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  1. The Wix site shows that their 51789 has the anti-drainback as well. I assume the Napa 1789 version would too but not sure.
  2. Thanks for the help, never thought to check back further, just stopped at the 560.
  3. Is it normal for that number to be there would the actual number be located somewhere else? Is it safe to say the M-450 front is lighter than 560 on up? Thanks,
  4. I have a narrow front end and cannot find which model it would have been on originally. When I look at 560 up to 1066 they show 370253R1 for the front. Here is a picture of the number on mine. I haven't check every model and maybe its just a newer/older version of the 370253R1. Looks like the number starts with 6719? Thanks
  5. Tractordata shows 294 built, just a few more came after this one. Wonder when the hydraulic outlets went to that style?
  6. How many total built? Has to be one of the last ones I would think. I saw #2 once.
  7. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/grd/d/international-826/6771012124.html Just saw this one
  8. Really nice looking tractor! If you don't mind, what are your hubs from and/or what brand are they? Also, where did you get the bolts for the second set of rear weights?
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