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  1. Tedb6804

    Looking for

    https://kansascity.craigslist.org/grd/d/international-826/6771012124.html Just saw this one
  2. Tedb6804

    1466 Rebuild

    Really nice looking tractor! If you don't mind, what are your hubs from and/or what brand are they? Also, where did you get the bolts for the second set of rear weights?
  3. Tedb6804

    H gauges and decals

    I am starting to gather some parts for a late 1946 H project. Serial number is 239207 which makes it a late 46. Most casting dates are November or December or 46. I have no way to know if they are original but the oil pressure and temp gauges have the IH symbol not the IHC symbol. The new gauges I have found show the IHC symbol through 46 and changing to the IH symbol in 47. Since the current gauges have the IH I think I will stay with them. The decals are long gone but I think they should have the "McCormick Deering" and the IH symbol which Bates sells. The "Farmall Letter Series" book says this style decal was used from "about 1946-1947 to July 1949. I am sure these topics have been discussed but would like to confirm. Hoping to be as correct as possible. Thanks
  4. Tedb6804

    New c with carb trouble

    The grill also indicates a super C.
  5. Tedb6804

    McCormick #50 Power Loader

    I have one of these loaders that came off of a 460 Utility. I can't find much information on them other than this ad. Looks like it could fit 300, 350, and 460 utility models. The loader seems fairly well built and has down pressure on all cylinders. Currently don't have a tractor it will fit and not sure I want to buy one just for this loader. I would imagine it would be a hard sell as well. Just curious if anyone has any experience with these loaders.
  6. Tedb6804

    International 2001 Loader

    Thanks for this information. Was hoping they would be more universal. Probably be tough to find sub frames and brackets by themselves without the loader. Be better to find a complete unit for the correct model. It looks like the sub frame for a 460 utility would work on a 606 and vice versa but that's it. Am I understanding that correctly?
  7. Tedb6804

    International 2001 Loader

    I haven't been around these loaders much. Was there multiple versions for different models or was there one standard unit that used different brackets for mounting. Specifically I am curious if the same 2001 could be used on a 460 utility or a farmall 460 with the correct brackets. I am not sure about the frame lengths to for the rear axle mounts but is the loader frame length adjustable? Thanks in advance
  8. Tedb6804

    1975 model 966

    Did any black stripes have the louvers on the side panels?
  9. Tedb6804

    Opinions on cut out relays

    Thanks for the ideas, just curious what others had done with their tractors. I could be wrong but according to the serial number cutoffs on the Stiener Cut out relay it looks like they were used on most models until around 1950.
  10. Tedb6804

    Opinions on cut out relays

    I am getting close to start a 1946 H project that originally had a cut out relay and 4 position light switch. I am leaning towards going to a voltage regulator and a 3 position switch. I am sure this has been discussed before but thought I would start fresh. I think I have also read about differences in the generators between these two systems. I like to keep things original but the voltage regulator setup seems to be a lot more fool proof. Thanks in advance for any adivice
  11. Tedb6804


    I may have missed this but is it known how many prototypes where built? Would this have been in 1963 or 1964?
  12. Tedb6804


    The ebay listing has a few more pictures now.
  13. Tedb6804

    1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    Thanks for the information, I have made some phone calls and think most of the parts will be fairly easy to come by except the tank. Is that LP in Texas? Is it for sale? I think the loader is a McCormick number 50 as well, not sure if it will still fit with the LP tank but would be nice to fix up and maybe keep together. Let me know your opinions.
  14. Tedb6804

    1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    Yeah, don't think they knew what they had. Hope I can find the LP tank for it but going to be hard. First thing will be to get the loader off of it.
  15. Tedb6804

    1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    Thanks, maybe someone has a 460 lp utility that wants to convert to gas.