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  1. nice lookin 10 johndeerefan, you should be very proud of it. one of my all time favorite tractors and welcome to the forum even with a name like that, lol
  2. looking very good, nice job on the mechanicals . do it right the first time and the tractor is a lot mor fun to work with
  3. I guess this is the before pic, I will be slowly restoring this great tractor and pics may take a while between updates. it also came with an IH dozer blade that mounts directly to the loader. serial number is 28084
  4. congrats on the first baby,just remember to enjoy the child. they grow up way too quick
  5. the cleaners look good, and thats the nice thing about our tractors, you can paint it any way you want
  6. oh yeah, it's a great looking tractor as is, nice and straight from what I can see
  7. have you thought about restoring it to those colors and have it look like they had it? I think it would look cool, but thats just my opinion and what is with the two air filters?
  8. Aussie , was that a yellow paint originally like on a industrial unit ?
  9. nice tractors to start with cowwbboy and 100hc, and when you get them done they are great tractors to use have fun and enjoy
  10. an M is a great tractor, hope you have fun restoring it. and you know you have to post some pics now,lol have fun
  11. nice 504,I love to see people bringing back these old tractors and equipment love the duals
  12. very nice, I didn't even know IH made a digger. enjoy
  13. don't you have to have a mind to have something on it :-(

  14. big auction sat april 28 chesleys in north east pa.

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