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  1. RAIN

    Yeah. With the frost preventing any of it from soaking in, we have lakes and (frozen) streams everywhere. I took a walk into the woods while it was raining (and running) and recorded a few scenes. Keith-
  2. decals

    Yes, I've used Maple Hunter IH decals several times. Excellent product. Keith-
  3. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    No stainless, it would have to be heavyweight varnish all the way. When I was more committed to building models, I thoroughly enjoyed building models of PULLMAN and Barney & Smith prototypes that operated on Milwaukee Road trains of old. Trying to build realistic interiors for those cars was fun too. I really enjoyed it. Keith-
  4. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    And how! I used to have a large HO layout. The layout went away when I lost the space but I kept all the trains with the thought of picking up where I left off when the kids grew up enough to help me with the cows, thus providing some extra time for me to go back to the trains! Well, the kids are helping out a whole bunch here on the farm, but now I can't see the trains anymore - LOL! I guess I'll have to go with plan B and get for myself a full-size PULLMAN sleeper, park it in the yard, restore it, and start my own on-farm bed & breakfast.... Keith-
  5. 1966 706 German Restoration

    Wow. My birth certificate says that I was new in 1966. I wish I looked as good. I may sound the same as the vintage 706, but it has me beat on looks! Congratulations. Keith-
  6. Vintage Ads

    Well, yes, but at the time of the Roto-Baler, we still needed to heft those bales with nothing but human brawn. The round bales increased in size only after our tractor loaders (and hydraulics) were advanced enough to do the job. The guy that invented the skid loader helped the situation along too..... Keith-
  7. Vintage Ads

    Wow, a thrower with its own engine. I guess I've never seen that before. I probably wasn't paying attention. I suppose, at the time, having a thrower was the bees knees. What with making the baling process a one-man operation in the field. I could see myself get'n mighty hot under the collar were I to head to the field to bale up a field of beautiful alfalfa as storm clouds gathered in the western sky, only to find that the motor on the thrower wouldn't start...LOL Keith-
  8. Vintage Ads

    Yes! Old tractors still doing their thing. We have a '51 H working every day on the silage wagon feeding the cows. I have been very proud of it over the last month or so, starting every day in the sub-zero cold without the aid of a block heater or ether. The only tractor on the farm that hasn't needed cold weather life support - LOL Keith-
  9. Lycoming automotive engines

    Absolutely, do feel free to stop by. I won't be turning any wrenches on it today - LOL We've been moving springing heifers into the barn this morning and my toes are f r o z e n. Keith-
  10. Lycoming automotive engines

    Thanks for the links! I will try to add photos here. My wimpy interweb connection does not always allow the uploads... Keith-
  11. Lycoming automotive engines

    Our family recently acquired what we hope to be a fun project for us, should the weather ever warm up again. I'll put a link below to a youtube video featuring the truck. The video host is our shop foreman - LOL Anyway, the truck is a 1933 A-3 with a Lycoming straight 6. I have searched the web and have been surprised with how very little info there is regarding Lycoming automotive engines. I did find this interesting article from Hemmings but little else. The engine in or truck seems complete, and looks and feels to be in good shape, but we have not yet tried to start it. As it stands now, I'm confident that we can get it to run with little effort. I do have the owners manual that came with the truck and it does cover operation and maintenance of the engine. Nevertheless, I'm curious to know more about this engine specifically. The bok says it's a 224 cu L-head 6 making 25.35 horsepower at 2700 rpm. Just curious to know if anyone reading this has one like it or experience with one. Thanks, Keith-