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  1. this is what the title translates to, Failed trench passage
  2. IH 340


    heres a weird one FORD 8N For Sale In Whitewater, Wisconsin | TractorHouse.com
  3. thanks one of our neighbors used to use her super c to milk her cows and i kinda wondered if that hole could somehow do the same
  4. What are the bolts on the side of my 340's, 8n's and 9n's manifold for? I attached a picture of the bolt on my 8n & 9n but where the 340 was parked it was too dark for a good picture. Sorry for the lousy quality.
  5. does any one know much about this tractor? I couldn't seem to find much. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=VYaRlD4a&id=2BEEF91CB0A694492B1E6B6905B6736410E02F78&thid=OIP.VYaRlD4aVWvDQxCWYdli7AHaFj&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.tractordata.com%2fphotos%2fF004%2f4636%2f4636-td4-b01.jpg&exph=720&expw=960&q=International+harvester+HG&simid=608029874539661153&ck=397FEE50EB9D62F74F49F86EE112885C&selectedIndex=0&FORM=IRPRST&ajaxhist=0
  6. okay thanks for correcting me
  7. They are made by Agco in Europe somewhere. Don't quote me on it by I heard they weren't very good.
  8. Could we have a pressure issue or is this normal when starting to work a tractor that had not been used for a while? There was definitely crud etc. but the screen had ripped off outer rim. It was purchased new by us from CaseIH. Probably less than ten hrs on it.
  9. Bendix parts it is, thanks guys!
  10. I believe New Holland took them over. to slightly satisfy your curiosity im starting to think the o-ring is a piece that doesn't belong in there at all!
  11. These were found in the bell housing of a Ford 8n with a Sherman over under transmission any idea what there for?
  12. Unfortunately switching hoses did not resolve the issue. No up or down at all with them switched. Swithched them at the block, not the cylinder. Maybe we should try it at the cylinder? Edit: Matt I found an older thread about a 560 with similar problems in which your advice solved issue. Will switch at cylinder and report back. I switched at block thinking it would make no difference, and fitting needed new seal on block.
  13. Hoping you all understand and can answer this. Where should the lever under seat be when attaching adjustment rod? I assume it should be where it is. Can't seem to get right adjustment without it staying on relief. I also am questioning if hoses off block behind seat to cylinder are reversed?? When I put handle up to raise it goes down. When I put handle forward or down it wants to raise. No literature that we have addresses these issues.
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