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  1. I would be willing to bet those are from the Steve Flies auction in Plainview, MN. It was an online auction by Aumann Auctions. He had 80 tractors of all colors, including the two you saw.
  2. Almost had all of them in this picture: 8930, 6788, 3788, 1486, Hydro 100, MD Here is a closeup of the MD. Here are the 400 and 8930 in the same field.
  3. Google the Pump Doctor. I have a 1200 planter that I put the Pump Doctor on. It mounts the pump solidly to the tractor, but couples to the PTO shaft with two sprockets and a double chain. I did this after I found out how much a coupler for the large 1000 PTO shaft was going to cost me. The pump doctor kit was only about $50 more and is a much better design.
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