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  1. I know this should probably be on the photo thread, but I couldn't easily find it, so forgive the extra bandwidth used by creating a new topic - I finished the milking chores this evening and was waiting for supper when I looked out the window and saw our almost 14-year-old collie dog, Trixie, staring down one of the young cats as if she was letting her know who's got the seniority on this farm. Ha! Then I looked across the drive and saw somewhat the same thing in the world of International trucks. The old 1933 A-3 doing its best to let the 1972 Loadstar know that it, too, still has seniority. Keith-
  2. Nice. Did you ever do conducting from the caboose, or have they already been gone for 35 years? Keith-
  3. Okay, refresh my memory - OSL is Oregon Short Line? What did you do at UP for 35 years? Keith-
  4. And you get to watch trains go by everyday, too? Nice. Keith-
  5. It wasn't a drought-breaker, but anything helps. And it made the cows feel better for several hours. And then we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow at sunset. God is good. Keith-
  6. LOL - well, back in the day of film cameras, I used to know how to do stuff like shoot in the dark. Fireworks, or the moon. I tried to shoot the moon early Sunday morning (it was a beautiful red)but my photos were, ahem, less than desirable. So I sat down Sunday afternoon and watched a fellow on YouTube refresh my memory as how to shoot the moon with good results. Armed with the renewed skills from my University of YooToob refresher course, I tried again this morning with the results seen above. BTW - if interested, here is the video I watched yesterday - Keith-
  7. On my way out to the barn this morning the moon greeted me from its perch in the southwestern sky, so I snapped a photo. When reviewing the photo later, I was a bit saddened to see that protesters must have removed Neil Armstong's flag. I can't see it. Keith-
  8. The old truck sitting in the shop is a 1933 International A-3. Has a Lycoming in-line six. Runs really well but I have yet to master shifting that bugger with the non-synchro trans straight-cut gears. My 11-year-old will figure it out before I do. Keith-
  9. 35 years ago, when I was a teen, I switched the generator out for an alternator out of a '70s era GM car. To make room for the alternator, I needed to cut a slot in the hood. Since then, I've replaced it with a one-wire alternator that would have actually fit under the hood...oh well, I suppose I could always acquire another hood, when I get real old and have nothing better to do... Keith-
  10. Yes, that cow is Lois, an honored, faithful employee and dear friend of the family. She is a tough old Jersey. Probably nearing 15 years old now and moving kind of slow. She's getting old and slow, just like me. Because of her increasing immobility we let her choose whether she wants to go to pasture with the rest of her friends, or just roam the hay fields right out behind the barn. Lately, with the hot weather, she chooses the latter and then she lets herself back into the barn around noon when the sun gets too hot. She still milks well, but realistically, her days are numbered. A dilemma for us. She is a loyal friend, we will not send her off to work for Macdonalds, so we'll keep her around to the end. At the same time, however, as we see her pain and discomfort increase we don't want to prolong the misery that will come. Having to make decisions like this is the bad part of animal farming... Keith-
  11. Okay, like the title says, random. After milking tonight I had to head to the field to wrap some round bales that my son had been baling. The sun just happened to be shining just right and all of a sudden everything I passed begged me to take a photo, so I did. Ha! Here they are. Keith-
  12. Wow, now that's a story of one of those freak things that is probably unavoidable. You helped me to remember a very similar incident that happened to me. I was coming around the corner in the yard with my Kubota. about to park for the night so I was going very slow, low throttle. When I depressed the clutch for the final stop, the clutch cable broke and I didn't stop. I quickly dropped the bucket into the dirt while at the same time I turned it off with the key. A big surprise to me, being tired and not really paying too much attention to what I was doing anyway. Everything turned out fine, but as they say - it could have been worse. Keith-
  13. From the linked article: "Lamirande suggested that alcohol could have been a factor in the incident ..." Well now, there is, of course, no sense in asking for trouble by involving alcohol. Keith-
  14. Well doggone, now MY ribs hurt. Thanks. Keith-
  15. Forget, for a moment, politics, social unrest, and the virus. Remember that God's hand is still on the controls causing the sun to rise and set like clockwork every day. Here is last night's sunset from our perspective. Keith-
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