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  1. Case IH Magnum 290 (I think might have been a 380)
  2. I heard they got it running but i'm not sure. There may be a better quality video too.
  3. Very interesting when they pull something out of a swamp!
  4. I forget the whole story but I think that one of them got stuck and they sent another after it......
  5. I would like to get one. A lot of people find some cool stuff in Europe's battlefields.
  6. IH 340

    WWII books

    I read that one very interesting. I'll have to read that one.(Spearhead)
  7. I know some one who owns a 980..
  8. You name your tractors too?
  9. Matlock has a few Case Internationals in it....
  10. sure don't have a good pic will soon though but I might have made a mistake I thought the backhoe on my 300 was a Cleveland but I think it was just the pump.....
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