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  1. Didn’t come with a loader but fine. Got a ford 3000 for that. The 424 looks too good for that, even though it would be well suited.
  2. Thanks so much to all for great replies. And sorry for tardiness in reply, new here but figuring it out. Anyway, did get the 424 and love it. Took to my vintage IH specialist to go thru and prep like it was his. Put to work and this thing rides like a car. Not the 504 row crop I always thought I needed but this thing is a peach. But, front grill fell off (not surround) so need to get on that.
  3. I’m bringing home an IH424 soon and, if solid, will need to find a loader. Pretty sure a 1501 or a 2001 IH fits. Anyone know of other models that will fit this tractor, IH preferred but would like to know other brands as well. 68 yrs old and my first Red tractor. Getting bored with green. Wish me luck!
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