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Found 3 results

  1. I was changing out a fuel sending unit on the project tractor. Laying on my stomach ,legs hanging out of the cab door with my arms snaked down through an opening in the floorboard. Then it happened. lost my footing , hit the aluminum platform with the 50 piece 1/4" socket set laying open on top. Well sh!t hung in the doorway one hand caught but I got out and saw the mess. Surprisingly I found all but 2 on the first go around those 2 were a little harder. Don't know how they wedged themselves under a tri rib on another tractor but that's where I found them. Got 'em found before it got dark too ?
  2. Looks to me that these tools are sockets. It also appears they are made from bronze or similar softer metal. I assume that the longer piece is the extension?? What were they used for? Also what would it use for a handle, or am I completely off base?
  3. Starting in on a new project... 1955 Farmall 400 gas. It is all there and runs, so it is our best starting point on a tractor yet. The T/A even works. The problem we are facing is the front looks like someone challenged a tree to a headbutting contest. The tractor lost.... bad. We have done sheet metal on our other tractors and have a little practice, so the "nose" should be manageable. Our issue lies with the actual grill. I have seen the "Grill Tools" on eBay and hoping to find out if they work. We are pretty picky about our metal and want it to be a straight as possible. Anybody used them before? They look pretty straight forward, but you never know. The second part of this question is the color of the grill. Ours is white and the damage on it doesn't seem to match the damage to the "nose" just above it. I assume that someone painted it white or it was replaced by someone with a 450 grill. Does anyone have any evidence that they would have come from the factory with a white grill? Thanks for any help!
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