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  1. Thought I’d share something for future readers, while reading my service manual I came across these schematics for the display and low and behold the one for the early serial number tractor matches what I was measuring on the pins and shows the oil pressure switch. So including that schematic plus the one for the newer display
  2. Looking up that part number it looks like you have the pressure sensor (and makes sense only 1 terminal) not a pressure switch. The switches are used to toggle the display and alarm, the sensor is to get an actual pressure indication
  3. Well, I will try to help in anyway I can! I just ordered a digital service manual today so hopeful to have it right away the pressure transmitter I believe is on the drivers side kindof mid engine, don’t think I have a picture... the oil pressure switches were on the passenger side on the back near the cab, pic attached. Mine I’m not sure if it’s factory but had basically a little T connector, each switch threaded into it, and just a threaded tube into the block. I had to take mine apart to redo the sealant cause it was leaking all over. The one has 2 connector, so 12V
  4. All good advice Jeff! Previous owners mustof had the same bird issues, I took out the cab filter and there was already a mesh screen installed in front of it! But, the mice of course were on the inside and built a nest inside the damn filter?!? So... will see I cleaned it out really good in there and ran the blower for quite sometime and didn't really smell mouse anymore so hopeful. May need a new cab filter anyway just cause. For now, it always get's parked beside the barn where there is approx 30 always kept slightly hungry mousers... I feel sorry for any mouse or bird nearby
  5. Yeah I'm being hard on the poor thing with my words.. it's character is growing on me! The interior looked pretty rough but after I got the gauge working I switched to getting the blower motor working and cleared out the mouse nest up above the vents and after doing that actually tidied up the cab a bit, so it's looking better each time. Might take some interior detailing products I use on my vehicles to spruce it up even more just for show lol But this is my first tractor, and up until now I've always just borrowed tractors from the families fleet for the little bit of land I far
  6. Yes it is working now! And as always it’s good to post what I found and how it was fixed for any future people having issues with the same thing and maybe come across this post. Many thanks to J-mech and Jeff-C-IL for putting up with my constant PMs asking for advice! So, I knew I didn’t have power going to the display from checking the pins, so I took the panel off below the steering wheel and found the auto fuse panel was corroded pretty heavily and looked rough. Since I knew these wires should have +12 on them I grabbed a jumper wire attached to the cab relay and jumpere
  7. I've called the local dealers that worked on these, and everyone said they long time ago threw out the service manuals for them since they don't work on them anymore. I guess 44yrs old not worth the shelf space to keep the books... Thank you for the schematics though, they are different then the others I have so I just printed off a copy now I'm going to start reviewing over coffee!
  8. It's got character I'd rather just know which pin(s) need power and replace the wires... often that's quicker. But none of the schematics I've seen seem to jive up with what I'm seeing so I'm not sure if someone in the past has been in there tinkering or what's going on. Plan is today to get the seed cleaner fired up and going, then I can tinker/troubleshoot while it's chugging away. One of those nice jobs someone "should" be around to check in on it but can work on something else most the day. Multi tasking! Leading theory is right now the oil pressure switch, one sho
  9. So, story goes I got this tractor accidentally. I was watching an online auction sale for other items when this old girl came up and the bidding stalled and it seemed way to cheap for that much tractor so I bid once to try and help out the seller... and well I won. Had no idea if it even moved under it's own power! But... for the price paid... I could basically part it out or send it to the scrap yard and get more then I paid for it so it was a good deal if it worked or not. She's pretty ugly, but... the tractor does run, starts amazing and seems like it shifts and goes thru the ge
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