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  1. no its the 3pt setup but I think its basically the same
  2. Do you think it would be okay to have the weight of a baler tongue to be on my 340u's 3pt drawbar?
  3. The coil on my Scout has power to the + side but not the - side its a new coil and I cleaned up the mount.
  4. I was changing the Spark plug wires and managed to get mixed up..... I think I got it back to how it was but I cant be certain do you have any good diograms?
  5. Found this near a barn.... Originally I thought it was a front wheel clamp but now I'm starting to second guess that... It has oil on it from being put in said barn and having a tractor leak on it.
  6. Wow never seen one of those before..... are they rare? I wonder how much it would cost to have it recovered....
  7. thanks.... did they originally come in a tanish color?
  8. How can I identify the year of my Scout.... The serial number is unfortunately MIA.
  9. So today we got the starter to turn... but the bendix will not engage.... how can I fix this aside from taking the starter off as that looks like a pain.... if I do have to take the starter off how do you get to the top bolt out.
  10. Is the Scout 80 negative or positive ground and where should I attach the Jumper cable to see if the starter will turn?
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