O ring and maybe a new cap. Thanks all for your responses. Have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
  6. Does anyone have a part number for the shaft and square pin? I may just order a new one, but it is like a puzzle putting all the pieces back in place after disassembly. Thanks Dave
  7. Thank you for the responses. I didn't notice the snap ring, but as you can see in my picture, I haven't cleaned the area much. I will go take it out and get an O ring. Thanks again. Dave I am able to depress the relief control (another response called it that), but with plyers, i have been unable to pull it out of the chassis. I will scrape around the opening and try that. Sure feels like it is spring loaded, so I will watch for it to pop out. I included a picture of the relief control depressed. I hope it pulls out. Thanks Dave
  8. I have a 1958 Farmall 350 Utility tractor with the backhoe/loader configuration. I attached a picture of the unit attached to the right side of the hydraulic reservoir. Hydraulic oil is leaking out of the plug/bolt shown at the end of the screwdriver. The head of this is round, so I assume it is some sort of plug/safety valve/overflow valve. Does anyone have experience stopping the hydraulic oil from leaking out of this area? Thanks Dave
  9. If I put dimples in the pin and push it back into the shaft, does it go in flush with the shaft? I have had to put it back in a number of times, and I jiggle the shift lever until it slides linkage past the dowel. I haven't noticed if I pushed the pin flush before the shifter starts working again.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to fix the one I have, if it doesn't work, I will try to find a new shaft/pin assembly. Dave
  11. I have a mid 70's International 666. When I shift to the 4th and 5th gear range, a pin drops out of the shift linkage/shaft and drops onto the battery. It is about an inch long and under a 1/4" square. When this happens the shift lever drops with no resistance. I have a IT Shop Service Manual IH202 that includes the 66 series tractors. On page 78 there is a diagram with the shifter linkage. Item 22 is the dowel pin that drops out of the shaft. Does anyone have experience with how to keep that dowel pin from dropping out of the shaft? Thanks Dave
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I will run by NAPA with the carb numbers and suggested kit numbers to see if they have the Zenith kits. If not, I will order. Thanks again for the help. Dave
  13. I have a mid 70's International 666. The carburetor is a Zenith with 6548809 and13716 stamped on a small round area of the throttle body. I am trying to find the correct carb rebuild kit and the float kit. The carburetor allows gas to flow through to the intake side if I don't shut off the fuel valve. If anyone can help, it will be apprecieated.
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