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  1. if i mess with the connection at all where it goes into the floor or unplug it from the little gray box that the guy said was the position sensor it flashes F3
  2. i have not found any time to look into it yet. my apologies
  3. do you happen to remember how to unplug it? does it have something to do with that gray nut way up against the floor?
  4. is this the one you’re talking about?
  5. Thanks for the reply. unless i heard the guy wrong he said that the gray box in this image was the hitch pot sensor. is it the same thing as hitch position potentiometer? yeah i want to make sure it’s the hitch controller so i don’t make an unneeded expense. it is the original one from when the tractor was new so maybe it decided to go. I’m able to afford the parts but it’s a matter of if they actually need to be replaced If i know where to start and where to look i can work on it myself instead of paying them an arm and a leg to come diagnose it again so if you have any more information on where to start i would greatly appreciate it
  6. Hello everyone. I made a thread about a year ago about my 7120 that had a 3PT hitch and MFD problem. i have since had the MFD fixed and am now still left with the 3pt problem. On the diagnostic screen inside the cab it gives me the code H3.I had a case guy out a couple days ago and he said the hitch pos sensor is okay and the only thing he could think of is the hitch controller but he says you can’t test it and he didn’t tell me where it was other than it was a 785$ expense so i’m hoping i can get some hints on what to do before i make an expensive gamble like that just for it to not be it. The MFD had a little valve unit with a solenoid coming out of the back side of it and it was on the left side of the tractor just above the axle. In my looking around i found there’s another one on the right side of the tractor in almost the same spot that looks the exact same. Would this be something related to the 3PT? i’m going to try all my options before making the big expense. I am slightly mechanically inclined so i can tear into something and clean it if i need to. Attached is a picture of the one on the right side of the machine. if anybody has any clues for me on where to go i would greatly appreciate it
  7. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Been swamped. Thanks for pasting the circuit. I’ll take a look and try to figure it out 🙂
  8. We might have a book some place. Got so many books from old tractors over the years can't remember what exactly we have haha. I'll have to check it out though. Not sure about the solenoid for the 4WD I'd have to follow the wires, or try to. The 4WD hasn't worked in quite awhile either. I know where the one for the 3 point hitch is i think but i'd have to look for the other one
  9. We pulled all the fuses and checked them all and they were all good. I'll tear the side panel off the control panel tomorrow and see if i find any broken wires unless someone else has any ideas. If we can't figure it out we'll send it up to our buddy and have him fix it. Prefer to fix it ourselves though because it saves a few dollars😂
  10. I have an Case International 7120 and the 3 point hitch has not worked on it in a few years. They are stuck down. You can move it by hand if you wanted to. Finally decided to sit down and figure out whats wrong with it. On the little LED screen on the flip open case it brings up the code H3 on startup and has a 3 the rest of the time. We wiggled the wiring harness a little under the tractor trying to follow it back and see where it went and now every once in awhile it flashes an F3 code. All of a sudden the 4WD quit working too. I don't have a book for this machine so i can't lookup how to pull up the codes for it and all it says on the dash under the MPH is "service" If someone could help me figure this out that would be great. Maybe i'd be able to plow with it again 😂😁
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