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  1. I've noticed that if I go there on a weekday, there is plenty of good help and less customers. On weekends the help is more inexperienced and there are more customers for them to deal with
  2. I still have the 'Super 100' even though the herd left 20 years ago. I respect the **** out of that beast.
  3. flashy

    New joke

    My Dad grew up in a time before you had to think about game laws or officers. His line was, "Ya gotta get 'em before the poachers do."
  4. In the late 70's Dad bought a Hawk Bilt round baler. It rolled the hay on the ground and the bales flattened out badly. We found some chaff in some nooks and crannies had been painted over. The dealer took it back and we got a Gehl 1500. It was an ok baler for it's day, but ate many bearings and belts broke often. In 1987 I bought a new Ford F-150. Replaced several u-joints. Door handles broke off. That was the first year they put aluminum manifolds on the 302. The aluminum expanded and contracted faster than the steel and cracked badly. At the time they had a six year powertrain warranty so in 1993 they fixed it under warranty and I immediately traded it off on a Dodge with the 318. That Dodge was a tough pickup.
  5. Seriously? ONE letter series altered, of the vast amount of them out there, to honor fallen soldiers? C'mon...................................
  6. selling North Dakota? I'll give you $10000 for it................
  7. flashy

    Bad idea IH

    40 years old? Warranty?
  8. I had a great conversation today with a gentleman who worked at the Rock Island plant for several summers when he was a college student in the early 60's. He worked 11 pm to 7 am in the foundry, mostly shoveling sand off the floor. He said the plant was very safety conscious, and when there was an incident, everything shut down immediately until it was resolved. It sounds like the air was heavy with iron dust because he said his skin would be rust colored after a shift and it was uncomfortable. The plant handed out some special salve that was some sort of miracle cure. He said he still has a container of it. I believe it was called "hox salve" or something like that. The best story was about a bar nearby that would cash paychecks on payday. There was 2 guys by the door with double barrel shotguns. You walked in by them, proceeded up the stairs and up there was a guy with a double barrel shotgun on his lap and he cashed out the checks, and often, most of the money never left the premises. The bar would only shut down from 5am to 6am for floor sweeping. He said when the 806's first started rolling off the line there was a 60% scrapping rate. Often the management would argue publicly and loudly on the floor between shifts over who would get what and when as far as supplies and components. The Union protected fair amount of 'dead weight' who abused the system. 1 guy wandered around all day quoting Bible passages. 1 guy goofed off for 40 hours a week, but then worked well for overtime and piecework.
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